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More children sickened by polio vaccine than by wild virus

Jef Akst | 
Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and Angola have experienced nine new cases of polio caused by the ...

Universal ecology: Laws of physics and mathematics apply across the universe. Are there biological laws?

John Damuth, Lev Ginzburg, Mark Colyvan | 
On Earth, bacteria grow exponentially, lynx eat hares, and red panda populations decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation. How ...
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Does the keto diet offer protection against the flu?

Abby Olena | 
Mice fed a ketogenic diet—in which 90 percent of calories come from fat and less than 1 percent from carbohydrates—were ...
human chromosomes

Infographic: Creating artificial human chromosomes

Ruth Williams | 
To convert a piece of cloned DNA into a centromere-containing human artificial chromosome (HAC), an array of repeated LacO sequences ...

Cancer cells alter mutation rates to survive targeted therapies. Researchers want to know how they do it.

Abby Olena | 
In response to antibiotic treatment, bacteria improve their odds of survival by increasing the rate of mutations in their genomes, ...
image oligomannate alzheimers drug china

China’s new Alzheimer drug greeted with ‘surprise and skepticism’ by researchers

Emily Makowski | 
China’s approval of the drug oligomannate earlier this month for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease has been met with surprise and ...
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Children from extramarital affairs not as common as we think, study shows

Ashley Yeager | 
That old joke about the milkman fathering many of a town’s children—it’s far from true, a new study reaffirms. Researchers ...
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What makes a murderer? MRI scans reveal reduced gray matter patterns in convicts

Nicoletta Lanese | 
Kent Kiehl and his research team regularly park their long, white trailer just outside the doors of maximum-security prisons across the ...
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Neural stem cell transplants show promise for treating stroke, Parkinson’s, spinal injuries

Ashley Taylor | 
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is a genetic malady that leaves neurons without their myelin coating. This deficit has devastating consequences for the ...

Chicxulub asteroid impact sparked mammal growth surge, fossil ‘trove’ shows

Emily Makowski | 
After an asteroid crashed into what is now Chicxulub, Mexico 66 million years ago, a chain of events occurred that ...
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Viewpoint: New antibiotics won’t save us from drug-resistant bacterial infections

Arturo Casadevall, Neil Greenspan | 
Of course, there is an ongoing search for new safe and effective antibiotics, but agents are very difficult to find ...
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Brain organoids may have ‘critical’ research limitation: Imperfect modeling of human development

Arnold Kriegstein, Diana Kwon | 
Despite their potential, [brain] organoids still have some critical limitations. In a study presented [October 22] at the Society for Neuroscience meeting ...
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ISIS leader al-Baghdadi’s remains may have been identified with new rapid DNA testing technology

Emma Yasinski | 
On Sunday (October 27), President Donald Trump announced that US Special Operations forces had cornered Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the current ...
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Deafness edited out of human eggs by Russian researcher. No plans for gene-edited babies—yet

Emily Makowski | 
Russian biologist Denis Rebrikov has started editing the GJB2 gene, associated with deafness, in human eggs donated by women who ...

Engineered molecule could protect key food crops from intensifying droughts as climate changes

Abby Olena | 
An engineered small molecule called opabactin that targets the receptor for the hormone abscisic acid (ABA), which plants release in ...
medicalmysterymonitor x

‘Time to stop debating’: Researchers blame enterovirus for mysterious polio-like paralysis in kids

Catherine Offord | 
A team of researchers has published evidence that an enterovirus is to blame for a mysterious neurologic illness that has ...
brain drain

‘Brain drain’ increases genetic inequality between wealthy, poor regions in UK study

Abdel Abdellaoui, Judy Luigjes | 
An unintended side effect of merit-based social mobility is that it stimulates selective migration; people with a higher education are ...
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Commercialization without consent: Sanger Institute accused of violating agreements with African scientists

Kerry Grens | 
The Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK had planned to commercialize a genetics array based on African DNA samples, whistleblowers ...
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‘Gross and dangerous”: Genetic test for same-sex attraction condemned by scientists

Diana Kwon | 
In August, a group of researchers published the results of a massive genome-wide association study on homosexual behavior. The take-home message ...

What does a healthy human gut virome look like? Study shows that we have no idea

Abby Olena | 
There’s a lot that scientists don’t know about the gut microbiota, and when it comes to the viruses present there ...
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‘Defibrillator for the brain’: Implant could prevent epileptic seizures in autistic children

Jessica Wright | 
Kevin, who has autism and has had seizures since he was 8 years old, lies uncharacteristically still in the center ...
deep brain stimulation diagram thing x

‘If you get better, you stay better’: Deep brain stimulation could offer long-lasting depression treatment

Catherine Offord | 
Deep brain stimulation can durably improve depression symptoms in people who don’t respond well to other treatments, according to a ...

Rethinking what causes Parkinson’s: Studies suggest we may be looking in the wrong place

Ashley Yeager | 
During her time as a postdoc at the University of Basel in Switzerland, Sarah Shahmoradian decided to study the abnormal aggregates of ...

Beware claims by consumer DNA testing companies: They can’t predict how long you’ll live

Diana Kwon | 
“Upload DNA data and know more about yourself,” promises Genomelink, anywhere from fitness-related attributes, such as longevity, pulmonary function, and job-related ...
cotton seeds

FDA-approved edible cotton could help meet global protein demand

Shawna Williams | 
The US Food and Drug Administration announced this month that a genetically modified cottonseed has been approved for human consumption ...

Time for an upgrade? Swedish study reveals thousands of genetic sequences not found in human reference genome

Katarina Zimmer | 
[I]t’s hard to study genetic sequences if they’re absent from the human reference genome, the product of the $2.7 billion ...

Blood test reveals epigenetic modifications that could predict life-threatening type 2 diabetes complications

Katarina Zimmer | 
Chronically high blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes can damage tissues throughout the body, such as the nerves, eyes, ...
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Exploring origins of the female orgasm. Is it an ‘evolutionary throwback’?

Catherine Offord | 
The female orgasm might have evolved as part of a biological mechanism to induce ovulation, according to findings published [September ...