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Podcast: Researchers implanted false memories in birds to figure out how humans learn language

Jason Goldman | 
Babies are constantly surrounded by human language, always listening and processing. Eventually they put sounds together to produce a "daddy," or a ...
why the gut microbiome is crucial for your health x thumbnail

How the microbiome may boost the brain’s recovery from stroke damage

Diana Kwon | 
Despite a decades-long search, scientists have yet to pinpoint effective ways of protecting the brain from poststroke damage. In recent ...
asleep bedtime dreaming naptime

‘Peculiar brain waves’ during sleep may be key to forming memories, study suggests

R. Douglas Fields | 
Neuroscientists have always presumed that learning and memory depend on strengthening or weakening the connection points between neurons (synapses), increasing ...
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Viewpoint: Doctors will never be replaced by intelligent machines, which lack ’empathy, common sense’

Aziz Nazha | 
Is there a place for artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of medicine? Will doctors one day be replaced by ...
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Fear can keep you alive: Why we need ‘negative’ emotions

Jade Wu | 
Are negative emotions all bad? Should we really try to get rid of them? After all, we figure that thumbs ...
test infertility

Viewpoint: We can stop the infertility ‘guessing game’ by tapping into new tools, including noninvasive testing for endometriosis

Kenneth Ward | 
Without understanding the root cause of infertility, treating it often becomes a guessing game. For doctors to effectively aid a ...

People with better memories may have better romantic relationships, study suggests

David Hambrick | 
Common topics of marital disagreement are money, sex and time spent together. None of this will surprise anyone who has ...

Viewpoint: Most Americans ‘woefully underprepared’ for bioethical decisions, including when to remove a loved one from life support

Jacob Appel | 
Many Americans will face some form of significant medical decision-making during their lifetimes, either for themselves or for their loved ...
senior man sleeping with wife hero

Deep sleep may be critical to flushing out your brain’s ‘toxic waste’

Simon Makin | 
Why sleep has restorative—or damaging—effects on cognition and brain health has been an enduring mystery in biology. Researchers think cerebrospinal ...
global eradication of wild poliovirus type declared on world polio day

‘Time to finish the job’: One wild polio strain stands in the way of eradication of the disease

Richard Conniff | 
The international effort to achieve [polio eradication] passed a major milestone [recently] with the worldwide eradication of wild poliovirus type ...
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‘BrainNet’ experiment allows people to communicate by thought, ‘blurring fundamental notions about individual identity’

Robert Martone | 
In a new study, technology replaces language as a means of communicating by directly linking the activity of human brains. Electrical ...
crispr could make you immune to the flu x

Programming CRISPR to fight viruses could lead to new treatments for Ebola, Zika

Tanya Lewis | 
CRISPR is usually thought of as a laboratory tool to edit DNA in order to fix genetic defects or enhance ...
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‘Puzzle of a million pieces’: New study traces humanity’s birthplace to northern Botswana

Richard Conniff | 
[A] study, appearing [October 28] in the journal Nature, uses genetic, archaeological, linguistic and climatic evidence to argue that the ancestral homeland ...
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Could a pill make you need less sleep? This genetics research suggests it could happen

Karen Weintraub | 
We all wish we could get by on less sleep, but one father and son actually can—without suffering any health ...

Why defining ‘death’ is so much harder than it seems

Ryan Montoya | 
Pronouncing a patient dead in a hospital seems relatively simple: palpate for lack of pulse, determine that the patient's neurological ...
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Why is it so hard to think straight when you’re tired? Here’s what’s going on in your brain

Emily Willingham | 
Most of us could use more sleep. We feel it in our urge for an extra cup of coffee and ...
introvert or extrovert party conversation

‘Connection is what makes life worth living’: Study suggests extroverts are happier

Daisy Yuhas | 
“There are benefits of introversion,” says University of California, Riverside, psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. “But research shows that extroverts are happier.” A ...
a hand touching the human brain

Can death be reversed? Scientists partially revive brains of dead pigs

Christof Koch | 
Despite technological advances, biology and medicine still lack a coherent and principled understanding of what precisely defines birth and death—the ...
header viking

Why this NASA engineer believes we’ve already found evidence of life on Mars

Gilbert Levin | 
I was fortunate to have participated in that historic adventure as experimenter of the Labeled Release (LR) life detection experiment ...
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No such thing as a harmless lie? How dishonesty hurts our ability to connect with other people

Have you ever told a friend a made-up story to entertain that person or spare his or her feelings? … ...
unnamed file

‘Why didn’t we think of this earlier?’ Immunotherapy could treat more than just cancer

Karen Weintraub | 
Immunotherapy has transformed cancer care. Now the tools and new knowledge created by this strategy for treating disease by stimulating ...

USDA scientist: Cover crops check soil degradation—major threat to global food security

Lauren Hale | 
Visit the typical almond farm in California and you’ll see rows of trees stretching to the horizon, forming an arching ...
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Future of silk could give us wearable sensors, smart fabrics and ‘rubber’ as strong as steel

Aarathi Prasad | 
Tucked away near a freight elevator along the clinical corridors of an upper floor is a solid black door, plain ...
illustration of brain tumor

‘It’s unsettling’: Cancer cells use the body’s nerves to attack the brain, studies suggest

Heidi Ledford | 
Tumour cells can plug into—and feed off—the brain’s complex network of neurons, according to a trio of studies. This nefarious ...
how the brain decides between a fight or flight response x

‘Fight or flight’: How your bones may help you make that decision

Diana Kwon | 
In the face of fear, whether it be caused by a grizzly bear or an audience waiting to hear you ...

Ticking time bomb: Being obese ‘more than doubles’ risk of common forms of cancer

Claudia Wallis | 
Being overweight or obese has been linked to at least 13 types of cancer. Obesity more than doubles the risk ...
ls consciousness feat

Searching for a mathematical model of consciousness

Kenneth Shinozuka | 
What is consciousness? In a sense, this is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. ... Science has produced ...
doudna image

Video: Talking CRISPR challenges with Jennifer Doudna

Steve Mirsky | 
Jennifer Doudna, winner of the 2018 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience, talks to Scientific American about what it’s like to work in perhaps the ...