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Human blood suckers: How nature’s tiniest killer developed its deadly diet

Tom Metcalfe | 
Although most of the roughly 3,500 mosquito species don’t feed on human blood, the Aedes aegypti is one of the worst. Its ...
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Using DNA to crack cold cases: Should police lie to collect evidence from innocent people?

Jon Schuppe | 
On an October morning in 2018, Eleanor Holmes and her husband left home to run an errand and found two ...

3 experimental vaccines could be ‘game changer’ for HIV treatment

Tim Fitzsimons | 
The global fight against the human immunodeficiency virus is poised to make important advances thanks to three experimental HIV vaccines ...
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Fossilized ape pelvis suggests human ancestors walked upright much earlier than previously thought

Jeremy Deaton | 
Scientists have long thought that humans evolved from an ape that moved about on all fours like a chimpanzee, and ...
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‘Live life to the fullest’: Should autism research shift away from the search for a cure and focus on wellness?

Jacqueline Stenson | 
“There’s no cure for autism and anybody who tries to sell you a cure is lying,” [Lizzie] Acevedo, a single ...

Patient death prompts new rules for fecal transplants: ‘Why weren’t these guidelines already in place?’

Linda Carroll | 
In June [2019], after a patient died and another was sickened from a fecal transplant that contained drug-resistant bacteria, the ...
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HPV vaccine better than expected at shielding against cancer. Why are anti-vaxxers fighting it?

Tara Smith | 
New research shows that the HPV vaccine is exceeding expectations in protecting individuals from HPV infection and precancerous cells.  ...
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23andMe harnesses ‘massive’ genetic database for medical research

Aliza Nadi, Cynthia McFadden, Rich Schapiro | 
23andMe is well known for its DNA kits that promise to shed light on a person's ancestral history and potential ...

How human evolution—and racism—could be altered by climate change

Scott Solomon | 
Evidence suggests that a warming planet could melt away differences between human races — or population groups, as scientists more ...
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98: That’s how many humans it would take to start over on another planet

Corey Powell | 
Are we too vulnerable to asteroid strikes and other cataclysms to stick with our single planet? … Frédéric Marin is ...
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Chocolate producers look to CRISPR gene editing to help cacao trees adapt to climate change

Max Blau | 
With the help of a suite of genetic engineering tools including CRISPR — and money from Mars Inc., one of the world’s ...
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Fighting Zika with drones and genetically engineered mosquitoes

Tom Metcalfe | 
At Rutgers University ... engineers are developing “skeetercopters” that can detect and map mosquito-infested sites from the air — and douse ...
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Senator Chuck Schumer sounds alarm over personal genomics privacy

Daniella Silva | 
[W]ith the holiday season in full swing, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on [November 26] called for more scrutiny into popular ...
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Genetically modified skin grafts could monitor glucose, end needle sticks for diabetes

Daisy Yuhas | 
Painful and inconvenient, needle sticks are part of daily life for many people with diabetes. Wouldn’t it be great if ...
Gene Testing Can Tell What Food You Really Need x e

Debate rages over whether your DNA can help create a personalized diet

Chiara Sottile | 
Companies now want to take the buzz over DNA testing one step further and market the tests as a way ...

Finding the right antidepressant could be easier with genetic test

Shamard Charles | 
The burgeoning field of pharmacogenomics — how genes affect a person's response to drugs — is helping more patients avoid ...

Return of the woolly mammoth and 3 other ways CRISPR could change the world

Jane Hu | 
The woolly mammoth has been extinct for more than 4000 years. Now scientists are talking about bringing it back with ...
Screen Shot at AM

Pink-fleshed GMO pineapple coming to your dinner table

Maggie Fox | 
A strain of pineapple genetically engineered to be pink instead of yellow got the go-ahead from the U.S. Food and ...

Scientists successfully test three different Zika vaccines on monkeys

Linda Carroll, Samuel Sarmiento | 
The race to develop a safe and effective vaccine against the Zika virus got one step closer [on August 4], ...