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Casting doubt on whether our DNA can be tweaked to increase human lifespan

Scientist | 
Estimates predict that somewhere between 15 percent and 30 percent of the variability in human lifespan is due to genetics ...
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‘Personal omics’: Weight changes affect what’s happening in our gut, disease susceptibility

Scientist | 
Gaining and losing weight causes extensive changes in the gut microbiota and in biomarkers related to inflammation and heart disease, ...
How to Train for High Altitude Hiking

Getting behind the genetics of high-altitude adjustments

Scientist | 
People who both travel to and live at high altitudes typically cope with lower oxygen levels by increasing red blood ...
x THUMBNAIL Managing and Coping with Hemophilia

Hemophilia cure? First attempt at in vivo human genome editing

Scientist | 
Researchers have edited the human genome before, but always in cells outside the body. Now, biotech company Sangamo Therapeutics is ...

Scientists find skin-to-liver cell transformation shortcut

Scientist | 
Scientists have differentiated human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into hepatocytes in a dish, but faced challenges using these cells ...

Epigenetic changes needed to regenerate nerves

Scientist | 
To regenerate after injury, a nerve cell must turn on gene programs that have been silenced since development. Epigenetic modifications, ...