The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

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Meet Grunya Sukhareva, the forgotten woman who defined autism

Lina Zeldovich | 
[In 1924,] a gifted young doctor, Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva, saw [a 12-year-old] boy. Caring and attentive, she observed him with ...
11-7-2018 vaccine-for-a-pregnant-woman

Understanding environmental risk factors for autism: What’s real and what’s not

Sarah Deweerdt | 
Here, we explain why it is difficult to link autism to environmental factors, and what scientists know about how the ...
11-6-2018 autism-spectrum-disorder-managing-behaviour

Tracking autism: ‘Recalibrated’ test may better reflect progression over time

Arran Frood | 
A recalibrated version of a widely used test for autism may accurately reflect autistic children’s development as they grow and ...
11-4-2018 here-s-the-scientific-reason-that-the-mother-child-bond-is-so-incredibly-special_411422371_alena-ozerova-760x506

Severe autism linked to lower serotonin levels in mothers

Hannah Furfaro | 
Women whose children are severely autistic have lower serotonin levels than do those whose children have mild or moderate autism ...

Autism and chemical messenger receptors: Study challenges popular theory

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
New results from brain scans of adults with autism are at odds with the popular theory that autism involves weak ...
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‘In someone else’s shoes’: How virtual reality is altering autism research, treatment

George Musser | 
For more than two decades, scientists have experimented with [virtual reality] to set up controlled scenarios to study autistic traits. At the ...
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Gene therapy for autism? Rare Angelman syndrome could answer key questions

Matthew Judson, Benjamin Philpot | 
[T]he success of genetic therapies [for autism] is not guaranteed. Even if disrupted genes can be replaced, repaired or otherwise ...
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Tracing the impact of genetics on autism

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
Autism is more heritable than anorexia, alcohol dependence, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to an analysis of data from nearly ...
Unhappy Children Sitting On Floor In Corner At Home

Why do siblings of children with autism also have social problems?

Jessica Wright | 
Even typical siblings of children with autism tend to struggle with anxiety, depression and social difficulties, according to a large ...
10-11-2018 Sleeping-Mice

How brain scans of sleeping mice could help identify various types of autism in humans

Alessandro Gozzi | 
Autism features vary considerably from one person to the next. One of the biggest challenges in autism research is to ...
10-4-2018 shutterstock_24826897

Autism, intellectual delay could be result of spontaneous mutations

Jessica Wright | 
Genetic variants across the genome contribute to about 8 percent of the risk for certain developmental conditions — much more ...
Autism more closely linked an inability to 'read' other people than inflexible thinking and lack of self-control

Autism more closely linked an inability to ‘read’ other people than inflexible thinking and lack of self-control

Tony Charman | 
For more than 30 years, scientists have debated which of two cognitive abilities, theory of mind and executive function, is ...
10-1-2018 640_Autism

Looking for a connection between autism and PTSD

Lauren Gravitz | 
Having autism can sometimes mean enduring a litany of traumatic events, starting from a young age. And for many, those ...
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Depression ‘three times as common’ among adults with autism

Hannah Furfaro | 
Depression is more than three times as common among adults with autism as it is in the general population, according ...

Should you disclose your autism diagnosis at work?

Sara Luterman | 
One central question those of us with jobs face is: Do I disclose my autism diagnosis to my boss and ...
9-16-2018 Medicalpot-590x393

Viewpoint: Federal marijuana regulations defy ‘common sense’, hindering autism and epilepsy research

Shaun Hussain | 
A few years ago, I began to see children in my practice who seemingly responded to marijuana-derived extracts. And as ...
9-12-2018 autism-blood-test

Are we close to a simple blood test for autism?

Hannah Furfaro | 
A new study suggests that its results could lead to a simple test for some children with autism, but statisticians ...
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Pregnancy and depression: Do antidepressants increase risk of autism?

Jessica Wright | 
Among the many things a woman is supposed to avoid when pregnant are antidepressants, particularly a subtype of the drugs ...
9-4-2018 8-dsm-5-mental-disorder-healthyplace

Diagnosing autism: Proposed revision of global diagnostic manual raises concerns

Sarah Deweerdt | 
The proposed new version of the global manual for diagnosing medical conditions gets many things right about autism — but ...

Pregnancy complications linked to higher risk of autism

Rachel Zamzow | 
High blood pressure or abnormal bleeding during pregnancy, as well as complications such as cesarean delivery or preterm birth, may ...
8-19-2018 GW-Pharma-Epidiolex-420x322

Approval of marijuana treatment for epilepsy could be boost for autism research

Jessica Wright | 
The United States has approved, for the first time, a compound derived from marijuana to treat certain types of epilepsy ...
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Treating autism with serotonin

Jessica Wright | 
Boosting levels of the chemical messenger serotonin makes mice that model autism more social, according to a study published [August ...
8-9-2018Hispanic student

Why identifying suicide risk among people with autism is a challenge

Cheryl Weinstock | 
Studies over the past few years hint that suicidal ideation is more common in people with autism than in the ...
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Searching for signs of autism in early infant behavior

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
Fearfulness and shyness in babies and toddlers predict features of autism at age 7, according to a new study. But ...
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Differences in brain reward system may explain why autistic people are less interested in socialization

Sarah Deweerdt | 
The brain’s system for sensing pleasure and reward shows unusual activation patterns in people with autism, according to an analysis ...
4 Symptoms-of-Autism-in-Children

Autism diagnosis, treatment often complicated by accompanying conditions

Hannah Furfaro | 
More than half of people on the [autism] spectrum have four or more other conditions. The types of co-occurring conditions ...
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Increased autism risk linked to maternal high blood pressure and diabetes

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
Children born to women who had diabetes or high blood pressure while pregnant are at an increased risk of autism, ...
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Using brain ‘fingerprints’ to study and refine autism treatment

[T]he National Institutes of Health has been supporting research into the ‘human connectome’— the collection of information pathways in the ...