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Ellume: 91%+ accurate at-home COVID test given first emergency authorization in the US

Ellume: 91%+ accurate at-home COVID test given first emergency authorization in the US

New York Times | 
The Food and Drug Administration on [December 15] issued an emergency authorization for the country’s first coronavirus test that can run from ...
sci glands jumbo

First new human organs found in three centuries – camera-shy salivary glands in your head

New York Times | 
A team of researchers in the Netherlands has discovered what may be a set of previously unidentified organs: a pair ...

Why do some children who eat enough calories still end up stunted?

New York Times | 
Even when given enough to eat, [malnourished children] end up shorter than their peers and are saddled with cognitive deficits, ...
coronavirus test mo hpmain x

These 2 ‘crucial and very different’ tests could help us contain the coronavirus

Smithsonian | 
Amidst a slew of shortages and logistical hurdles, American researchers are now slowly rolling out two crucial and very different ...
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If you survive the coronavirus, do you gain immunity? And for how long?

Smithsonian | 
Scientists don’t yet have definitive answers about SARS-CoV-2 immunity. For now, people who have had the disease appear unlikely to ...
coronavirus mask warm weather

Warm weather won’t solve COVID-19 pandemic by itself

Smithsonian | 
Many infectious diseases wax and wane with the changing months. Some, like flu, spike when the weather turns cold, while others, ...
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Trends that will shape the 2020s: Psychedelics as medicine, diagnostic cell phone apps and AI prediction of disease outbreaks

Smithsonian | 
Clearly, a lot can happen in a decade—but innovation has to start somewhere. Based on what’s breaking through now, here ...
xenobots pnas smithsonian youtube

‘Living, self-healing xenobots’ made from frog stem cells could lead to new drug delivery system

Smithsonian | 
They’re perfect strangers: biological entities that, up until this point, had no business being together. And yet, [microbiologist Michael] Levin ...
killer whales charge blue whale vin spd x

How whales got so big eating tiny krill. And why they don’t get bigger

Smithsonian | 
Pound for pound, the blue whale’s reign is indisputable. At around 100 feet long and 100 tons in size, these ...
Jinguofortis perplexus IVPP V novataxa Wang Stidham et Zhou paleoArt Chung Tat Cheung

This ‘hot mess’ bird links dinosaur and avian evolution

Smithsonian | 
Yes, birds are technically modern dinosaurs. But sometimes it’s tough to tell where the non-avian dino ends and the bird begins ...
Confusion over the origins of smallpox vaccine could leave us ‘vulnerable to a future outbreak’

Confusion over the origins of smallpox vaccine could leave us ‘vulnerable to a future outbreak’

Smithsonian | 
Not only is there the potential for smallpox (or at the very least, something very similar) to resurge, but unbeknownst ...
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Gut microbes could be the key to universal blood

Smithsonian | 
Blood transfusions must match the blood type of a donor to that of the recipient; otherwise, the recipient’s immune system ...

Preparing for motherhood: Do the father’s genes play a role?

Smithsonian | 
[A] father may have the ability to dictate a mother’s attentiveness to their offspring—before it’s even born. The paternal genes ...

Sperm carries more than just a father’s genetics

Smithsonian | 
Eat poorly, and your body will remember—and possibly pass the consequences onto your kids. In the past several years, mounting ...

Does your dog have what it takes to be a hero?

Smithsonian | 
[I]n the journal Learning and Behavior, scientists report that the dogs most likely to come to the aid of their owners are those ...

Thinking like mom: Fatherhood makes male brains more maternal

Smithsonian | 
The amount of time bat-eared fox fathers spend monitoring their young is an even bigger predictor of pup survival than maternal investment ...
bats cv x jpg

Pandemic prevention: Researchers find bats with new virus that could spread to humans

Smithsonian | 
To prevent the next pandemic, pinpoint it at the source. That’s the idea behind PREDICT, a global surveillance program that has ...
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