The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

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11-20-2018 Cancer_MainArt_1280x720

Only half of psychology studies can be replicated. That’s a big problem

Ed Yong | 
Over the past few years, an international team of almost 200 psychologists has been trying to repeat a set of ...
superbug 11 27 18

‘Anti-evolution drug’ could stop superbugs from mutating

Ed Yong | 
Over the past 90 years, scientists have discovered hundreds of antibiotics—microbe-killing drugs that have brought many pernicious diseases to heel ...
11-18-2018 140974_MAIN._SY630_V1526659385_

DNA test for your dog? Here’s what your vet thinks about it

Sarah Zhang | 
[T]he direct-to-dog-owner market has become bigger and more crowded: Embark, DNA My Dog, and Paw Print Genetics are just a few ...
11-14-2018 man-looking-at-mobile-phone-in-café

Why our shrinking attention spans might be a good thing

Ben Healy | 
Our supposedly shrinking attention spans are a hot topic these days—as you may have seen on TV or heard on a ...
'Blinding speed': How an ice age led to the populating of the Americas

‘Blinding speed’: How an ice age led to the populating of the Americas

Ed Yong | 
Tens of thousands of years ago, two gigantic ice sheets smothered the northernmost parts of what has since been named ...
rhino 11 5 18

No, humans haven’t wiped out 60 percent of animals since 1970. But things still look ugly

Ed Yong | 
Since [October 29], news networks and social media have been abuzz with the claim that, as The Guardian among others ...
polio 10 29 18

Chasing the virus behind surging polio-like illness

Ed Yong | 
[Fall 2014] Kevin Messacar, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Colorado, started seeing a wave of children with inexplicable paralysis. All of ...
secrets 10 19 18

When a DNA test uncovers an ugly family secret

Sarah Zhang | 
As DNA-testing companies sell millions of kits, they’ve started to rearrange families. The tests have reunited long-lost cousins and helped adoptees find their ...
soldier 10 17 18

Merging soldiers and machines: Inside the quest to weaponize the brain

Michael Gross | 
What lies beyond bionics? [DARPA director Justin] Sanchez described his work as trying to “understand the neural code,” which would ...
Personal DNA tests challenged for perpetuating 'false notions' of ethnic cultures and race

Personal DNA tests challenged for perpetuating ‘false notions’ of ethnic cultures and race

Sarah Zhang | 
Genetic-ancestry tests are having a moment. Look no further than Spotify: [Last month], the music-streaming service—as in, the service used ...
Artificial Intelligence as Ken Kesey: A computer goes on a cross-country novel writing trip

Artificial Intelligence as Ken Kesey: A computer goes on a cross-country novel writing trip

Brian Merchant | 
On March 25, 2017, a black Cadillac with a white-domed surveillance camera attached to its trunk departed Brooklyn for New ...
Will lab-grown burgers succeed where ethical arguments against meat eating failed?

Will lab-grown burgers succeed where ethical arguments against meat eating failed?

Derek Thompson | 
[O]ne-sixth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are directly attributable to raising livestock, and the figure is rising as more ...
9-20-2018 624a204c-a192-11e8-8fb0-352169088dc1-1020x680

Can a DNA test prove you are black? This man is suing the government to find out

Sarah Zhang | 
In 2014, Ralph Taylor applied to have his insurance company in Washington State certified as a “disadvantaged business enterprise.” The DBE ...
9-23-2018 Sleeping-Bby-7_wide

Do babies dream? If so, what do they dream about?

Alia Wong | 
Technological advances are helping to shed more and more insight on, as the University of Washington professor of early-childhood learning ...
hemophilia 9 5 18

Living with hemophilia: When patients with genetic disorders don’t want to be cured

Sarah Zhang, Jeff Johnson | 
Jeff Johnson is 40 years old, and for all 40 of those years, he has been living with hemophilia. The ...
8-22-2018 skin-cancer

Quest to fight skin cancer with machine learning may have a diversity problem

Angela Lashbrook | 
As the rates of melanoma for all Americans continue a 30-year climb, dermatologists have begun exploring new technologies to try ...
8-7-2018 bookCoverhiRes

Hardwired for delusion: How our brains deceive us

Ben Yagoda | 
[Present bias] is the tendency people have, when considering a trade-off between two future moments, to more heavily weight the ...
DNA 7 31 18

When a DNA test says you aren’t exactly who you think you are

Sarah Zhang | 
[Catherine] St Clair thought she was inquiring about a technical glitch. Her brother—the brother who along with three other siblings ...
7-23-2018 Twilley-phages

How bacterial CRISPR defense systems are defeated by suicidal virus attacks

Ed Yong | 
The natural world abounds with examples of predators that cooperate to take down their prey. And such teamwork also exists ...
lab meat22222786

‘War of words’ over what to call lab-grown meat exposes divide in America’s food culture

Sarah Zhang | 
On [July 12th], in a small but packed auditorium, the FDA convened a public meeting about lab-grown meat—but you wouldn’t ...
Carl Zimmer's new book walks us deep into the 'thickets of genetics and genomics'

Carl Zimmer’s new book walks us deep into the ‘thickets of genetics and genomics’

Nathaniel Comfort | 
Our word for a diagram of the lines of descent—pedigree—is probably derived from the French pé de grue, or “crane’s foot,” ...
aliens 7 3 18

3 explanations for why we haven’t found aliens yet

Derek Thompson | 
[Enrico] Fermi wasn’t the first person to ask a variant of this question about alien intelligence. But he owns it ...
6-18-2018 Addgene-scientists-negotiating-work-life-balance

Fueling CRISPR: The nonprofit dedicated to sharing ‘bits of useful DNA’

Sarah Zhang | 
When Feng Zhang was a graduate student in the early 2000s, he helped make a groundbreaking discovery: Light-sensitive proteins from ...
6-13-2018 1-image2

Genetically engineered monkeys? China is using them for autism research

Sarah Zhang | 
[MIT genetics researcher Guoping] Feng now travels to China several times a year, because there, he can pursue research he ...
6-13-2018 ancientstone

Did our ancestors’ development of complex tools spur the growth of language?

Ben James | 
[A] new body of research [is] arguing that if not for our hominin ancestors’ hard-earned ability to produce complex tools, ...
6-10-2018 feng-zhang-lemelson-mit-prize_0

CRISPR innovator Feng Zhang on treating human diseases: ‘We’re still a ways from that’

Sarah Zhang | 
[Biologist Feng Zhang] has already made two discoveries tipped to win Nobel Prizes. The big one, the one that shot ...
6-7-2018 AivsHuman-copy

Viewpoint: 3 reasons we should be concerned about artificial intelligence

Henry Kissinger | 
Artificial intelligence will in time bring extraordinary benefits to medical science, clean-energy provision, environmental issues, and many other areas. But precisely ...
6-5-2018 golden-state-killer-left-dna-on-car-door-handle

Small genealogy website GEDmatch ‘never expected’ its criminal-catching use

Sarah Zhang | 
Ever since investigators revealed that a genealogy website led police to arrest a man as California’s notorious Golden State Killer, interest ...