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Vaccine chaos: Doses likely released first are the hardest to deploy

Sarah Zhang | 
[T]he COVID-19 vaccine will be a whole new challenge. “The COVID situation is significantly different and more complex than anything ...
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Trump did not ‘beat COVID’: Recovering from an illness is not a form of warfare

Ed Yong | 
“Our president is strong and will beat the virus,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “He’s a fighter,” said former press secretary Sarah Huckabee ...
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Don’t expect closure on the pandemic. COVID is here for a while even if vaccines prove to work

Joe Pinsker | 
Whatever the end of the pandemic might look like, the United States is nowhere close to it at the moment; week ...
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Will coffee go extinct? Deadly fungus threatens one of the world’s favorite beverages

Maryn McKenna | 
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, talking about a plant disease might seem frivolous. But around the world, 100 ...
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Why going for herd immunity to fight COVID won’t work

Howard Forman, James Hamblin, Katharine Wells | 
The idea of abandoning preventive measures and letting the virus infect people has already gotten traction in [US] administration. [Recently, ...
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Behold the sturddlefish: ‘It’s like if a cow and a giraffe made a baby’

Christie Wilcox | 
“Sturddlefish,” as these [Russian sturgeon and American paddlefish] hybrids were nicknamed after researchers in Hungary announced their creation last month, go shockingly ...

Permanent readjustment: Why COVID-19 is here to stay

Sarah Zhang | 
If there was ever a time when this coronavirus could be contained, it has probably passed. One outcome is now ...
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Viewpoint: How COVID-19 has brought America to its knees

Ed Yong | 
Despite ample warning, the U.S. squandered every possible opportunity to control the coronavirus. And despite its considerable advantages—immense resources, biomedical ...
Having your period can be painful, messy, expensive - and optional?

Having your period can be painful, messy, expensive – and optional?

Marion Renault | 
Menstruation has now become an elective bodily process. “Once your periods are established, we can turn them off,” Sophia Yen, ...

Latest partisan flashpoint: Gap between rising confirmed coronavirus infections and relatively flat death rate

Derek Thompson | 
President Donald Trump has brushed off the coronavirus surge by emphasizing the lower death rate, saying that “99 percent of ...
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Quest for a coronavirus vaccine ‘reinvigorating’ anti-vax conspiracy theories

Sarah Zhang | 
There is no COVID-19 vaccine, but there are already COVID-19 vaccine conspiracies. Even as vaccines for the disease caused by ...
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Prebiotics: How best to protect your skin and why daily showers may not be a good idea

James Hamblin | 
Now couldn’t be a weirder time to question washing. I’ve spent the past three years reporting on how our notions ...
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30 years later in Romania: What happened to the babies deprived of human contact?

Melissa Fay Greene | 
In 1990, the outside world discovered [Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu’s] network of “child gulags,” in which an estimated 170,000 abandoned ...
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‘This virus has ruined my life’: Some COVID-19 patients have suffered through symptoms for months—with no end in sight

Ed Yong | 
About 80 percent of [COVID-19] infections, according to the World Health Organization, “are mild or asymptomatic,” and patients recover after ...

‘Diagnostic conundrum’: COVID-19 pandemic has given us a lot of clinically depressed people

James Hamblin | 
As a rough average, during pre-pandemic life, 5 to 7 percent of people met the criteria for a diagnosis of ...
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‘High-stakes information battle’ brewing over which coronavirus experts to trust

Renée Diresta | 
Determining who is an authoritative figure worth amplifying is more challenging than ever. Curated, personalized feeds enable bespoke realities. Trump ...
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Unanswered COVID-19 questions multiply: Why some people get really sick and others not? Does social distancing really matter? Are models right?

Ed Yong | 
In a pandemic characterized by extreme uncertainty, one of the few things experts know for sure is the identity of ...
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Are we facing a ‘more transmissible’ coronavirus strain? Not so fast, researchers say

Ed Yong | 
As if the pandemic weren’t bad enough, on April 30, a team led by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory ...