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Testing negative for COVID-19 antibodies? Many people still have some protection against the virus

Rachel Schraer | 
For every person testing positive for antibodies, two [people with negative tests] were found to have specific T-cells which identify ...
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Food from thin air: Turning CO2 into protein could provide sustainable food source

Colin Barras | 
Bacteria could feed the world. While some bacteria turn CO2 into valuable fuels, other bacteria – called ‘hydrogenotrophs’ – can ...
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If every virus was wiped off the earth, ‘the world will be a wonderful place—for about a day and a half, and then we’d all die’

Rachel Nuwer | 
If given the choice to magically wave a wand and cause all viruses to disappear, most people would probably jump ...

DNA analysis of 5,000-year-old Irish remains reveals an incestuous elite social class

Paul Rincon | 
[Researchers found] an adult male buried at the 5,000-year-old Newgrange monument; his DNA revealed that his parents were first-degree relatives, ...
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Lab-grown crustaceans modeled after cell-based meats could be first alternative seafood to enter the market

Christine Ro | 
In general, alternative seafood poses an enormous opportunity for investors. There’s huge potential for replicating the many types of seafood ...
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‘Partnership with sunlight’: Why staying inside all the time makes us vulnerable to infections

Linda Geddes | 
For the past two months, a sizable chunk of the world’s population has been shuttered inside their homes, only stepping ...
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‘Enormous potential’: Recently discovered microbe could protect mosquitoes from malaria

James Gallagher | 
Scientists have discovered a microbe that completely protects mosquitoes from being infected with malaria. The team in Kenya and the ...
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Tracking down the missing link in the coronavirus transmission chain

Victoria Gill | 
It was a matter of "when not if" an animal passed the coronavirus from wild bats to humans, scientists say ...
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Beyond Meat debuts plant-based menu options in China’s just-reopened Starbucks, KFC locations

Justin Harper | 
As China reopens restaurants and cafes, more plant-based "fake" meat products are popping up on menus. On [April 22], Beyond ...

Origins of symmetry: This ancient worm-like creature may be a key to our own evolution

A worm-like creature that burrowed on the seafloor more than 500 million years ago may be key to the evolution ...
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Why social distancing is so crucial in the fight against COVID-19

Abigail Beall | 
While Covid-19 is different in many ways from the Spanish flu – particularly in terms of who it affects and its ...

Video: What CRISPR means for human evolution

Tech experts discuss the past, present and future of CRISPR gene editing. How will the technology affect our future generations? ...
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Global plan to halt extinction criticized for failing to address species humans don’t like

Helen Briggs | 
A global plan to halt the loss of nature is "weak" in one key area, say scientists. The new 10-year ...

Meat takes a toll on the planet, but these vegan favorites come at a ‘heavy’ environmental price, too

Richard Gray | 
It has all the makings of a delicious smoothie – a dollop of almond butter, an avocado, a few slices ...
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‘They weren’t just surviving’: Gibraltar caves give unprecedented peek into daily lives of last Neanderthals

Melissa Hogenboom | 
Neanderthals were a resilient group. They existed for about 200,000 years longer than we modern humans (Homo sapiens) have been ...

Viewpoint: We need to rebrand the BRCA ‘breast cancer’ genes to help men understand their own risks

Allison Hirchlag | 
Both men and women have the same risk of developing BRCA1 and 2 gene mutations, but men are ten times less likely to get ...

Veganism bad for your brain? Recent research raises controversial questions about plant-based diets

Zaria Gorvett | 
The idea that avoiding meat is bad for our brains makes some intuitive sense; anthropologists have been arguing about what ...
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T-cell that can fight all cancers: Scientists discover promising part of our immune system

James Gallagher | 
Our immune system is our body's natural defence against infection, but it also attacks cancerous cells. The scientists were looking ...
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Glyphosate herbicide cancer fears could turn electricity, microwaves into viable weed-killing tools

Emma Woollacott | 
Concern about glyphosate - the world's most widely-used weedkiller - has been growing since 2015, when the World Health Organization's ...

This ancient ape may tell us when our ancestors started walking on two legs

Helen Briggs | 
Fossils of a newly-discovered ancient ape could give clues to how and when walking on two legs evolved. The ability ...
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Consumer genetic tests shouldn’t be used to make health decisions, experts warn

People should not make health decisions based on genetic tests they do at home, experts have warned. The University of ...
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Genes from wild wheat could boost domesticated crop yields as global food demand explodes

Mark Kinver | 
Wild relatives of food crops, such as wheat, host an abundant array of genetic material to help the plants cope ...
vertical farming

Can indoor farming surmount agriculture’s biggest challenges?

Russell Hotten | 
A car park opposite the infamous New York City housing estate where rapper Jay-Z grew up seems an unlikely place ...

American farmers urge UK to accept GMO crops, US food safety standards in post-Brexit trade deal

The UK must accept US food standards as part of any future trade deal with Washington, the head of America’s ...
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How widespread genetic testing could change the way we live, treat disease

Emma Woollacott | 
More than half of Icelanders have now had their precise genetic make-up sequenced and analysed. ... The aim of such ...
person preparing for blood test

Is this the Alzheimer’s blood test we’ve been looking for?

Researchers say they can accurately identify people on track to develop Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear, which could help the ...
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Are we as smart as we’ll ever be? Why we may be getting dumber.

David Robson | 
You may not have noticed, but we are living in an intellectual golden age.  Since the intelligence test was invented ...
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Walking trees and swimming spiders: Why evolution on Earth could travel ‘some truly mind-boggling paths’

Mico Tatalovic | 
What creatures could develop in, say, 100 million years, given what we know about life on Earth and the principles ...