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9-30-2018 150715_yt_coma1_16x9_992

Life in a coma: Can a machine tell us whether someone will ever wake up?

Victor Tangermann | 
When somebody falls into a coma, they lose all motor functions. Brain activity slows significantly. In most cases, no external ...
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Electrical stimulation to the spine helps paralyzed man walk with assistance

Kristen Houser | 
For many patients, total lower limb paralysis caused by spinal cord damage means a lifetime in a wheelchair. But a ...
9-19-2018 22

E-tattoos? 3D printable electronics could make them possible

Luke Kingma, Michael McAlpine | 
In April [2018], Michael McAlpine, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, published a study in the journal Advanced Materials in which he ...
9-16-2018 1873949729-bigstock--artificial-intelligence-supersize

Viewpoint: Everyone needs to feel the benefits of an ‘AI-reliant society’

Dan Robitzski | 
[A]rtificial intelligence technology could actually boost the global economy. If it’s allowed to play a major role, AI will make our ...
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Giving artificial intelligence a ‘memory’ and why that’s so remarkable

Dan Robitzski | 
AI systems’ tendency to forget the things it previously learned upon taking on new information is called catastrophic forgetting. … For ...

Could artificial intelligence protect the world from humanity’s ‘shortsightedness’?

Dan Robitzki | 
There are fears that tend to come up when people talk about futuristic artificial intelligence — say, one that could ...
ai bias 8 27 18

Pursuing artificial intelligence that’s free of bias

Dan Robitzski | 
As the problems caused by algorithmic bias have bubbled to the surface, experts have proposed all sorts of solutions on how to make ...
Base Editing: New CRISPR technique could improve ability to safely edit human embryos

Base Editing: New CRISPR technique could improve ability to safely edit human embryos

Kristin Houser | 
A new CRISPR technique could prevent humans from passing on a potentially life-threatening disorder, according to Chinese researchers. An estimated ...
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Can we fine-tune drug doses with the help of artificial intelligence?

Kristen Houser | 
Patients with glioblastoma, a malignant tumor in the brain or spinal cord, typically live no more than five years after ...

Would you watch a movie written and animated by artificial intelligence?

Dan Robitzski | 
The next time you sit down to watch a movie, the algorithm behind your streaming service might recommend a blockbuster ...
7-18-2018 ap-18194762103969

We finally have our first smallpox treatment—just in case

Kristen Houser | 
Fear of another smallpox pandemic keep you up at night? You’ll be happy to hear the FDA approved tecovirimat (Tpoxx) on [July 13]. It’s ...
Live to 150? AI suggests it's possible, but not without clearing huge 'hurdles'

Live to 150? AI suggests it’s possible, but not without clearing huge ‘hurdles’

Dan Robitzski | 
[Scientist Alex Zhavoronkov] firmly believes that aging research is the most important field of science right now. In the past, ...
7-8-2018 p03xsw49 (1)

Are we alone in the universe? ‘There is a pretty decent chance’

Dan Robitzski, Anders Sandberg | 
In the past, experts trying to make sense of the Fermi Paradox have looked to the Drake Equation to put a numeric ...
bioweapons 7 3 18

Here’s how we can defend ourselves against bioweapons

Dan Robitzski | 
It may only be a matter of time before synthetic biology, such as weaponized pathogens, finds its way into a ...
monkeys 7 2 18

Does CRISPR cause unintended mutations? Not in this monkey study

Kristen Houser | 
CRISPR is still new, and no one really knows its potential side effects. Does it cause cancer? How about unintended mutations? To get ...
6-24-2018 ancestry-dna-kit-640x533

Tester beware: Deleting your genetic data is ‘essentially impossible’

Kristen Houser | 
[Bloomberg journalist] Kristen V. Brown sent her spit to at least three different companies over the years. She went around ...
spinal 6 28 18

Is gene therapy the answer to spinal cord injuries?

Dan Robitzski | 
Here’s the thing about the spinal cord: you’ve only got one. And right now, if you injure it, doctors can’t ...
immigrants 6 26 18

Viewpoint: Why turning down 23andMe’s genetic testing was right for separated immigrant families

Dan Robitzski | 
23andMe offered to genetically test undocumented migrants. Fortunately, some smart people said “no, thanks.” ... RAICES Texas, one of the ...
ai 6 25 18

Artificial intelligence that can predict the future—or at least a small piece of it

Dan Robitzki | 
There’s an artificial intelligence system that can peer into the future and anticipate what you’re about to do. … [F]ortune-telling ...
6-17-2018 doudna

CRISPR legal battle front: UC Berkeley wins pair of patents

Kristen Houser | 
There’s been a legal battle going on to determine which of the scientists whose research led to CRISPR’s discovery gets ...
sickle cell gene 32773

Major human CRISPR trial derailed by FDA—at least for now

Kristin Houser | 
You’ve heard it before: CRISPR has the potential to change our lives for the better. But first, we have to give it ...
Are you a human or a dog? Some consumer DNA tests don't seem to know the difference

Are you a human or a dog? Some consumer DNA tests don’t seem to know the difference

Claudia Geib | 
A Chicago-based NBC station sent one reporter’s DNA to a handful of home DNA tests to compare the results. And just for ...
4-19-2018 eyevine3.14843296-800x533

Gene editing and a new age of athletic cheating

Kristin Houser | 
Think cheaters never prosper? Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times. Manny Ramirez won two World Series championships ...
heart 3 6 18

‘One-time CRISPR vaccination’? Researchers target disorder linked to heart disease

Abby Norman | 
Some people have a naturally occurring mutation in a gene called ANGPTL3, which plays a role in the regulation of ...
baby 2 28 18

Regulatory, ethical issues muddy the waters around advanced reproductive technologies

Claudia Geib | 
In November 2017, a baby named Emma Gibson was born in the state of Tennessee. Her birth, to a 25-year-old ...
china 2 23 18

Esophageal cancer treated with risky modified T-cell therapy in China

Kyree Leary | 
Esophageal cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in China. Like many other types, cancer of the esophagus ...
4 common myths about the supposed advantages of organic foods over GMOs

4 common myths about the supposed advantages of organic foods over GMOs

Victor Tangermann | 
Myth 1: Organic Food Is Safer Because It Doesn’t Touch Pesticides “The levels we are exposed to are far, far ...
crispr revolution 8327478

5 ways CRISPR will revolutionize the future

Victor Tangermann | 
1. CRISPR Could Correct The Genetic Errors That Cause Disease. [...] In summer 2017, scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University used CRISPR ...