The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

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12-5-2018 my-ocd-song-1050x700

Reversing OCD with intensive 4-day ‘head-on’ therapy

Diana Kwon | 
[A]round nine years after [Katherine] Mydland-aas’s cleaning rituals began, a psychologist diagnosed her with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and referred her ...
alien 12 3 18

Alien limb syndrome: Understanding how brain injuries can rob the sense of free will

Bahar Gholipour | 
When Ryan Darby was a neurology resident, he was familiar with something called alien limb syndrome, but that did not ...
sugar 12 5 18

Targeting cancer with sugar-powered immunotherapy

Esther Landhuis | 
Over the last few decades, researchers tinkering with molecules that turn an immune cell on and off have created a ...
Corn Clipboard65858

Is climate change ‘robbing’ our food of nutrients?

Elena Suglia | 
Is it possible to starve yourself of nutrients while simultaneously gaining weight? .... According to a growing body of research, ...
dogs 12 4 18

Are dogs really all that smart? This study says ‘no’

David Hambrick | 
If you are convinced your dog is a genius, you may be disappointed in the conclusions of a study just published ...
PEW survey: Half of Americans believe GMOs pose health risks and are linked to use of food additives

PEW survey: Half of Americans believe GMOs pose health risks and are linked to use of food additives

Cary Funk | 
A new Pew Research Center report shows an American public that is closely divided over [food] additives, and genetically modified (GM) crops ...
baboon 12 6 18

Baboons given heart transplants from genetically engineered pigs—humans could be next

Angus Chen | 
In four adjacent enclosures transplantation researcher Bruno Reichart kept four happy baboons. … Most importantly, he says, they were healthy ...
11-17-2018 4357615758_1065c77bb0_b

Like riding a bike: Why do we never forget some things?

Boris Suchan | 
So how is it that we can ride a bicycle when we haven’t done so in years? As it turns ...
11-13-2018 Solitary-Confinement-Right-On-Crime-848x0-c-default

Solitary confinement may cause ‘irreversible’ damage to the brain

Dana Smith | 
There are an estimated 80,000 people, mostly men, in solitary confinement in U.S. prisons. They are confined to windowless cells ...
11-15-2018 bccmalaria

Viewpoint: An argument against using genetically modified mosquitos to fight malaria in Africa

Ify Aniebo | 
Some scientists have proposed genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes as a solution to controlling malaria, a scourge that has been around ...
How a father's stresses alter sperm and can 'leave his children scarred'

How a father’s stresses alter sperm and can ‘leave his children scarred’

Esther Landhuis | 
A stressed-out and traumatized father can leave scars in his children. New research suggests this happens because sperm “learn” paternal ...
How plants have shaped the course of human history

How plants have shaped the course of human history

Yota Batsaki | 
Quinine (Scientific name: Cinchona) is a plant that has influenced the course of human history. Used for centuries by the indigenous ...
pregnant 11 3 18

Brains of fetuses could suffer from exposure to marijuana

Dana Smith | 
Marijuana has been legalized in some capacity in 31 U.S. states, in large part due to a softening stance around ...
mind 11 9 18

Cataloguing brain cells to better understand how our minds work

Simon Makin | 
If you stumbled across a radio or a computer and had no idea how it worked, you would likely first ...
11-4-2018 Genetic_testing_page13_headline1

Why hyping ‘click-worthy’ autism research can do more harm than good

Alycia Halladay | 
Click-worthy health and science headlines are an essential currency in today’s media world. When they pertain to autism, they might ...
10-29-2018 trump-transgender-memo-policy-gender-sex-definition

Why gender evades easy definitions regardless of what the Trump administration says

Kristina Olson, Sheri Berenbaum | 
According to a recent report in the New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services is “considering narrowly defining gender as ...
brain 10 29 18

What makes human brain cells so powerful?

Diana Kwon | 
Spanish neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal revolutionized the study of the brain when he observed neurons for the first time ...
10-23-2018 2-14

Beyond the binary: Science suggests there’s more than just male or female

Claire Ainsworth | 
Sex can be much more complicated than it at first seems. According to the simple scenario, the presence or absence ...
10-21-2018 Digitalist_Q1_AI-Bias_F

Keeping artificial intelligence free of intentional bias

Douglas Yeung | 
The conversation about unconscious bias in artificial intelligence often focuses on algorithms that unintentionally cause disproportionate harm to entire swaths ...
10-22-2018 shea-racing-duchenne-muscular-dystrophy

Promising treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy developed with CRISPR gene editing

Dina Maron | 
Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a life-threatening muscle-wasting illness. Occurring mostly in males, it is the most common type of muscular ...
10-18-2018 shutterstock_266369615-1400x480

Can exercise lead to new treatments for Alzheimer’s?

Jonathan Grinstein | 
For the 50 million individuals worldwide ailing from Alzheimer’s disease, the announcements by pharmaceutical giants earlier this year that they will end ...
eyes 10 19 18

Exploring color blindness through human retinas grown in lab

Diana Kwon | 
A paper published October 11 in Science uses a retina grown outside the body to show how cones develop into the eyes’ color sensors ...
10-14-2018 facial-recognition-img2

Cracking the code for facial recognition

Knvul Sheikh | 
Brain-imaging studies have revealed that several blueberry-size regions in the temporal lobe—the area under the temple—specialize in responding to faces ...
Seeking a simple blood test to detect deadly preeclampsia disorder earlier in pregnancy

Seeking a simple blood test to detect deadly preeclampsia disorder earlier in pregnancy

Josie Glausiusz | 
When Leigh Ann Torres was in her 29th week of pregnancy, she experienced a sudden, 14-pound weight gain along with terrible swelling ...
brain 10 3 18

Growing mini ‘brains’ from skin cells offers promise for personalized medicine

Sam Rose | 
Imagine the following transformation. A pea-sized chunk of your skin breaks apart in a dish of salts and serums. The ...

Seeking to expand the role of ‘electroceutical’ therapies

Geoffrey Ling, Corinna Lathan | 
Electroceuticals—devices that treat ailments with electrical impulses—have a long history in medicine. Think pacemakers for the heart, cochlear implants for ...
9-23-2018 deep-brain-stimulation-problem-gambling

‘Risky decisions’ and why our brains make it so easy for us to gamble

Bret Stetka | 
A new study by a team from Johns Hopkins University appears to have identified a region of the brain that plays a ...
9-19-2018 camira_green_fabric_hemp-4

Can we grow clothing textiles from living organisms?

Erica Cirino | 
[A] small but growing group of innovators is turning to the genius of nature in an attempt to put wastefulness ...