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marijuana pesticidetesting

Viewpoint: Plagued with unreliable results, cannabis testing industry has a long way to go

Scientist | 
Because cannabis is still considered illegal at the federal level, the responsibility of regulating cannabis and cannabis-derived products falls to ...
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African swine fever decimates global pork production. Can a genetically engineered vaccine stop it?

Scientist | 
In the fall of 2017, a year before an unfamiliar virus captured the world’s attention with an explosive outbreak in ...
frontiers in aging neuroscience herpes alzheimers

Alzheimer’s link to herpes disputed in new study

Scientist | 
Around 30 years ago, researchers in the UK discovered DNA strands of herpes simplex virus 1 in postmortem brain samples of Alzheimer’s ...

Time for an upgrade? Swedish study reveals thousands of genetic sequences not found in human reference genome

Scientist | 
[I]t’s hard to study genetic sequences if they’re absent from the human reference genome, the product of the $2.7 billion ...

Blood test reveals epigenetic modifications that could predict life-threatening type 2 diabetes complications

Scientist | 
Chronically high blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes can damage tissues throughout the body, such as the nerves, eyes, ...
colon cancer screening

Processed foods key factor in uptick in colorectal cancer among young adults?

Scientist | 
Although still rare, affecting roughly 4 percent of adults over their lifetimes, according to the National Cancer Institute, colorectal cancer is becoming ...
oogway august tony wu

Can these turtle embryos change their sex by finding warmer or cooler spots within their eggs?

Scientist | 
At 27.9 °C, roughly equal numbers of female and male turtles will emerge from the nests of the Chinese pond ...
4-8-2019 tasmaniandevil

When cancer becomes contagious: Seeking better understanding of rare transmissible forms of the disease

Scientist | 
The untrained eye likely wouldn’t have noticed, but doctoral student Ruth Pye immediately spotted something unusual about the way the cells were ...
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Viewpoint: Is glyphosate safe? Question complicated by politics, murky science

New Food Economy | 
On one side, activists and advocacy organizations have blamed glyphosate exposure for everything from autism to celiac disease. Agribusiness companies ...
cotton herbicide spray enlist

Is there a difference in the toxic effects of glyphosate versus herbicides like Roundup that include surfactants?

Scientist | 
Glyphosate is rarely used on its own in the field. Herbicide formulations as a whole include a variety of other ...