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Infographic: US among world laggards in COVID-19 testing per capita, ranking 22

Esteban Ortiz-Ospina | 
The available data shows that South Korea has done many more tests than other countries. This suggests that the number ...

Infographic: Global cancer death rates declining or holding steady

Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser | 
The overall global trends on cancer mortality ... tells a story which at first glance can seem conflicting. The total ...
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Infographic: US cancer death rates have been dropping steadily after many peaked in the early 1990s

Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser | 
The chart provides longer-run trends in cancer death rates, from 1930 in the United States... . Overall, particularly in lung ...
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Infographic: Number of people with cancer has more than doubled since 1990

Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser | 
How many people in the world have cancer? Globally, it's estimated that 42 million people across the world suffered from ...
surviving vs thriving with cancer

Infographic: 5-year US cancer survival rates are on the rise

Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser | 
Despite increasing global cancer deaths, cancer death rates across many types have been falling. This is partly attributed to earlier ...
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Is organic really better for the environment than conventional agriculture?

Hannah Ritchie | 
As the total global population continues to rise and economic growth drives a transition towards more resource-intensive diets, a growing ...