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Judge rebuffs lawsuit challenging FDA authority to regulate AquAdvantage GMO salmon as a drug

Patrick Clinton | 
Remember the GMO salmon? It was created by a company called AquaBounty back in 1989 and approved by the Food ...
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CRISPR guacamole, anyone? Gene-edited avocados could survive disease, cold climates

Kamari Stewart | 
Researchers from Texas Tech University and the University of Buffalo have studied avocados in a way that is best described as ...

Will weed-killing robots replace controversial herbicides on the farm?

Sam Bloch | 
Weeds are the bane of a farmer’s existence—the “most important of all crop pests,” as one scientist put it. They ...
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Beef producers, ‘alt-protein’ makers seek help settling ‘long-simmering dispute’

Sam Bloch | 
On [August 23rd], the North American Meat Institute (NAMI), a Washington, D.C.-based association that represents the country’s biggest meat producers ...
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Organic farming advocate Klaas Martens comes out in favor of gene-edited crops

Sam Bloch | 
Klaas Martens, a prominent voice in the organic movement and a third-generation grain and livestock farmer, says he would be ...
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Viewpoint: Retiring the Monsanto brand could be good for the GMO debate

Joe Fassler | 
Though critics will no doubt accuse Monsanto of greenwashing its products under the less-familiar Bayer brand, I’d like to argue ...
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Viewpoint: New GMO labels will make consumer confusion worse, not better

Patrick Clinton | 
So just how bad are the new federal regulations on labeling genetically engineered food? I don’t think anyone is standing ...
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Viewpoint: Is glyphosate safe? Question complicated by politics, murky science

Katarina Zimmer | 
On one side, activists and advocacy organizations have blamed glyphosate exposure for everything from autism to celiac disease. Agribusiness companies ...
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Whole Foods pauses GMO food labeling requirements following USDA proposal

Claire Brown, Joe Fassler | 
In an email to suppliers on Friday [May 18], Whole Foods President and Chief Operations Officer A.C. Gallo announced the company ...
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Viewpoint: USDA GMO labeling proposal could make things more confusing

Sam Bloch | 
On its surface, the rule is intended to reduce the consumer confusion that abounds when it comes to GMOs. But ...
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6 promising genetically engineered animals stuck in regulatory purgatory

Sam Bloch | 
You’ve probably heard the news that genetically engineered (GE) Atlantic salmon is on the way. ... Here are six other genetically ...
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‘Regenerative Organic Certification’: USDA organic label gets competition as movement shows fissures

Stephanie Strom | 
Frustrated by what they see as a continued watering down of the standards that define what foods may be labeled ...
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Are ‘free-from’ (gluten, GMO) food labels informative—or misleading?

Patrick Clinton | 
What could be conceptually simpler than labeling a food product? You tell the customers what’s in the product, or maybe ...
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Can ‘carbon farming’ sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Laura Sayre | 
From the perspective of global climate change, soils are a major compartment within the planetary carbon cycle, the second-largest pool ...
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Garbage? Study challenges claim that Americans waste $165 billion of food each year

Joe Fassler | 
Say you’re a journalist, and you’ve been assigned a story about food waste. You’re on a deadline, and you need ...

Only 1 percent of US farmland is certified organic. Why aren’t more farmers making the switch?

Joe Fassler | 
There are two stories to tell about the state of organic agriculture in the US. The first is a success ...