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a hand touching the human brain

Can death be reversed? Scientists partially revive brains of dead pigs

Christof Koch | 
Despite technological advances, biology and medicine still lack a coherent and principled understanding of what precisely defines birth and death—the ...
header viking

Why this NASA engineer believes we’ve already found evidence of life on Mars

Gilbert Levin | 
I was fortunate to have participated in that historic adventure as experimenter of the Labeled Release (LR) life detection experiment ...
e f image a

No such thing as a harmless lie? How dishonesty hurts our ability to connect with other people

Have you ever told a friend a made-up story to entertain that person or spare his or her feelings? … ...
unnamed file

‘Why didn’t we think of this earlier?’ Immunotherapy could treat more than just cancer

Karen Weintraub | 
Immunotherapy has transformed cancer care. Now the tools and new knowledge created by this strategy for treating disease by stimulating ...

USDA scientist: Cover crops check soil degradation—major threat to global food security

Lauren Hale | 
Visit the typical almond farm in California and you’ll see rows of trees stretching to the horizon, forming an arching ...
kaist elastic silk gppu cvstojkbhx r f

Future of silk could give us wearable sensors, smart fabrics and ‘rubber’ as strong as steel

Aarathi Prasad | 
Tucked away near a freight elevator along the clinical corridors of an upper floor is a solid black door, plain ...
illustration of brain tumor

‘It’s unsettling’: Cancer cells use the body’s nerves to attack the brain, studies suggest

Heidi Ledford | 
Tumour cells can plug into—and feed off—the brain’s complex network of neurons, according to a trio of studies. This nefarious ...
how the brain decides between a fight or flight response x

‘Fight or flight’: How your bones may help you make that decision

Diana Kwon | 
In the face of fear, whether it be caused by a grizzly bear or an audience waiting to hear you ...

Ticking time bomb: Being obese ‘more than doubles’ risk of common forms of cancer

Claudia Wallis | 
Being overweight or obese has been linked to at least 13 types of cancer. Obesity more than doubles the risk ...
ls consciousness feat

Searching for a mathematical model of consciousness

Kenneth Shinozuka | 
What is consciousness? In a sense, this is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. ... Science has produced ...
doudna image

Video: Talking CRISPR challenges with Jennifer Doudna

Steve Mirsky | 
Jennifer Doudna, winner of the 2018 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience, talks to Scientific American about what it’s like to work in perhaps the ...

Evolution takes time: ‘Relatively recent’ gene variant helps some humans cope with high-sugar diets

Sarah Davies | 
It’s well known among palaeontologists and nutrition experts that the human diet began to change after our distant ancestors transitioned ...

Taking psychoactive drugs can mirror near death experiences, study shows

Robert Martone | 
In a fascinating new study, [near-death experience] stories were compared linguistically with anecdotes of drug experience in order to identify a ...
central polydactyly causing person to have six fingers image credit wilhelmy march

Polydactylism: Six fingers and toes may be better than five

Ryan Dalton | 
In a thrilling paper published recently in Nature Communications, researchers set out to study the abilities of people with extra fingers. This condition, known ...
optogenetic rat x

‘Artificial’ memory and identity’: Scientists create memories ‘indistinguishable’ from natural ones—in mice

Robert Martone | 
Experience and memory are inexorably linked, or at least they seemed to be before a recent report on the formation of completely ...
asian girl x

‘Genealogical anxiety’ and why questioning the genesis of your core beliefs ‘can liberate you’

John Horgan | 
I recently encountered a term for a syndrome that has bugged me since childhood: genealogical anxiety. The phrase was coined by ...
benefits of fish oil x feature

Studies’ review of 24 supplements: Fish oil a ‘waste of money’ for consumers hoping to gain heart benefits

R. Preston Mason | 
Consumers have been told so many times that dietary fish oil supplements promote heart health that it seems to be ...
sleep updated x feature

‘Short sleepers’: People with this genetic mutation need less sleep than the rest of us

Katherine Harmon | 
[T]hanks to a mother and daughter who share a rare genetic mutation—and who routinely need just six hours of sleep ...

Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ with neural activity of pre-term infants could boost brain, disease research

Bret Stetka | 
Scientists have been trying to grow human organs—including kidneys, livers, skin and guts—from scratch well over a decade. These “organoids” are not ...
boy looking into mirror

Experiencing self-awareness: How children discover who they are

John Horgan | 
[I remember] when I first became self-conscious, aware of myself as something weird, distinct from the rest of the world, ...
sense of smell death feature

What’s that smell? How our brains detect and cope with all the odors we encounter

Ryan Dalton | 
Olfactory neurons in your nose have evolved some 400 odor receptors, and each neuron contains only one. Receptors are tuned ...
unnamed file

Are first-borns really more assertive? How birth order affects personality

Corinna Hartmann, Sara Goudarzi | 
In spite of sharing genes and environments, siblings are often not as similar in nature as one might think. But ...
m cancer chemotherapy spl

Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests a new approach for treating cancer

James DeGregori, Robert Gatenby | 
Cancers that have spread, known as metastatic disease, are rarely curable. The reasons that patients die despite effective treatment are ...
seniors bench x

Dementia patients often have lucid moments. Can these ‘awakenings’ help us treat Alzheimer’s and other diseases?

Lydia Denworth | 
An elderly woman suffering from late-stage Alzheimer’s disease had neither talked to nor reacted to any of her family members ...

Going vegetarian might boost your health, but probably won’t slow climate change

Shannon Hall | 
It pays to be a picky eater—at least, when it comes to meat. A study published Scientific Reports suggests ...
mammogram x x

Viewpoint: Aggressive US approach to cancer doing ‘more harm than good’

John Horgan | 
To paraphrase [author and oncologist Siddhartha] Mukherjee, testing represents an inversion—or perversion--of the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. A ...

Viewpoint: Afraid of GMOs, CRISPR? Here’s the science that could change your mind

Jonathon McPhetres | 
Scientists can do some amazing things with genes, from saving papayas from extinction, to making apples last longer before turning ...
sexual health x

Women’s sex drive can be boosted with testosterone. Long-term risks need to be studied.

Emily Willingham | 
An absence of desire is not an inevitable facet of aging for women, [endocrinologist Susan] Davis says. There’s a name ...