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4-10-2019 polygenicriskscoringfeature main v

‘Crystal ball’ for disease? Genetic tests could predict risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer

Leo Sugrue, Rahul Desikan | 
If a crystal ball could reveal your personal risk for developing heart disease or breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease, would ...
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Treating OCD and other anxiety disorders with brief, intensive therapy

Claudia Wallis | 
For nearly 20 years [Thomas] Ollendick has been testing briefer, more intensive forms of [cognitive-behavioral therapy] for childhood anxiety disorders ...
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Restoring sense of smell with a brain implant

Karen Weintraub | 
After a concussion left [Scott] Moorehead without a sense of smell six years ago, these losses were all he could ...
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‘Glioblastoma-on-a-chip’ could boost efforts to treat deadliest human cancer

Bret Stetka | 
The most common form of malignant brain cancer—called a glioblastoma—is notoriously wily and considered the deadliest human cancer. … [R]esearchers ...
3-28-2019 polio

Why we need to get better at analyzing all of that disease data we’ve been collecting

Sara Del Valle | 
Our ability to collect data far outpaces our ability to fully utilize it—yet those data may hold the key to ...
flashing lights and clicks could cure alzheimer header

Can ‘flashing light and pulsing sounds’ counter the effects of Alzheimer’s?

Angus Chen | 
Bathing patients in flashing light and pulsing sounds both tuned to a frequency of 40 hertz might reverse key signs ...
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Conservation genomics: Better understanding of DNA could save some species from extinction

Jonas Korlach | 
Disease, predators and shrinking habitats led to a complete loss of Hawaii’s only remaining lineage of the crow family, the ...
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Vulnerability to mental illness may have given humans an evolutionary advantage

Dana Smith | 
Nearly one in five Americans currently suffers from a mental illness, and roughly half of us will be diagnosed with ...

Can adult brains grow new neurons? New study says yes.

Karen Weintraub | 
If the memory center of the human brain can grow new cells, it might help people recover from depression and ...
WEB LEAD amyloid SPL

New Alzheimer’s theory: Could be the result of an infection by ‘viruses, bacteria and fungi’

Kenneth Shinozuka | 
[I]n some places, Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of death, and the number of Alzheimer’s patients is expected to triple by 2050. However, ...

Do Roundup Ready GMO crops harm Monarch butterflies? Ecologists weigh in as new data comes to light

Jim Daley | 
Monarch butterfly populations have been declining since the 1990s, and several studies have linked this to the proliferation of crops ...
3-17-2019 lighted window in dark night

Insomnia linked to neuropsychiatric disorders rather than ‘sleep regulation’, genetic studies show

Simon Makin | 
[T]wo studies published [March 11] in Nature Genetics provide first peeks at the biological basis of insomnia, implicating specific brain regions and ...
3-10-2019 kate kelly

Why people with ADHD may be more creative

Holly White | 
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is typically described by the problems it presents. It is known as a neurological disorder, marked by ...
cancer drug costs

Is it easier to get cancer than previously thought?

Miguel Coelho | 
[C]ancer might arise more easily than previously thought. By doing experiments on both yeast cells and on human cells in ...
3-9-2019 brain fmri scan by wellcome images x

‘Forest fire’ in the brain: How inflammation may spark Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

Karen Weintraub | 
[B]oth Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s may be the results of neuroinflammation—in which the brain’s immune system has gotten out of whack ...

Inside the quest to use gene therapy to cure a form of congenital blindness

Jean Bennett, Katherine High | 
[I]nherited retinal disease affects thousands of people around the world—people who are born with poor vision and then slowly lose ...
3-5-2019 x

Creating rare marijuana compounds with GM yeast could lead to a ‘blockbuster drug or two’

Sophie Bushwick | 
[Genetically modified brewer’s yeast] is churning out cannabinoids, the compounds found in marijuana. Researchers led by Jay Keasling, a professor ...
3-7-2019 pic ocd repeatedly washing hands

Autism or OCD? Why it can be challenging to tell the difference

Daisy Yuhas | 
At first glance, autism and OCD appear to have little in common. Yet clinicians and researchers have found an overlap ...
2-28-2019 a d ed a f c f a a source

Do these fossilized ‘tracks’ mean life gained mobility 600 million years earlier than we thought?

Jim Daley | 
On February 11, Abderrazak El Albani, a sedimentologist at the University of Poitiers in France, published a study in Proceedings of the National ...
3-3-2019 chocolate

Do you crave sweets when you’re stressed? Blame it on your brain

Achim Peters | 
Although our brain accounts for just 2 percent of our body weight, the organ consumes half of our daily carbohydrate ...
2-25-2019 stp

‘Morally appropriate’? Entomologists question effort to eradicate disease-causing tsetse fly in Africa

Richard Conniff | 
Sleeping sickness (or trypanosomiasis), endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, is a horribly debilitating disease. … [Why not] end sleeping sickness by ...
closeup of doctors hand holding ct brainscan

Gene from controversial CRISPR baby experiment could deliver new stroke treatment

Karen Weintraub | 
A widely criticized experiment last year saw a researcher in China delete a gene in twin girls at the embryonic ...
2-16-2019 depression

Nearly half of major depression episodes could be prevented, studies show

Ricardo Muñoz | 
While there are many effective treatments for depression, including medications and psychological therapies, the rate of depression is not going ...
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Could this fossilized footprint belong to one of the last Neanderthals ‘ever to walk the Earth’?

Kate Wong | 
Researchers have discovered an array of fossilized footprints in an ancient sand dune in Gibraltar, the small British territory on ...
artificial intelligence stock image

Artificial intelligence could have a future diagnosing sick children, study says

Emily Willingham | 
With the money and time that visits to the ER and urgent care soak up, the chance to revisit old-fashioned ...
2-19-2019 darwin jpeg x q crop smart

Podcast: Celebrating Charles Darwin’s 210th birthday

John Rennie, Richard Milner | 
[February 12 was] Darwin Day. Charles Darwin was born 210 years ago … . Ten years ago I went to a ...
2-13-2019 evolution

Pew survey exposes Americans’ complicated views on evolution and religion

David Masci, Cary Funk, Greg Smith | 
Most biologists and other scientists contend that evolutionary theory convincingly explains the origins and development of life on Earth. So ...
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‘Unsettling’ news: Alzheimer’s could be transmissible

Jennifer Frazer | 
[A] new paper appeared in Nature that seemed to take the evidence for the transmissibility of Alzheimer’s peptides from “circumstantial” to ...