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2-20-2019 laurent savard gabin x

Demand surges for genetic autism testing in Europe

Spectrum | 
In France, some two-thirds of autistic children receive some kind of genetic test, paid for by the national health service ...

Green meal: GMO foods, synthetic milk, lab-grown meat on the menu

Post Magazine | 
Feeding the 10 billion will require some creative solutions – and unpalatable compromises. Perhaps we can learn to love algae, ...
Screen Shot at PM

Sustainably produced ‘cow’s milk’ made using genetically engineered yeast coming to your breakfast table

Mother Jones | 
...[T]he next trend for [milk] isn't a plant-based alternative: It's cow's milk—with a twist. Though nearly identical to the stuff you ...

Loneliness may have evolved in humans to help us survive

Washington Post | 
Loneliness...can...make you depressed, shatter your sleep, [or] even kill you. Yet scientists think loneliness evolved because it was good for ...
Republicanvs Democrat

Genes contribute to political views, but they don’t tell whole story

Scientific American | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Scientists and laypeople alike ...