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Why China’s willingness to push ethical boundaries with CRISPR research ‘could end up benefiting us all’

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Today, [China] serves as the global center for CRISPR animal experiments, with its scientists being the first to use the ...
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Video: Lab-grown human heart tissue beats ‘like the real thing’

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A tiny pulsing strip of muscle could help save the lives of 33 million people. That’s how many people suffer ...

Electrical stimulation to the spine helps paralyzed man walk with assistance

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For many patients, total lower limb paralysis caused by spinal cord damage means a lifetime in a wheelchair. But a ...

Can we fine-tune drug doses with the help of artificial intelligence?

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Patients with glioblastoma, a malignant tumor in the brain or spinal cord, typically live no more than five years after ...

We finally have our first smallpox treatment—just in case

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Fear of another smallpox pandemic keep you up at night? You’ll be happy to hear the FDA approved tecovirimat (Tpoxx) on [July 13]. It’s ...

Does CRISPR cause unintended mutations? Not in this monkey study

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CRISPR is still new, and no one really knows its potential side effects. Does it cause cancer? How about unintended mutations? To get ...
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Tester beware: Deleting your genetic data is ‘essentially impossible’

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[Bloomberg journalist] Kristen V. Brown sent her spit to at least three different companies over the years. She went around ...

CRISPR legal battle front: UC Berkeley wins pair of patents

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There’s been a legal battle going on to determine which of the scientists whose research led to CRISPR’s discovery gets ...