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Seeking a simple blood test to detect deadly preeclampsia disorder earlier in pregnancy

Seeking a simple blood test to detect deadly preeclampsia disorder earlier in pregnancy

Josie Glausiusz | 
When Leigh Ann Torres was in her 29th week of pregnancy, she experienced a sudden, 14-pound weight gain along with terrible swelling ...
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Growing mini ‘brains’ from skin cells offers promise for personalized medicine

Sam Rose | 
Imagine the following transformation. A pea-sized chunk of your skin breaks apart in a dish of salts and serums. The ...

Seeking to expand the role of ‘electroceutical’ therapies

Geoffrey Ling, Corinna Lathan | 
Electroceuticals—devices that treat ailments with electrical impulses—have a long history in medicine. Think pacemakers for the heart, cochlear implants for ...
9-23-2018 deep-brain-stimulation-problem-gambling

‘Risky decisions’ and why our brains make it so easy for us to gamble

Bret Stetka | 
A new study by a team from Johns Hopkins University appears to have identified a region of the brain that plays a ...
9-19-2018 camira_green_fabric_hemp-4

Can we grow clothing textiles from living organisms?

Erica Cirino | 
[A] small but growing group of innovators is turning to the genius of nature in an attempt to put wastefulness ...
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Transforming treatment of diabetes with insulin-producing cellular implants

Sang Yup Lee | 
Many people with diabetes prick their fingers several times a day to measure blood sugar levels and decide on the ...
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‘Fight or flight’: Body’s natural stress response linked to depression, diabetes and heart disease

[Our] so-called “fight-or-flight” response served our ancestors well, but its continual activation in our modern-day lives comes with a cost ...
9-16-2018 502558343-612x612

Are digital gadgets hurting our brains?

Elena Pasquinelli | 
Ten years ago technology writer Nicholas Carr published an article in the Atlantic entitled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” He strongly suspected ...
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Proxima Centauri b: Why Earth’s cosmic neighbor could be suitable for life

Adam Mann | 
Ever since the discovery of the exoplanet—known as Proxima Centauri b—in 2016, people have wondered whether it could be capable of ...
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New opioid promises ‘gold standard’ pain relief without the addiction

Stephani Sutherland | 
Opioid drugs like morphine and Oxycontin are still held as the gold standard when it comes to relieving pain. But ...
9-12-2018 1_kepler186f.0

Searching for alien life: Why we shouldn’t ignore low-oxygen ‘dead planets’

Lucas Joel | 
Until recently, little was known about oxygen’s abundance in the atmosphere [when] microbes were the only life on the planet ...
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Why curing the common cold is so difficult

Angus Chen | 
The hunt for a cure for the common cold began in the 1950s, shortly after scientists discovered the primary group ...
9-5-2018 methodetimesprodwebbin6484c6b6-6f4a-11e8-85ce-4c0c3fdda365

She’s blind, but sees movement. Woman’s condition may help us understand brain’s inner workings

Bahar Gholipour | 
Milena Canning can see steam rising from a coffee cup but not the cup. She can see her daughter’s ponytail ...
9-2-2018 What-are-the-Chances-of-Recovering-from-Paralysis

Repairing paralysis? ‘Growth cocktail’ shows promise for severed nerves

Emily Willingham | 
[R]esearchers have coaxed nerve cells to span the divide of a complete spinal cord injury. Their findings, described August 29 in Nature, ...
8-28-2018 article-6

Here’s one of the reasons obese people have trouble losing weight

Bret Stetka | 
Obesity rates in the U.S. and abroad have soared: The world now has more overweight people than those who weigh ...
8-22-2018 cc_asteroid_16x9

In the search for aliens, we need ‘a robust definition’ of life

Caleb Scharf | 
Even though we still struggle with finding a satisfactory definition of life, that doesn’t mean that we can’t think about ways that ...
8-23-2018 180821154120-02-neanderthal-denisovan-child-discovery-exlarge-169

‘Remarkable’ love child: Here’s what happened when a Neanderthal met a Denisovan

Richard Conniff | 
In a remarkable twist in the story line of early human evolution, scientists have announced the discovery of “Denisova 11”—a ...
8-21-2018 376665-pesticides

Study shows link between autism and widely banned pesticide DDT

Sara Reardon | 
Mothers with high levels of the pesticide DDT in their blood during pregnancy are more likely to bear children who ...
Crops engineered to consume less nitrogen fertilizer could protect vulnerable ecosystems

Crops engineered to consume less nitrogen fertilizer could protect vulnerable ecosystems

Daniel Ackerman | 
Rice, wheat and other grains that have been bred to produce larger harvests using less land have been critical to ...
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Searching for the origins of the ‘dark traits’ of humanity

Scott Kaufman | 
We all know people who consistently display ethically, morally, and socially questionable behavior in everyday life. Personality psychologists refer to ...

Could studying rare Parkinson’s mutation help treat other cases?

Emily Willingham | 
A handful of gene mutations are linked to inherited PD, but they account for less than 15 percent of the ...
8-6-2018 cf

Game changer for cystic fibrosis? Discovery of new cell could alter quest for treatment

Karen Weintraub | 
The discovery of a new type of cell could fundamentally alter how cystic fibrosis researchers seek a cure for the ...
Blossoming brains—Why some people suddenly become geniuses or musical savants

Blossoming brains—Why some people suddenly become geniuses or musical savants

Darold Treffert | 
Savant syndrome comes in different forms. In congenital savant syndrome the extraordinary savant ability surfaces in early childhood. In acquired ...
7-17-2018 cbd-and-schizophrenia-1280x800

Infographic: Examining shared genetics of different psychiatric disorders

Mark Fischetti | 
People who have autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may have different challenges, but the ailments might arise from a common ...
7-16-2018 5a8ddb19391d9471008b472b-960-720

Your genes may make you more vulnerable to flu and other viruses

Claudia Wallis | 
Bad luck. Terrible misfortune. That's what we think when we hear about a perfectly healthy child who suddenly dies of ...
7-15-2018 14629458465_6eae5690a3_z1

Can we slow cancer through the power of positive thinking?

Esther Landhuis | 
From savoring a piece of cake to hugging a friend, many of life’s pleasures trigger a similar reaction in the ...
7-11-2018 TarahPhotography_Newborn_San-Francisco_Hercules-13

Is our genome altered by things that happen to us as children?

Robert Martone | 
[A] new study makes a remarkable connection between experience and the genetic diversity of the brain. It suggests that experience can change ...

Viewpoint: ‘Regenerative agriculture’ could reverse soil degradation and save our farmland along the way

David Montgomery | 
New technologies and genetically modified crops are usually invoked as the key to feeding the world’s growing population. But a ...