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There are 7 coronaviruses that infect humans. Here’s what makes SARS-CoV-2 so dangerous

Ed Yong | 
SARS-CoV-2 is not the flu. It causes a disease with different symptoms, spreads and kills more readily, and belongs to a completely ...

There are 3 possible endgames for the coronavirus pandemic

Ed Yong | 
Three months ago, no one knew that SARS-CoV-2 existed. Now the virus has spread to almost every country... . It ...

Are we overreacting to the coronavirus? Here’s why we should hope so.

Ian Bogost | 
From my perspective, staring down the barrel of a “once-in-a-generation pathogen,” as the former U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner ...

Breast milk breakthrough on the horizon? Growing mammary cells to create casein and lactose

Sarah Zhang | 
The inconvenient truth about breastfeeding is that breasts are, invariably, attached to a person. A person who could get too ...
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Human hibernation eyed as solution for severe trauma, weight loss and deep-space travel

James Hamblin | 
A small group of scientists is taking human hibernation extremely seriously. They are studying the basic mechanisms with an eye ...
how to take cbd header

Why are Americans obsessed with unproven CBD supplements?

Amanda Mull | 
CBD belongs to a class of chemicals called cannabinoids, dozens of which have been identified in cannabis and hemp plants, ...
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Here’s a virus that CRISPR can’t touch—it could help researchers gain better control of the gene-editing tool

Ed Yong | 
Bacteria and phages are likely locked in an arms race. The former evolve new kinds of scissor enzymes, and the ...
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Tracing evolution of mammalian hearing: Essential ear bones were once part of the jaw

Sarah Zhang | 
One hundred and twenty million years ago, when northeastern China was a series of lakes and erupting volcanoes, there lived ...
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Chronic pain relief: Why Gabapentin may not be a ‘safe’ alternative to opioids

Olga Khazan | 
Gabapentin was supposed to be the answer. Chronic pain afflicts about a fifth of American adults, and for years, doctors thought it ...
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Why do women make up two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients? The answer may be found in menopause

Deborah Copaken | 
Two-thirds of all Alzheimer’s patients are women. Why? It has often been posited that this is because women live longer ...
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How a genetically modified morning glory was almost the 2020 Olympics mascot

Nicola Twilley | 
Sebastian Cocioba, a 29-year-old college dropout and self-styled “plant hacker,” has lived there with his parents for the past decade ...
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Keto diet as a cancer treatment? Researchers explore potential to treat diseases, seizures

Sam Apple | 
[S]cientists have known for decades that the keto diet can prevent epileptic seizures even when pharmaceutical treatments have failed. But ...
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Could common infections be causing eating disorders?

Olga Khazan | 
Infections might, in fact, spark eating disorders in some people. For the study, Lauren Breithaupt, a clinical psychologist at Massachusetts ...
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Anonymous no more: AncestryDNA test reveals identity of woman’s stem cell donor

Sarah Zhang | 
In 2017, Holly Becker took an AncestryDNA test, and the results, she would only later learn, exactly matched those of ...
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‘Utterly magical’: This ‘two-step dance’ may explain the origins of life

Ed Yong | 
Go back far enough in time, before animals and plants and even bacteria existed, and you’d find that the precursor ...

Can we cure baldness with stem cell-based ‘hair farms’?

James Hamblin | 
The physiology of balding has long vexed even the most entrepreneurial of scientists. Despite a rare confluence of commercial forces ...
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10 years ago, the Human Brain Project promised to simulate a human brain. What went wrong?

Ed Yong | 
On July 22, 2009, the neuroscientist Henry Markram walked onstage at the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford, England, and told the ...
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Can’t lose weight? You may be able to blame this ‘cruel’ metabolic mechanism

Amanda Mull | 
In a study of former contestants on a season of the weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser, scientists found that ...
accutane slide

Acne’s Wonder Drug Is a Mental-Health Puzzle

Rachel Gutman | 
In 2002, a family filed a lawsuit alleging that an acne drug made their teenage son suicidal. Accutane, a since-discontinued ...
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Why is it so difficult to figure out if coffee, wine, eggs and other foods are good for us or not?

Amanda Mull | 
Do you know whether eggs are good for you? What about coffee, red wine, or chocolate? Most people probably have ...
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Video: Cryogenics could help people ‘cheat death’. But will those bodies ever be thawed?

Josh Koury, Myles Kane | 
Until the day he died, in 2011, Robert Ettinger hoped humanity would figure out a way to cheat death. Today, ...

FDA regulatory dilemma: Are fecal transplants drugs, human tissue, or something new?

Sarah Zhang | 
For the past several years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been trying to figure out how to regulate ...
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Are eggs good or bad for you? Why science can’t make up its mind about our favorite foods

Amanda Mull | 
Do you know whether eggs are good for you? What about coffee, red wine, or chocolate? Most people probably have ...
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Is it time for us to stop obsessing over extending the human life span?

Amanda Mull | 
In 2019, more people than ever before get to see their grandkids grow up. They get to enjoy a lengthy ...
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How consumer genetic testing is ending paternal secrecy—for better or worse

Ashley Fetters | 
When Nara Milanich wrote Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father—a history of the scientific, legal, and social conceptions of ...
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Women are more likely to get autoimmune diseases. Is the placenta to blame?

Olga Khazan | 
In the United States alone, women represent 80 percent of all cases of autoimmune disease. ... Some scientists now think ...
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Legalizing pot won’t slow the opioid epidemic, study suggests

Olga Khazan | 
Nearly five years ago, a team of researchers performing a study on medical cannabis came to a startling conclusion: The ...
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Harnessing biological clocks to boost fight against disease, parasites

Veronique Greenwood | 
[Evolutionary parasitologist Sarah] Reece and other scientists are exploring an idea that is making waves in biology: If the body ...