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Plants communicate to fight off pests. Their ‘conversations’ might help us safeguard our food crops

Ashley Yeager | 
When a beetle larva bites into the leaf of a goldenrod plant .... [t]he bite damages the goldenrod .... causing ...
screenshot losing your sense of smell or taste could mean you have coronavirus even if you have no other symptoms

Losing sense of taste and smell could be ‘early warning sign’ of coronavirus infection

Ashley Yeager | 
Nearly two weeks ago, Alessandro Laurenzi, a biologist working as a consultant in Bologna, Italy, was mowing the grass in his ...

Gilead’s experimental remdesivir shows promise against coronaviruses. Can it beat back COVID-19

Abby Olena | 
Targeted drug development takes years, but when time is short in a pandemic, scientists and clinicians turn to pharmaceuticals that ...
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How did the coronavirus jump from bats to humans? Snakes, pangolins and turtles top suspect list

Claire Jarvis | 
When a new zoonotic outbreak occurs, scientists rush to trace the species the infection originated from. Often the infection jumps ...
marijuana pesticidetesting

Viewpoint: Plagued with unreliable results, cannabis testing industry has a long way to go

Katarina Zimmer | 
Because cannabis is still considered illegal at the federal level, the responsibility of regulating cannabis and cannabis-derived products falls to ...

Infographic: How the coronavirus appears ‘seemingly out of nowhere’

Ashley Yeager | 
When Emma Hodcroft read that, seemingly out of nowhere, a rash of cases of the novel coronavirus had popped up in Britain ...

Infographic: Track the global spread of the coronavirus

Catherine Offord | 
The numbers for COVID-19 cases and deaths are changing rapidly. The following charts only provide an approximation of the current ...
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Infographic: Which 3D printed organs are closest to being transplantable?

Emma Yasinski | 
No one has printed fully functional, transplantable human organs just yet, but scientists are getting closer, making pieces of tissue ...
abilify yv p

Once promising autism drug Abilify linked to heart problems, substantial weight gains

Hannah Furfaro | 
It has been 11 years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved aripiprazole for children with autism. The ...
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African swine fever decimates global pork production. Can a genetically engineered vaccine stop it?

Katarina Zimmer | 
In the fall of 2017, a year before an unfamiliar virus captured the world’s attention with an explosive outbreak in ...

Infographic: Tracking the global spread of the coronavirus through its genetic signature

Ashley Yeager, Richard Neher | 
Several years ago, Richard Neher, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Basel in Switzerland, and his colleagues wanted to ...

Infographic: What suicidal behavior looks like in the brain

Catherine Offord | 
Scientists have identified several key neurobiological pathways with ties to suicidal behaviors. Research in the field addresses only a fraction ...
neanderthal p

Modern Africans have more Neanderthal ancestry than previously thought, study says

Jef Akst | 
Modern Africans have an average of 17 megabases of Neanderthal DNA in their genomes, according to an analysis published [January ...
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Amish people study suggests environmental factors influence mutations causing disease and evolution more than genes

Abby Olena | 
The rate of new mutations in the human genome appear to be consistent across diverse populations, except one—the Old Order ...
frontiers in aging neuroscience herpes alzheimers

Alzheimer’s link to herpes disputed in new study

Katarina Zimmer | 
Around 30 years ago, researchers in the UK discovered DNA strands of herpes simplex virus 1 in postmortem brain samples of Alzheimer’s ...
rhonolophus ferrumequinum x

Tracing the origins of China’s coronavirus: Infectious disease expert explains how it jumped from animals to humans

Peter Daszak, Shawna Williams | 
The Scientist spoke with Peter Daszak, the president of the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance and an infectious disease researcher who’s done extensive research ...
merlin ca e cc bf d b dfc jumbo

Searching for answers in the genome of China’s mysterious coronavirus

Emma Yasinski | 
As public health officials respond in real-time to the unfolding of the outbreak, so too are scientists. Just one month ...
dinosaur asteroid chicxulub

Global temperature modeling suggests dinosaurs were wiped out by asteroid strike

Amy Schleunes | 
A massive asteroid impact is likely to blame for the extinction event that marks the end of the Cretaceous period, ...
scientists can see suicide risks brain imaging

Can we use the brain’s ‘biochemical changes’ to predict—and prevent— suicide?

Catherine Offord | 
No field of scientific inquiry can single-handedly untangle a phenomenon as complex as suicide. But [Kees] van Heeringen and many ...
unnamed file

Exposure to different types of dirt may boost body’s immune system, study suggests

Jef Akst | 
Differences in allergy incidence between the two sides of the Finnish-Russian border might have something to do with exposure to ...

We don’t know enough yet to effectively pick embryos to get smarter, taller children, study says

Shawna Williams | 
Despite advances in understanding the combined effects of multiple genes on complex traits in humans, efforts to choose embryos based ...
whitepaper innovationbyall promo

‘Strange’ decade gave us CRISPR, gene therapy advances and a Neanderthal genome

Bob Grant | 
[H]ere, we present some of the innovations, both conceptual and technological, that stood out throughout the past decade. … In ...
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Emergency approval sends new oral polio vaccine to front lines, bypassing clinical trials

Robert Fortner | 
To stem a growing polio crisis, health officials are accelerating the development of a new oral vaccine with plans for emergency ...
sergiu pasca

Video: Neuroscientist Sergiu Pasca on his pioneering efforts to grow brain organoids from stem cells

Sergiu Pasca | 
When [Stanford University brain researcher Sergiu] Pasca started his own lab at the university in 2014, he continued working on ...

Infographic: These blood biomarkers could be critical to diagnosing, treating Alzheimer’s

Shawna Williams | 
Researchers are investigating a host of molecules found in the blood that could reveal pathological processes in the brain. Here ...
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Pursuit of ‘speech prosthetic’ for people who’ve lost the ability to talk could be boosted by this discovery

Shawna Williams | 
One [area of the brain is called] the “hand knob,” which, as the name suggests, is a knobby region of ...
t larg alzheimers

Why finding a blood test for Alzheimer’s could be the key to new treatments

Shawna Williams | 
Alzheimer’s patients who were at earlier stages of the disease did better than those with more advanced cognitive decline [in ...

Was it ‘bad luck’—not ancient humans—that drove Neanderthals to extinction?

Catherine Offord | 
Neanderthals may have gone extinct due to chance, and not, as some researchers previously thought, due to competition for resources ...