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DNA A-to-F: Can genes predict if kids will succeed in school?

NBC News | 
[Social scientist Ben] Domingue and his colleagues found that [a] polygenic score could help identify which groups of high schoolers ...
introvert or extrovert party conversation

‘Connection is what makes life worth living’: Study suggests extroverts are happier

Scientific American | 
“There are benefits of introversion,” says University of California, Riverside, psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. “But research shows that extroverts are happier.” A ...
3-7-2019 pic ocd repeatedly washing hands

Autism or OCD? Why it can be challenging to tell the difference

Scientific American | 
At first glance, autism and OCD appear to have little in common. Yet clinicians and researchers have found an overlap ...
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Genetically modified skin grafts could monitor glucose, end needle sticks for diabetes

NBC News | 
Painful and inconvenient, needle sticks are part of daily life for many people with diabetes. Wouldn’t it be great if ...
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Link between autism and schizophrenia may be key to treating both

Spectrum | 
When the shy, dark-haired boy met with clinicians for a full psychiatric evaluation two years ago, almost everything about him ...
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