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Infographic: Building personalized cancer vaccines

Elaine Mardis, Jasreet Hundal | 
To create an individualized cancer vaccine, researchers must identify cancer-specific peptides called neoantigens, then use a cell-, protein-, or nucleic ...

Which is more important to the gut microbiome? Genetics or environment?

Nicoletta Lanese | 
Genetics hold far more sway over the mouse microbiome than transient environmental exposures, researchers reported July 26 in Applied and ...
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Can these turtle embryos change their sex by finding warmer or cooler spots within their eggs?

Katarina Zimmer | 
At 27.9 °C, roughly equal numbers of female and male turtles will emerge from the nests of the Chinese pond ...
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Fighting cancer by stimulating the immune system with injections directly into the tumor

Emma Yasinski | 
This past April, Mount Sinai oncologist Joshua Brody and his team announced a clinical trial that delivers immune modulators directly ...
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Human-monkey chimeras created in China in quest to grow transplantable human organs

Nicoletta Lanese | 
An international team of researchers has created embryos containing both human and monkey cells, the Spanish newspaper El País reported July ...
experimental cancer vaccine wiped out all tumors in mice human trials up next health tech times

Priming the body’s immune system with personalized cancer vaccines

Elaine Mardis, Jasreet Hundal | 
In 2014, at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, six melanoma patients received infusions of an anticancer vaccine ...
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Stem cell therapies could treat diabetes by helping the body boost insulin production

Eric Bender | 
Each year, 40,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an auto­immune disease that wipes out ...
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Viewpoint: AI promises to revolutionize personalized medicine. Now we need ‘clinical validation’.

Eric Topol | 
Machines can now be trained to see things humans cannot, and likely never will.  ... From obviating the need to ...
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Microbiome manipulation could improve our heart health, but it’s not a ‘magic solution’

Shawna Williams | 
“Is the fountain of youth in the gut microbiome?” This provocative question popped up a few months back, not in ...
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Infographic: Separating hype from reality on the benefits of intermittent fasting

Bob Grant | 
Scientists are further detailing both the underlying metabolic dynamics and interesting physiological phenomena aside from weight loss as they study ...
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Why comatose infants make ideal test subjects for brain-reviving technology

Alan Kadish, John Loike | 
A recent Nature paper describing an artificial blood perfusion used in an attempt to restore brain function after pigs were ...
foodallergies lead

Treating food allergies by tweaking the microbiome? Trials offer ‘promising but mixed results’

Jef Akst | 
These days, there is little doubt that the body’s resident bacteria have a big say in how the immune system ...
skin microbiome image origimm biotechnology vienna

Chasing links between mental illness and microbes living in our guts

Ashley Yeager | 
“If you would have asked a neuroscientist 10 years ago whether they thought the gut microbiota could be linked to ...
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Infographic: Quantum ‘tricks’ influence photosynthesis, other biological functions

Catherine Offord | 
ENZYME CATALYSIS: A TUNNEL THROUGH THE BARRIER Traditional theories of enzyme catalysis hold that the proteins speed up reactions by ...
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Facing Ebola outbreak, Uganda approves 3 experimental treatments

Catherine Offord | 
Health authorities in Uganda have approved the use of three experimental treatments against Ebola in the country. The decision comes ...
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Are we fighting diseases wrong? Researcher suggests a better approach is building tolerance to infection

Ashley Yeager | 
[Researcher Janelle] Ayres was running the experiment to determine what causes genetically identical mice to respond differently to the same ...
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Infographic: These supercomputers mimic human brains to boost computing power

Sandeep Ravindran | 
Neuromorphic hardware takes a page from the architecture of animal nervous systems, relaying signals via spiking that is akin to ...

Video: See how the brain makes memories

Nicholas Turk-Browne | 
Watch Princeton University’s Nicholas Turk-Browne describe his research on how the human brain makes, stores and adjusts memories. Read full, ...
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Stem cell treatment could create ‘living drug’ against cancer tumors

Chia-Yi Hou | 
In a first-of-its-kind clinical trial, a natural killer cell immunotherapy derived from induced pluripotent stem cells is being tested for ...
5-8-2019 sophia robot reueters rtx evt

Defining life: Why we need to identify the boundary between living things and AI robots

John Loike, Robert Pollack | 
They’re advancing artificial intelligence (AI) to create next-gen personalized robots that can read human emotions in real time. What will ...
brain mapping with ai

‘Reverse engineering’ our brains with silicon chips could help us understand consciousness

Sandeep Ravindran | 
The fact that computers “think” very differently than our brains do actually gives them an advantage when it comes to ...
5-5-2019 future artificial intelligence

Building artificial brains to help us understand our own

Bob Grant | 
You’d think that overseeing an entire issue of The Scientist focused on artificial intelligence would cause my mind to wander far into ...

Off-target RNA mutations: Why this ‘more precise genome-editing’ technique needs improvement

Catherine Offord | 
Base editors designed to convert one DNA nucleotide to another may also perform large numbers of unwanted edits to RNA, ...
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Cancer has a male bias and we’re just starting to understand why

Jef Akst | 
More than half of neurooncologist Josh Rubin’s pediatric brain cancer patients over his 25-year career have been boys. … About a ...
4-10-2019 unnamed file

Monitoring biodiversity: Project seeks to catalog arctic life through ‘DNA Barcoding’

Phil Jaekl | 
[Molecular biologist Inger Greye] Alsos is currently taking part in the formidable task of genetically identifying not just all the ...
4-8-2019 tasmaniandevil

When cancer becomes contagious: Seeking better understanding of rare transmissible forms of the disease

Katarina Zimmer | 
The untrained eye likely wouldn’t have noticed, but doctoral student Ruth Pye immediately spotted something unusual about the way the cells were ...

Can CAR-T cell therapy tackle solid tumors too?

Kerry Grens | 
Last summer, [Cecelia] Barron’s cancer went from stage 2 to stage 3 oligodendroglioma. Behnam Badie, her surgeon at City of Hope, ...
4-2-2019 crispr cas gene editing x

CRISPR’s challenge: It’s still easier to subtract genes than it is to add them

Anna Nowogrodzki | 
Almost always, building something is harder than tearing it down. Similarly, knocking in genes poses a greater challenge than knocking ...