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Litany of unknowns surface at FDA germline modification meeting

Jessica Cussins | 
An FDA committee held a historic public meeting last week to discuss the scientific, technologic, and clinical issues related to ...

Hopes and fears surround new induced stem cell method

Pete Shanks | 
Two papers published in Nature on January 30 describe a new and remarkably simple technique for generating pluripotent cells: cells ...

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing just not ready for prime time

Pete Shanks | 
Stories keep coming in from people who signed up for genetic testing and received strange, conflicting, or just plain wrong ...

Scientists alarmed by so-called stem cell “therapies”

Pete Shanks | 
The dubious business of selling so-called stem cell "therapies" seems to be gathering momentum, and some scientists are becoming quite ...
Mitochondria mammalian lung TEM

Center for Genetics and Society calls for rejection of life-saving therapy

The U.K.'s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority has announced its endorsement of mitochondrial replacement therapy. The therapy, which could save ...

Biotechnology is a threat to biodiversity

Eric Hoffman, Jeff Conant | 
The burgeoning "bioeconomy" is as much a threat to the environment as the fossil fuels it aims to replace ...

European Society of Human Genetics reprimands Myriad on patent secrets

Emily Stehr | 
The European Society of Human Genetics policy committee has chastised Myriad Genetics for refusing to share its patented genetic database ...

Single gene may hold key to life itself?

Nathaniel Comfort | 
"Your IQ depends on a single gene"; "Long life is all in the genes"; "A gene that could explain why ...

Genetically engineering ‘ethical’ babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor

Richard Alleyne | 
Professor Julian Savulescu said that creating so-called designer babies could be considered a "moral obligation" as it makes them grow ...

As prices for prenatal genome sequencing tests fall, some worry about consequences for families in a real-life ‘Gattaca’

Makini Brice | 
If you could know your unborn child's entire genetic makeup, would you want to? Researchers believe that tests that detail ...

Fetal tests spur legal battle

Erika Check Hayden | 
Genetic tests that analyze fetal DNA from a pregnant woman's blood are arriving in a rush, but the commercialization of ...
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