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are dna testing kits safe to use

‘Regulatory Wild West? DNA startups claim they can assess sexual preferences, depression risk, longevity and drinking proclivity

Dan Robitzski | 
Genomelink is just one of a growing number of shady DNA testing startups now operating in the regulatory Wild West ...
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Why China’s willingness to push ethical boundaries with CRISPR research ‘could end up benefiting us all’

Kristen Houser | 
Today, [China] serves as the global center for CRISPR animal experiments, with its scientists being the first to use the ...
5-30-2019 wps mars one jpg

Rapid mutation: Why future Mars’ colonists could evolve into a ‘completely different species’

Natalie Coleman | 
In a new interview with Inverse, evolutionary biologist and Rice University professor Scott Solomon thinks it’s worth asking what will happen to Mars colonists in ...
vertical farming

Video: Tomorrow’s crops could be grown indoors, without soil or pesticides

Ed Vega | 
As the world's population grows and climate change accelerates, farmers are increasingly turning to biotechnology, engineering and data science to ...
1-15-2019 quantum neural network

Computer modeled on biological brains could ‘jump-start’ new era in AI research

Jon Christian | 
A new research project aims to harness the power of quantum computers to build a new type of neural network — work the ...
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Video: Lab-grown human heart tissue beats ‘like the real thing’

Kristen Houser | 
A tiny pulsing strip of muscle could help save the lives of 33 million people. That’s how many people suffer ...

Is a robotic dog as good as the real thing?

Luke Kingma | 
Scientists have long understood the psychological benefits of computerized companions. Studies have shown they can help combat loneliness among the elderly, motivate students in ...
yt coma x

Life in a coma: Can a machine tell us whether someone will ever wake up?

Victor Tangermann | 
When somebody falls into a coma, they lose all motor functions. Brain activity slows significantly. In most cases, no external ...

Electrical stimulation to the spine helps paralyzed man walk with assistance

Kristen Houser | 
For many patients, total lower limb paralysis caused by spinal cord damage means a lifetime in a wheelchair. But a ...
E-tattoos? 3D printable electronics could make them possible

E-tattoos? 3D printable electronics could make them possible

Luke Kingma, Michael McAlpine | 
In April [2018], Michael McAlpine, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, published a study in the journal Advanced Materials in which he ...
bigstock artificial intelligence supersize

Viewpoint: Everyone needs to feel the benefits of an ‘AI-reliant society’

Dan Robitzski | 
[A]rtificial intelligence technology could actually boost the global economy. If it’s allowed to play a major role, AI will make our ...

Giving artificial intelligence a ‘memory’ and why that’s so remarkable

Dan Robitzski | 
AI systems’ tendency to forget the things it previously learned upon taking on new information is called catastrophic forgetting. … For ...
artificial intelligence feature

Could artificial intelligence protect the world from humanity’s ‘shortsightedness’?

Dan Robitzki | 
There are fears that tend to come up when people talk about futuristic artificial intelligence — say, one that could ...
ai bias

Pursuing artificial intelligence that’s free of bias

Dan Robitzski | 
As the problems caused by algorithmic bias have bubbled to the surface, experts have proposed all sorts of solutions on how to make ...
technique adapted from crispr cas corrects mutation in human embryos t

Base Editing: New CRISPR technique could improve ability to safely edit human embryos

Kristin Houser | 
A new CRISPR technique could prevent humans from passing on a potentially life-threatening disorder, according to Chinese researchers. An estimated ...

Can we fine-tune drug doses with the help of artificial intelligence?

Kristen Houser | 
Patients with glioblastoma, a malignant tumor in the brain or spinal cord, typically live no more than five years after ...

Would you watch a movie written and animated by artificial intelligence?

Dan Robitzski | 
The next time you sit down to watch a movie, the algorithm behind your streaming service might recommend a blockbuster ...

We finally have our first smallpox treatment—just in case

Kristen Houser | 
Fear of another smallpox pandemic keep you up at night? You’ll be happy to hear the FDA approved tecovirimat (Tpoxx) on [July 13]. It’s ...
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Live to 150? AI suggests it’s possible, but not without clearing huge ‘hurdles’

Dan Robitzski | 
[Scientist Alex Zhavoronkov] firmly believes that aging research is the most important field of science right now. In the past, ...