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GMO protester e

Plant scientists: Anti-GMO activism has warped the public’s understanding of biotechnology

Rod Herman, Bryan Delaney, Nicholas Storer | 
Public perception  of genetically engineered (GE) crops is being manipulated by organizations that purport to represent the interests of consumers ...
image Neanderthal genome

Tracking Neanderthal DNA in modern humans: There’s been little change in 45,000 years

Diana Kwon | 
Neanderthals, modern humans’ closest evolutionary relatives, have been extinct for thousands of years. But due to interbreeding between the two ...
1-21-2019 maxresdefault

Infographic: How do urban environments drive genetic change?

Catherine Offord | 
Air pollution may favor the adaptation of organisms to become more stress-resistant than their rural counterparts. There is some evidence ...

Immunotherapy more effective in patients with more cancer mutations, study shows

Catherine Offord | 
The number of mutations in a tumor’s genome may predict how well a patient will benefit from treatment with immune ...
1-17-2019 menandwomenc

Men are less tolerant than women when it comes to repeated pain, study shows

Diana Kwon | 
A painful experience is not one you are likely to forget—you don’t need to have a trunk slammed onto your ...
Pic by Neil Palmer CIAT A coffee farm worker in Cauca southwestern Colombia

60 percent of wild coffee species at risk of ‘extinction’

Shawna Williams | 
More than half of the world’s 124 wild coffee plant species meet the criteria for inclusion on the International Union ...

China is growing crops on the moon in preparation for its proposed lunar base

Ashley Yeager | 
There’s cotton growing on the far side of the moon—the first time plants have sprouted there. On January 3, a ...

Examining the genetic roots of anorexia and other eating disorders

Amy Lewis | 
Characterized by extreme caloric restriction resulting in weight loss, an intense fear of gaining weight, and a distorted body image, anorexia ...

Smoking pot while pregnant increases health risks, including depression and drug abuse, for offspring

Andrew Scheyer | 
Various large-scale longitudinal research projects in both North America and Europe, ranging from several hundred to thousands of subjects, on ...
zimmer articlelarge v

Urbanization is a ‘massive unplanned experiment’: How cities affect evolution

Catherine Offord | 
[C]ities are having profound effects on their animal and plant residents. Globally, about 0.5 percent of Earth’s land area is ...
genesis still o h

Viewpoint: Documentary Genesis 2.0 delivers ‘warning’ about synthetic biology

Shawna Williams | 
“How did you manage to set free that terrible devil?” asks a Yakut poem, solemnly intoned near the beginning, and ...
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Unapproved stem cell treatments draw FDA investigation following bacterial infections

Ashley Taylor | 
This year [2018], 12 people have been hospitalized with bacterial infections after being treated with stem cell products derived from ...
zoghbi huda

Meet Huda Zoghbi, pediatric neurologist working on rare diseases

Anna Azvolinsky | 
Huda Zoghbi has uncovered the molecular mechanisms of normal neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration by probing the complexities of rare neurological diseases ...
epigenetic regulation environmental diseases

New techniques could transform epigenetics research, ameliorating diseases

John Loike | 
Epigenetics, the study of mechanisms by which genes are turned on or off without altering their genetic code or DNA ...

Casting doubt on whether our DNA can be tweaked to increase human lifespan

Abby Olena | 
Estimates predict that somewhere between 15 percent and 30 percent of the variability in human lifespan is due to genetics ...

Exercise as a treatment for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s?

Ashley Yeager | 
Researchers have long recognized that exercise sharpens certain cognitive skills. Indeed, [researcher Hiroshi] Maejima and his colleagues have found that ...
a formalin fixed human brain ready to be handed to visitors

Chasing the biology underlying human intelligence

Shawna Williams | 
[H]uman intelligence [has increased] over time. Proposed explanations for the phenomenon, now known as the Flynn effect, include increasing education, ...

Understanding what happens when routine touching becomes agony

Ruth Williams | 
It shouldn’t hurt to put on socks, wash hands, or walk about, but for some people with damaged nerves, certain ...
obese pregnant

Increase in autism linked to rising maternal obesity and diabetes

Sukanya Charuchandra | 
More and more children around the world are being born to obese mothers than ever before. In the United States, ...
3 reasons ALS research struggles to find treatment answers

3 reasons ALS research struggles to find treatment answers

Jenny Rood | 
[T]he desire to give [ALS] patients hope has often outstripped good scientific sense. “Many drugs that have gone into ALS ...
skin graft cocaine addiction

Can a skin patch thwart cocaine overdoses?

Shawna Williams | 
There are nicotine patches to help quit smoking, and then there’s this: patches of actual skin, genetically engineered to produce ...
M Id Exercise

Could a pill replicate the Alzheimer’s defense gained through exercise?

Ruth Williams | 
Mice that model a severe form of Alzheimer’s disease tend to exhibit improved memory after exercise-induced neuron production, according to ...
andme toc

Viewpoint: Consumer DNA tests promise more than they can deliver

John Loike | 
Over the past few years, many [DNA testing companies] have branched out into the realm of precision health, treading into ...

GAANTRY: USDA develops ‘gene-stacking’ solution to fungal pathogens—but will it actually work?

Anne Connor | 
If climate change is the new normal, farmers in some regions of the world will have to get used to ...
Aging graciously intercepting falls

Are age-related diseases the result of evolutionary tradeoffs favoring the young?

Sukanya Charuchandra | 
While granting human species some advantages over our primate cousins, recent genomic adaptations appear to have come at a cost ...

Does sunshine make us smarter? UV exposure boosts mouse brainpower

Ruth Williams | 
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a major cause of skin cancer, but it offers some health benefits too, such ...

Using patient registries to track effectiveness of cell and gene therapy trials

Anna Azvolinsky | 
Due to advances in rare-disease research and individualized cell and gene therapies, there has been a recent crop of treatments ...
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What a headache: Genetic adaptation to cold weather also gave us migraines

Viviane Callier | 
A human genetic variant in a gene involved in sensing cold temperatures became more common when early humans migrated out of ...