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Explaining near-death experiences and why they aren’t always ‘blissful’

Christof Koch | 
Near-death experiences, or NDEs, are triggered during singular life-threatening episodes when the body is injured by blunt trauma, a heart ...
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‘Cognitive technologies’: Automated supply chains could alleviate pandemic-fueled food shortages

Frederic Laluyaux, Ram Krishnan | 
As the coronavirus crisis takes a massive toll on global markets, officials are increasingly raising alarms about the food supply ...

How the stigma surrounding addiction keeps people from seeking treatment

Nora Volkow | 
Stigma is a problem with health conditions ranging from cancer and HIV to many mental illnesses. Some gains have been ...
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We need a quick, cheap test for coronavirus antibodies. It also needs to be accurate

Jim Daley | 
An inexpensive coronavirus test that millions of Americans could use at a pharmacy, in a workplace or even at home ...
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Zapping the brain with electrical pulses allows blind patients to ‘see’ letters

Nicoletta Lanese | 
Scientists sent patterns of electricity coursing across people’s brains, coaxing their brains to see letters that weren’t there. The experiment ...

Does smoking pot lower your IQ? New study challenges current thinking

Godfrey Pearlson | 
As access to marijuana increases—and while acceptance of the drug grows and perception of its harmfulness diminishes—it is important to ...
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Dinosaur DNA discovered?

Riley Black | 
The tiny fossil is unassuming, as dinosaur remains go. ... But it may contain something never before seen from the ...
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Infographic: Widespread use of coronavirus antibody tests will still leave many questions

Stacey McKenna | 
Dozens of antibody tests for the novel coronavirus have become available in recent weeks. And early results from studies of ...
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Menopause might be a tipping point for Alzheimer’s for millions of women

Jena Pincott | 
Estrogen is the master regulator of metabolism in the youthful female brain, orchestrating everything from glucose transport and uptake to ...
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Is climate change dampening our ability to fight the coronavirus and other diseases?

Sara Goudarzi | 
Scientists have long known that the rise in average global temperatures is expanding the geographical presence of vector-borne diseases such ...

‘Cartoonishly oversimplistic’: Researchers rethinking amyloid hypothesis for Alzheimer’s

Tanya Lewis | 
[Experts are] divided about whether treating amyloid buildup—long thought to be the best target for an Alzheimer's therapy—is still a ...
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Do our genes affect vulnerability to the coronavirus?

Loïc Mangin | 
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic several months ago, scientists have been puzzling over the different ways the disease ...
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Coronavirus vaccine in months, instead of years? Genetic engineering could make it possible

Charles Schmidt | 
On January 10, when Chinese researchers published the genome of a mysterious, fast-spreading, virus, it confirmed Dan Barouch’s greatest worry ...
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Speeding up coronavirus vaccine development by intentionally infecting the healthy? Volunteers are lining up

Ewen Callaway | 
Momentum is building to speed the development of coronavirus vaccines by intentionally infecting healthy, young volunteers with the virus. A ...
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Alzheimer’s research is at a dead end. Here are 5 unexplored treatment routes

Kenneth Kosik | 
It is time to go back to basics. I have been a scientist involved in Alzheimer's research for three decades, ...
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Searching for genetic fountain of youth? Study suggests we’ll never find a ‘longevity gene’

Amanda Elizabeth Kowalczyk | 
What do naked mole rats, elephants, bats and whales have in common? They are all exceptionally long-lived mammals, and recent ...
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Specialized ‘event’ cells help your brain keep all your memories organized, study suggests

Simon Makin | 
Our recollection of events is usually not like a replay of digital video from a security camera—a passive observation that ...
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Microbiome could be key to better blood sugar control

Monica Reinagel | 
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Israel analyzed the gut microbiome of 800 people. They also hooked these folks up ...
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Can vast ocean seaweed farms provide sustainable biofuel?

Annie Sneed | 
One day in the future, the Pacific Ocean could be home to kilometers of seaweed farms tended by submarine drones ...
new drug combo could help immune cells target and destroy cancer cells

‘Like trying to hit a moving target’: Why it’s so difficult to attack cancer with targeted gene therapies

Jonathan Goodman | 
We are, it seems, still a long way off from a cure, in any ordinary sense of the term. Yet ...
this orally taken coronavirus drug saw success in animal tests md

Coronavirus pill? Oral antiviral medication shows promise, slated for human tests

Michael Waldholz | 
An oral medicine was able to hinder the coronavirus behind COVID-19 as it attempted to replicate itself in human lung ...

‘Next time we might not be so lucky’: The coronavirus shows why we need to learn more about viral threats

John Moore | 
Living through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all now seeing the consequences of a failure to plan ahead when an ...

Explaining déjà vu: Is this eerily familiar ‘glitch in the matrix’ a form of conflict resolution?

Sabrina Stierwalt | 
Some think déjà vu is a sign that you're recalling an experience from a past life. Spooky! Carrie-Anne Moss, as ...
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Will our ‘insatiable desire’ to eat meat cause the next disease pandemic?

Paul Shapiro | 
It’s easy for those of us in the Western world to shake our heads at the live wildlife markets in ...

‘Socially clueless robots’? Debunking the myth that autistic people aren’t good at friendship

Scott Kaufman | 
A number of myths about autistic people abound. For one, it's a great myth that autistic people lack empathy. This ...

‘The genie is out of the bottle’: How ‘mind reading’ will transform medical care

Douglas Fields | 
The ability to detect electrical activity in the brain through the scalp, and to control it, will soon transform medicine ...
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Viewpoint: Cannabis legalization fraught with ‘confusion and false promises’

Denise Vidot | 
Not all cannabis is created equal; neither are the people that use it. As an epidemiologist, I have studied cannabis ...

Are babies born with brains ready to understand the world?

Simon Makin | 
Neuroscientists understand much about how the human brain is organized into systems specialized for recognizing faces or scenes or for ...