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are dna testing kits safe to use

‘Regulatory Wild West? DNA startups claim they can assess sexual preferences, depression risk, longevity and drinking proclivity

Futurism | 
Genomelink is just one of a growing number of shady DNA testing startups now operating in the regulatory Wild West ...
bigstock artificial intelligence supersize

Viewpoint: Everyone needs to feel the benefits of an ‘AI-reliant society’

Futurism | 
[A]rtificial intelligence technology could actually boost the global economy. If it’s allowed to play a major role, AI will make our ...

Giving artificial intelligence a ‘memory’ and why that’s so remarkable

Futurism | 
AI systems’ tendency to forget the things it previously learned upon taking on new information is called catastrophic forgetting. … For ...
ai bias

Pursuing artificial intelligence that’s free of bias

Futurism | 
As the problems caused by algorithmic bias have bubbled to the surface, experts have proposed all sorts of solutions on how to make ...

Would you watch a movie written and animated by artificial intelligence?

Futurism | 
The next time you sit down to watch a movie, the algorithm behind your streaming service might recommend a blockbuster ...
ef c b o

Live to 150? AI suggests it’s possible, but not without clearing huge ‘hurdles’

Futurism | 
[Scientist Alex Zhavoronkov] firmly believes that aging research is the most important field of science right now. In the past, ...
p xsw

Are we alone in the universe? ‘There is a pretty decent chance’

Futurism | 
In the past, experts trying to make sense of the Fermi Paradox have looked to the Drake Equation to put a numeric ...

Here’s how we can defend ourselves against bioweapons

Futurism | 
It may only be a matter of time before synthetic biology, such as weaponized pathogens, finds its way into a ...

Is gene therapy the answer to spinal cord injuries?

Futurism | 
Here’s the thing about the spinal cord: you’ve only got one. And right now, if you injure it, doctors can’t ...

Viewpoint: Why turning down 23andMe’s genetic testing was right for separated immigrant families

Futurism | 
23andMe offered to genetically test undocumented migrants. Fortunately, some smart people said “no, thanks.” ... RAICES Texas, one of the ...
Harmony Robotics

Would you amputate your nerve-damaged hand for a bionic prosthetic?

Scientific American | 
A team of surgeons in Vienna, Austria...recently developed bionic reconstructions of the hands of 16 people who had lost manual ...