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Anonymous no more: AncestryDNA test reveals identity of woman’s stem cell donor

Sarah Zhang | 
In 2017, Holly Becker took an AncestryDNA test, and the results, she would only later learn, exactly matched those of ...
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‘Utterly magical’: This ‘two-step dance’ may explain the origins of life

Ed Yong | 
Go back far enough in time, before animals and plants and even bacteria existed, and you’d find that the precursor ...

Can we cure baldness with stem cell-based ‘hair farms’?

James Hamblin | 
The physiology of balding has long vexed even the most entrepreneurial of scientists. Despite a rare confluence of commercial forces ...
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10 years ago, the Human Brain Project promised to simulate a human brain. What went wrong?

Ed Yong | 
On July 22, 2009, the neuroscientist Henry Markram walked onstage at the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford, England, and told the ...
signs your weight gain means your health is in trouble x

Can’t lose weight? You may be able to blame this ‘cruel’ metabolic mechanism

Amanda Mull | 
In a study of former contestants on a season of the weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser, scientists found that ...
accutane slide

Acne’s Wonder Drug Is a Mental-Health Puzzle

Rachel Gutman | 
In 2002, a family filed a lawsuit alleging that an acne drug made their teenage son suicidal. Accutane, a since-discontinued ...
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Why is it so difficult to figure out if coffee, wine, eggs and other foods are good for us or not?

Amanda Mull | 
Do you know whether eggs are good for you? What about coffee, red wine, or chocolate? Most people probably have ...
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Video: Cryogenics could help people ‘cheat death’. But will those bodies ever be thawed?

Josh Koury, Myles Kane | 
Until the day he died, in 2011, Robert Ettinger hoped humanity would figure out a way to cheat death. Today, ...

FDA regulatory dilemma: Are fecal transplants drugs, human tissue, or something new?

Sarah Zhang | 
For the past several years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been trying to figure out how to regulate ...
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Are eggs good or bad for you? Why science can’t make up its mind about our favorite foods

Amanda Mull | 
Do you know whether eggs are good for you? What about coffee, red wine, or chocolate? Most people probably have ...
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Is it time for us to stop obsessing over extending the human life span?

Amanda Mull | 
In 2019, more people than ever before get to see their grandkids grow up. They get to enjoy a lengthy ...
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How consumer genetic testing is ending paternal secrecy—for better or worse

Ashley Fetters | 
When Nara Milanich wrote Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father—a history of the scientific, legal, and social conceptions of ...
the placenta provides nutrition

Women are more likely to get autoimmune diseases. Is the placenta to blame?

Olga Khazan | 
In the United States alone, women represent 80 percent of all cases of autoimmune disease. ... Some scientists now think ...
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Legalizing pot won’t slow the opioid epidemic, study suggests

Olga Khazan | 
Nearly five years ago, a team of researchers performing a study on medical cannabis came to a startling conclusion: The ...
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Harnessing biological clocks to boost fight against disease, parasites

Veronique Greenwood | 
[Evolutionary parasitologist Sarah] Reece and other scientists are exploring an idea that is making waves in biology: If the body ...
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‘Illogical and inappropriate’: How anti-vaxxers use 23andMe genetic tests to avoid vaccines

Sarah Zhang | 
San Francisco’s city attorney subpoenaed a doctor accused of giving illegal medical exemptions from vaccination, based on “two 30-minute visits ...
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How the right diet could slow cancer growth through ‘metabolic therapy’

James Hamblin | 
Doctors are starting to think more about specific nutrients that feed tumor cells. That is, how what we eat affects ...
4-25-2019 c c c ce image

This funny-looking helmet could treat depression by ‘rewiring’ the brain

James Hamblin | 
[Recent] weeks have been frenetic for Bre Hushaw, who is now known to millions of people as the girl in ...
4-17-2019 lead

‘Stranger than doctors could have imagined’: Boy born without one type of brain cells

Sarah Zhang | 
Even before he was born, it was clear that the boy’s brain was unusual—so much so that his expecting parents ...
bacteria gut

‘Evolution in action’: How did this common gut bacteria turn lethal?

Sarah Zhang | 
For three decades, the deadly bacteria sat in cold storage. Normally, Enterococcus faecalis lives harmlessly in the human gut. One particular strain, ...
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High production costs, regulation: Obstacles keeping lab-grown meat off our plates

Olga Khazan | 
The thought I had when the $100 chicken nugget hit my expectant tongue was the one cartoon villains have when ...
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DNA testing uncovers fertility doctor’s decades-old dark secret

Sarah Zhang | 
The first Facebook message arrived when Heather Woock was packing for vacation, in August 2017. It was from a stranger claiming to ...

Viewpoint: Autism research is leaving girls behind

Emily Sohn | 
Evidence that clinicians are missing girls with autism has been building for years. Because autistic girls tend to exhibit different traits than ...
3-24-2019 in vitro x header

Huntington’s risk spawns niche IVF market for people who don’t want a diagnosis

Sarah Zhang | 
When Jennifer Leyton was going through IVF, her doctors would tell her very little. They turned off the ultrasound screen ...
3-21-2019 healthyfood x

Is there such a thing as an anti-Alzheimer’s diet?

Cynthia Graber, Nicola Twilley | 
By 2050, an estimated 15 million people in America will have Alzheimer’s—the equivalent of the combined populations of New York ...
3-10-2019 louise smith halfway brook

DNA of the dead: Genetic testing companies offering to use envelopes licked by the deceased

Sarah Zhang | 
In the past year, genealogists have been abuzz about the possibility of getting DNA out of old stamps and envelopes ...

Why your dog really can tell if you are sick

Amanda Mull | 
I was sick last week, and as [my Chihuahua] Midge was glued to my side, friends told me about their ...

Why bleak, frightening dreams may make us better people

Ben Healy | 
What are dreams for? A handful of theories predominate. Sigmund Freud famously contended that they reveal hidden truths and wishes. More recent ...