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Large autism mutation risk does not increase as parents age, study finds

Large autism mutation risk does not increase as parents age, study finds

Laura Dattaro | 
Spontaneous, or de novo, mutations can occur in a sperm or egg cell, or very early on in an embryo’s ...
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Explaining the overlap in gender and sexuality in autistic individuals

Laura Dattaro | 
In the 1990s, as growing numbers of children sought care related to their gender identity, clinicians and researchers began to ...
marijuana pregnancy

Pushing back on claims of links between marijuana and autism

Laura Dattaro | 
Women are increasingly using marijuana during pregnancy, especially as more states in the United States and other countries legalize its ...

Babies’ brain waves could forewarn autism

Peter Hess | 
[B]abies who have unusually high or low synchrony between certain brain waves — as measured by electroencephalography (EEG) — at ...
mixed race family with autist daughter with horses x header x

Viewpoint: Blacks raise questions about racial stereotyping of autism diagnoses and therapies

Catina Burkett | 
Part of the reason people are quick to stereotype me is that there is no research on middle-aged black women ...
autism and seizures

Certain autism behaviors and seizures might have a common origins

Peter Hess | 
Early behavioral signs predict seizures in autistic children, according to a new study. Previous work has shown that 5 to ...
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Autism linked to eating disorders—but which comes first?

Laura Dattaro | 
At least 20 percent of adults and 3 percent of children with eating disorders also have autism. But much of ...
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Environmental factors can’t be blamed for rising autism rates, study says

Peter Hess | 
The relative contributions of genetic and environmental factors to autism and traits of the condition have held steady over multiple ...

Early test for autism could be possible by measuring levels of the hormone vasopressin

Peter Hess | 
Low levels of the hormone vasopressin in early infancy may presage an autism diagnosis in childhood, according to a new ...
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Autistic children struggle with emotional control. It’s even harder for girls, study says

Peter Hess | 
Emotion control eludes more girls than boys with autism, according to a new study of young people hospitalized for psychiatric ...
autism spectrum disorder social skills

‘Profound consequences’: Autistic people unable to tune out distractions, study suggests

Laura Dattaro | 
Autistic people have atypical activity in a part of the brain that regulates attention, according to a new study. The ...
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Infants with ‘insecure attachments’ to parents may be at higher risk of autism

Chloe Williams | 
Younger siblings of children with autism who have insecure attachments to their caregivers are more likely to be diagnosed with ...
Symptoms of Autism in Children

Early sleep problems for autistic children may predict repetitive behaviors later

Peter Hess | 
Early sleep problems predict repetitive behaviors later in childhood. And toddlers who overreact or underreact to sensory stimuli have more ...

Questioning the reliability of common autism screening tool

Emily Anthes | 
A short, widely used screening survey for autism called the Autism Spectrum Quotient – 10 items (AQ-10) may not be ...

Autistic children often have trouble sleeping. Melatonin may help, study says

Laura Dattaro | 
Melatonin is safe for long-term use in autistic children who have difficulty sleeping, according to a new study. The study ...

‘One piece of the puzzle’: Exploring differences in medical care for black and white children with autism

Peter Hess | 
Black children with autism who are hospitalized for psychiatric problems are more impaired than their white peers, according to a ...
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People with autism show significant increases in IQ as they mature, but development issues remain

Peter Hess | 
People with autism show significant improvements in cognitive ability from age 12 to 23 years, but their autism traits remain ...
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How repetitive movements help autistic people cope with anxiety

Sarah Deweerdt | 
Typical infants and toddlers may kick their legs repeatedly, rock back and forth while playing or flap their hands in ...
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Why are older parents more likely to have children with autism?

Sarah Deweerdt | 
Older men and women are more likely than young ones to have a child with autism, according to multiple studies ...

People with autism more likely to experience headaches and epilepsy

Laura Dattaro | 
People with autism have more brain-related health problems, such as headaches and epilepsy, than typical people do, according to a ...
autistic twins

Autism may not ‘hardwired by genetics’, with severity shaped by early life experiences, claims researchers in yet unpublished study

Jessica Wright | 
A child’s environment exerts a strong influence on the severity of her autism, according to a study of 78 pairs ...

Sperm test could predict odds of fathering child with autism

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
Some men who have an autistic child carry mutations linked to the condition only in their sperm, according to a ...
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Why we’re seeing more cases of autoimmune disorder PANDAS—if it even exists

Brendan Borrell | 
In 1998, Susan Swedo, then a pediatrician at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), first proposed PANDAS to explain ...
signs of autism in year old lonely

Autism may share genetic links to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and other psychiatric disorders

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
Some of the inherited variants implicated in autism also increase the odds of other conditions, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression ...

Sex-linked mutations point to need for closer look at causes of autism in women, study suggests

Lauren Schenkman | 
Autism may stem from a different — and larger — set of genetic mutations in women than it does in ...
autism spectrum disorder social skills

Children showing signs of autism should be treated before diagnosis is confirmed, under new guidelines

Peter Hess | 
Pediatricians should start treating children who show signs of autism even before tests confirm a diagnosis, according to the newest ...

Adults with autism are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety

Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky | 
Adults with autism are more than twice as likely as neurotypical people to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, a ...

Children with autism are twice as likely to suffer from chronic pain

Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky | 
Children with autism are about twice as likely as their typical peers to experience chronic or repeated pain, according to ...
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