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Drugs developed as cancer treatments show promise against autism

Spectrum | 
An experimental compound that blocks two enzymes involved in gene expression improves social behavior in young mice, according to a ...
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Genetic tests for autistic people could ‘substantially alter the course of treatments’

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Almost as soon as James was born in April 2003, it was clear that he was not well. When he ...
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Autism, attention deficit disorder share ‘significant’ genetic links, sibling study shows

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Children who have an older sibling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at an increased risk of having autism, ...
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Why do siblings of children with autism also have social problems?

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Even typical siblings of children with autism tend to struggle with anxiety, depression and social difficulties, according to a large ...

Autism, intellectual delay could be result of spontaneous mutations

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Genetic variants across the genome contribute to about 8 percent of the risk for certain developmental conditions — much more ...

Pregnancy and depression: Do antidepressants increase risk of autism?

Spectrum | 
Among the many things a woman is supposed to avoid when pregnant are antidepressants, particularly a subtype of the drugs ...
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Approval of marijuana treatment for epilepsy could be boost for autism research

Spectrum | 
The United States has approved, for the first time, a compound derived from marijuana to treat certain types of epilepsy ...

Treating autism with serotonin

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Boosting levels of the chemical messenger serotonin makes mice that model autism more social, according to a study published [August ...
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Why do young adults with autism have more health problems?

Spectrum | 
Young people with autism have more psychiatric and medical conditions than do their typical peers or those with attention deficit ...
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Autism treatment could be found through cancer drug

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A low dose of a drug used to treat lymphoma may ease social problems in some forms of autism, a ...
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Seeking a connection between autism and the brain’s memory center

Spectrum | 
The same processes that enable the brain to store new memories may also control many autism genes, a new study ...
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Autism researchers focus on ‘retired’ line of mice with missing gene

Scientist | 
Nearly 20 years ago, a new strain of mice debuted in a California laboratory. The mice were missing a gene ...
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Oxytocin and autism: Could nasal spray boost social skills?

Spectrum | 
Treatment with the hormone oxytocin improves social skills in some children with autism, suggest results from a small clinical trial ...
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DNA mutations can influence far away genes as easily as those close-by

Spectrum | 
A new chart of DNA’s loops and twists reveals its three-dimensional (3-D) structure in the developing brain. It shows that ...

Before autism diagnoses, patients poorly treated and institutionalized

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