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Cancer has a male bias and we’re just starting to understand why

Jef Akst | 
More than half of neurooncologist Josh Rubin’s pediatric brain cancer patients over his 25-year career have been boys. … About a ...
4-10-2019 unnamed file

Monitoring biodiversity: Project seeks to catalog arctic life through ‘DNA Barcoding’

Phil Jaekl | 
[Molecular biologist Inger Greye] Alsos is currently taking part in the formidable task of genetically identifying not just all the ...
4-8-2019 tasmaniandevil

When cancer becomes contagious: Seeking better understanding of rare transmissible forms of the disease

Katarina Zimmer | 
The untrained eye likely wouldn’t have noticed, but doctoral student Ruth Pye immediately spotted something unusual about the way the cells were ...

Can CAR-T cell therapy tackle solid tumors too?

Kerry Grens | 
Last summer, [Cecelia] Barron’s cancer went from stage 2 to stage 3 oligodendroglioma. Behnam Badie, her surgeon at City of Hope, ...
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CRISPR’s challenge: It’s still easier to subtract genes than it is to add them

Anna Nowogrodzki | 
Almost always, building something is harder than tearing it down. Similarly, knocking in genes poses a greater challenge than knocking ...
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How modern farming may be distorting our analysis of ancient human migration

Anna Azvolinsky | 
One of the most widely used tools archaeologists have at their disposal to decipher where prehistoric humans lived and traveled ...
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Searching for tuberculosis ‘super-spreaders’ by sampling breathed air

Linda Nordling | 
In Masiphumelele, an informal settlement of tin shacks, squat brick buildings, and narrow lanes south of Cape Town, 23,000 people ...
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Japan wants to use stem cells to treat paralysis—but ethical questions remain

John Loike | 
On February 18, 2019, The Asahi Shimbun reported, “Ministry [of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan] OKs 1st iPS [induced pluripotent ...
3-9-2019 shutterstock

Growing malaria drug resistance worldwide threatens to be ‘disastrous’

Natalie Slivinski | 
It’s not clear why, but the Greater Mekong Subregion—Cambodia, southern China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam—is a major source of ...
Calyxt gene-edited soybean oil debuts in Midwestern US restaurants

Calyxt gene-edited soybean oil debuts in Midwestern US restaurants

Carolyn Wilke | 
At the end of [February 2019], Calyxt, an agriculture-focused company based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, announced its first sale of ...

Can the flu cause Parkinson’s and other brain disorders?

Ashley Yeager | 
One of the earliest links between influenza and neural dysfunction was a correlation between the 1918 Spanish flu, caused by ...
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Viewpoint: Creation of synthetic DNA demands ethical boundaries for its use

John Loike, Robert Pollack | 
A study published [February 21] expands the redesign of the 4-billion-year-old genetic code from a four-nucleotide base-pair alphabet to an eight-base-pair ...
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Popular autism ‘signaling imbalance theory’ challenged, suggesting new drugs ‘may have little value’

Sarah Deweerdt | 
An analysis of four mouse models negates certain assumptions underlying the “signaling imbalance theory,” a popular hypothesis about autism’s origins ...
2-18-2019 unnamed file

Keen sense of smell? You’re probably good at not getting lost, study suggests

Shawna Williams | 
Watch a bacterium chase down the source of an enticing molecular trail using chemo-taxis, and it’s clear that its sensory ...
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First gene-editing experiments on adults suffering from rare metabolic disorders offer promising early results

Carolyn Wilke | 
In late 2017, scientists first began attempting to edit the genes of adults to treat rare genetic disorders. Preliminary results ...
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Plant scientists: Anti-GMO activism has warped the public’s understanding of biotechnology

Rod Herman, Bryan Delaney, Nicholas Storer | 
Public perception  of genetically engineered (GE) crops is being manipulated by organizations that purport to represent the interests of consumers ...
image Neanderthal genome

Tracking Neanderthal DNA in modern humans: There’s been little change in 45,000 years

Diana Kwon | 
Neanderthals, modern humans’ closest evolutionary relatives, have been extinct for thousands of years. But due to interbreeding between the two ...
1-21-2019 maxresdefault

Infographic: How do urban environments drive genetic change?

Catherine Offord | 
Air pollution may favor the adaptation of organisms to become more stress-resistant than their rural counterparts. There is some evidence ...

Immunotherapy more effective in patients with more cancer mutations, study shows

Catherine Offord | 
The number of mutations in a tumor’s genome may predict how well a patient will benefit from treatment with immune ...
1-17-2019 menandwomenc

Men are less tolerant than women when it comes to repeated pain, study shows

Diana Kwon | 
A painful experience is not one you are likely to forget—you don’t need to have a trunk slammed onto your ...
Pic by Neil Palmer CIAT A coffee farm worker in Cauca southwestern Colombia

60 percent of wild coffee species at risk of ‘extinction’

Shawna Williams | 
More than half of the world’s 124 wild coffee plant species meet the criteria for inclusion on the International Union ...

China is growing crops on the moon in preparation for its proposed lunar base

Ashley Yeager | 
There’s cotton growing on the far side of the moon—the first time plants have sprouted there. On January 3, a ...

Examining the genetic roots of anorexia and other eating disorders

Amy Lewis | 
Characterized by extreme caloric restriction resulting in weight loss, an intense fear of gaining weight, and a distorted body image, anorexia ...

Smoking pot while pregnant increases health risks, including depression and drug abuse, for offspring

Andrew Scheyer | 
Various large-scale longitudinal research projects in both North America and Europe, ranging from several hundred to thousands of subjects, on ...
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Urbanization is a ‘massive unplanned experiment’: How cities affect evolution

Catherine Offord | 
[C]ities are having profound effects on their animal and plant residents. Globally, about 0.5 percent of Earth’s land area is ...
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Viewpoint: Documentary Genesis 2.0 delivers ‘warning’ about synthetic biology

Shawna Williams | 
“How did you manage to set free that terrible devil?” asks a Yakut poem, solemnly intoned near the beginning, and ...
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Unapproved stem cell treatments draw FDA investigation following bacterial infections

Ashley Taylor | 
This year [2018], 12 people have been hospitalized with bacterial infections after being treated with stem cell products derived from ...
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Meet Huda Zoghbi, pediatric neurologist working on rare diseases

Anna Azvolinsky | 
Huda Zoghbi has uncovered the molecular mechanisms of normal neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration by probing the complexities of rare neurological diseases ...