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Savagnin Blanc: The 900-year-old grape still used in wine making today

Helen Briggs | 
DNA from ancient grape seeds shows the grapevine behind a local vintage has been cultivated continuously for 900 years. Ancient ...

Plant extinction occurring up to 500 times faster than naturally expected, study claims

Helen Briggs | 
Almost 600 plant species have been lost from the wild in the last 250 years, according to a comprehensive study ...

How biotech could help save rice, staple crop consumed by half the world daily, from climate change

Christine Ro | 
For more than half the world’s population, rice is on the menu every single day. As a crop that can ...
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Why you may have invented your earliest childhood memories

Sarah Griffiths | 
Around four out of every 10 of us have fabricated our first memory, according to researchers. This is thought to be ...
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‘Nature’s pest controllers’: How wasps reduce chemical pesticide use in farming

Helen Briggs | 
Scientists have put together a map of the UK's wasp population, showing the distribution of key species. Data recorded by ...
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‘Silent crisis’? UN report warns agriculture, overfishing accelerate biodiversity declines

Matt McGrath | 
The world's most comprehensive, and damning, report on the state of nature [was released May 6] in Paris. The UN's ...

Soil erosion accelerates climate change, impacting 3.2 billion people, UN report claims

Roger Harrabin | 
There's three times more carbon in the soil than in the atmosphere – but that carbon's being released by deforestation ...
brca gene mystery

Relapse risk could be predicted by cancer’s ‘internal wiring’

James Gallagher | 
The "internal wiring" of breast cancer can predict which women are more likely to survive or relapse, say researchers. The ...

Animal cells grown on grass could yield next version of lab-grown meat

Helen Briggs | 
Scientists at the University of Bath have grown animal cells on blades of grass, in a step towards cultured meat ...
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Glyphosate on trial: Second jury says Bayer’s Roundup weed killer carcinogenic

A US jury has found that one of the world's most widely-used weedkillers was a "substantial factor" in causing a ...
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Gene-edited disease-resistant animals could reduce poverty in Africa’s most vulnerable communities

Pallab Ghosh | 
A researcher in Edinburgh is leading efforts to develop gene-edited farm animals for poor farmers in Africa. Prof Appolinaire Djikeng ...
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Global average income has tripled in 50 years, driving rapid increase in meat consumption

Hannah Ritchie | 
You may have heard an increasing number of people vow to reduce their meat eating lately - or cut it ...
ISA Brown poule chicken

Scientists engineer chickens to make cancer drugs—10 times cheaper to produce than factory-made medicines

Pallab Ghosh | 
Researchers have genetically modified chickens that can lay eggs that contain drugs for arthritis and some cancers. The drugs are ...
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‘Planetary health diet’ aims to feed 10 billion people without causing ‘catastrophic’ environmental damage

James Gallagher | 
A diet has been developed that promises to save lives, feed 10 billion people and all without causing catastrophic damage ...
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Audio: Greenpeace, UK farmers and chemical industry square off over neonicotinoid pesticide ban

The debate over neonicotinoids continued ... during a BBC Radio segment as farmers, environmentalists and the chemical industry weighed in on ...

Fish feed enhanced with omega-3 oil? UK scientists developing more nutritious food for farmed salmon

Pallab Ghosh | 
Researchers .... are giving farmed salmon feed made from genetically modified crops. The aim of the scientific trial is to ...
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Dementia affects men and women differently—and we’re just beginning to understand why

Laura Oliver | 
Globally, experts estimate that 75 million people will live with dementia by 2030 and 131.5 million by 2050. Most are women. … ...
Fertilizer Farm Rice Field

‘Super bacteria’ could boost crop yields and reduce nitrogen pollution

Claire Press, Ly Truong | 
Bioscientist Dr. Ted Cocking, from the Centre for Crop Nitrogen Fixation in the UK, was the first to unlock the ...
Pompeo bill would preempt state GMO labeling strict xxl

1 in 3 people in England incorrectly believe GMO food causes cancer

In a survey of 1,330 people in England, published in the European Journal of Cancer, most people correctly said smoking was ...

Heart muscle patches: Reprogrammed blood cells might extend life of heart attack victims

David Cox | 
Those who survive [a heart attack] are often left with permanent heart failure – a group which includes approximately 450,000 ...
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First land plants may have appeared 100 million years earlier than previously thought

Helen Briggs | 
A seminal event in the Earth's history - when plants appeared on land - may have happened 100 million years ...
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Irish sects show diverse population sources, including Viking influence

Paul Rincon | 
Scientists have unveiled a detailed genetic map of Ireland, revealing subtle DNA differences that may reflect historic events. In their ...

Future of heart medicine: Stem cells to grow cardiac muscle and smaller medical implants

Kevin Fong | 
If heart transplantation - 50 years after Christiaan Barnard carried out the first operation - has become routine, what exactly ...
Koningstein cropdiversity Lushoto

‘To lose them would be a disaster’: More than 20 wild relatives of modern crops added to ‘threatened’ list

Helen Briggs | 
Wild relatives of modern crops deemed crucial for food security are being pushed to the brink of extinction, according to ...

Should we ‘genetically modify’ humans to fit the demands of space travel?

Richard Hollingham | 
It takes something special to be an astronaut – an extraordinary combination of bravery, fitness, intelligence, lightning-fast decision-making and calmness ...
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Stalemate continues: EU fails to agree on glyphosate herbicide renewal as deadline looms

An EU vote has failed to resolve a controversy over the use of glyphosate, the world's biggest-selling weedkiller. ... The ...
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Polygamy and genetics: Short Creek, Utah’s inbreeding mutation epidemic

Zaria Gorvett | 
[In 1990], 10-year-old boy was presented to Theodore Tarby, a doctor specialising in rare childhood diseases. ... [S]oon Tarby had diagnosed a ...

Trace amounts of neonicotinoid pesticides found in 75% of honey samples worldwide—’far below’ levels dangerous to humans

Matt McGrath | 
A new study has found traces of neonicotinoid chemicals in 75% of honey samples from across the world. The scientists ...