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Viewpoint: Public confused and divided about genetically engineering diseases out of babies

Genetics and Society | 
Here’s a provocative headline and subhead from OneZero, a publication by Medium, above an article by Emily Mullin published on August 17: Men Are ...
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Coronavirus highlights why the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act is ripe for overhaul

Genetics and Society | 
[Palantir] has been hired and has assigned 45 staff to a project “designed to predict surges in NHS demand during the ...

Problems emerge in US direct-to-consumer stem cell clinic market

Biopolitical Times | 
Leigh Turner and Paul Knoepfler recently published an important paper in Cell Stem Cell on stem cell clinics in the US. Turner is a University of ...

Has three-person IVF put us on the slippery slope of germline genetic engineering?

Biopolitical Times | 
On Tuesday February 3, the UK House of Commons voted in favor of legalizing mitochondrial donation. The British press headlined it ...

In retrospect, Obama’s personalized medicine initiative is nothing new

Biopolitical Times | 
In the State of the Union speech delivered on January 20, President Obama made the first announcement of what seems ...

Custom DNA advocate rejects regulation of synthetic biology

Biopolitical Times | 
Austen Heinz of Cambrian Genomics has been trolling hard lately, as blogger Josh Cunningham notes. That is, he's been spouting ...

UK Parliament begins discussion of “3-parent IVF”

Biopolitical Times | 
The British government continues to move toward legalizing a form of inheritable genetic modification that would combine eggs or embryos ...

Examining California stem cell agency’s shady business ties

Biopolitical Times | 
Alan Trounson, until very recently president of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), has accepted a position on the ...

Call for integrity for stem cell research amid global controversy

Biopolitical Times | 
Scientists around the world are campaigning in favor of sensible regulation of stem-cell therapies. We have two reactions: (1) kudos ...
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Bum knees? Sports stars like CC Sabathia find success in experimental stem cell treatments

Biopolitical Times | 
CC Sabathia, a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, is making $23 million this year, and the same or ...

Hopes and fears surround new induced stem cell method

Center for Genetics and Society | 
Two papers published in Nature on January 30 describe a new and remarkably simple technique for generating pluripotent cells: cells ...

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing just not ready for prime time

Center for Genetics and Society | 
Stories keep coming in from people who signed up for genetic testing and received strange, conflicting, or just plain wrong ...

Scientists alarmed by so-called stem cell “therapies”

Center for Genetics and Society | 
The dubious business of selling so-called stem cell "therapies" seems to be gathering momentum, and some scientists are becoming quite ...

UK education advisor faces criticism for possible advocation of eugenics

Huffington Post | 
For many, the term "eugenics" conjures images of Nazi-run concentration camps and other horrific instances of science gone wrong. So, ...

Sex-selective abortions becoming hot button issue in UK and US

Biopolitical Times | 
On September 5, the London Daily Telegraph ran not one, not two, but seven stories about sex-selective abortions (1, 2, ...

Genetic tests: Should doctors tell all?

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an edited excerpt. In March, the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) released a report ...

Predicting the IQ of future people

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt of a longer story. Jason Richwine was forced to resign from the Heritage Foundation by ...

Who decides what patients need to know?

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt. The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) released a report on "incidental findings" in genetic ...

Cloning, de-extinction, and possibly human applications

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Antonio Regalado of MIT Technology Review got a nicescoop at the TEDx DeExtinctionconference: George Church and Robert Lanza ...

The ethics of reviving species

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Stewart Brand, long-time environmentalist turned techno-enthusiast, shares a knack for publicity with George Church, the ...

Prenatal tests racing from theory to practice

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Only a couple of years ago, people were amazed at the idea of genetically testing ...

Neanderthal cloning media blitz was not just a poor translation

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt. George Church hit a nerve when he recently discussed re-creating Neanderthals with an "adventurous human ...
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Center for Genetics in Society excuses White House politicization of FDA, blasts GM salmon

Biopolitical Times | 
The Biopolitical Times attacks GLP for reporting that the White House illegally and unethically intervened in a scientific review process ...
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New business plans for direct-to-consumer gene testing industry

Biopolitical Times | 
Two of the major players in the gene testing industry -- 23andMe and Family Tree DNA -- along with upstart ...

Should the FDA regulate DTC genome sequencing?

Biopolitical Times | 
The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) gene testing industry has generated a lot of press over the last five or six years. But ...
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Center for Genetics and Society escalates attack on life-saving gene therapy

Biopolitical Times | 
CGS, a "progressive" but uber conservative-minded advocacy group that opposes many medical technology innovations is continuing its campaign against gene ...
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FDA challenges stem cell therapy companies

Biopolitical Times | 
The Food and Drug Administration is stepping up its oversight of companies selling unproven and unlicensed stem-cell therapies and emerging ...
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Genetic purity tests for politicians?

Biopolitical Times | 
Genetic ancestry tests can, and are, being misused in Europe to prove "racial stock." ...
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