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New ‘scuba rice’ could protect 49 million acres of rice fields from flooding

Jason Daley | 
According to some estimates, half the world depends on rice as its staple food. But as the climate changes, rice cultivation ...
10-9-2018 download (6)

450,000-year-old teeth help piece together human family tree

Brian Handwerk | 
Crime-drama fans know that forensic scientists can ID the remains of long-missing persons by examining their teeth. To solve even ...
Before T. rex, 30-foot-long Dynamoterror and Lythronax ruled the American southwest

Before T. rex, 30-foot-long Dynamoterror and Lythronax ruled the American southwest

Brian Switek | 
Tyrannosaurs often bear fierce names. Aside from the “tyrant lizard” Tyrannosaurus itself, there’s the “monstrous murderer” Teratophoneus, the “frightful lizard” Daspletosaurus, and the “gore ...
Biological clock blood test can predict disease risk

Biological clock blood test can predict disease risk

Randy Rieland | 
[G]enes tied to our body clocks play a critical role in everything from our hormone levels and body temperature to ...
'Bravery cells': Courage, risky behavior, stress linked to hippocampus

‘Bravery cells’: Courage, risky behavior, stress linked to hippocampus

Sam Schipani | 
According to new research, your reaction may have less to do with logically analyzing the situation and more to do ...
10-3-2018 davemorrowmilkyway

Deep dive for aliens: We’ve only examined a ‘hot tub’ worth of cosmic ocean

Jason Daley | 
[A] new study suggests we haven’t exactly taken a deep dive when it comes to hunting for other-worldly life forms ...
10-1-2018 Jinguofortis_perplexus-IVPP_V24194-novataxa_2018-Wang_Stidham_et_Zhou--paleoArt-Chung-Tat_Cheung-

This ‘hot mess’ bird links dinosaur and avian evolution

Katherine Wu | 
Yes, birds are technically modern dinosaurs. But sometimes it’s tough to tell where the non-avian dino ends and the bird begins ...
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Documenting the rise and fall of populations through human poop

Lorraine Boissoneault | 
The city that vanished about 700 years ago presents a captivating question for archaeologists: What happened to the Mississippian people who built ...
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Improving the sports concussion ‘tool kit’: Virtual reality goggles promise speedier diagnosis

Matthew Berger | 
As the 2018 [football] season gets into full swing, some college teams are keeping a new gadget on the sidelines: ...
9-11-2018 probiotic2-gty-hb-18090_hpMain_12x5_992

Why probiotics may or may not help you—and could even harm you

Brian Handwerk | 
From pickles and candy bars to pills and protein powders, probiotics are touted as a health boon in all flavors ...
9-10-2018 5-6

Confusion over the origins of smallpox vaccine could leave us ‘vulnerable to a future outbreak’

Katherine Wu | 
Not only is there the potential for smallpox (or at the very least, something very similar) to resurge, but unbeknownst ...
9-4-2018 siblings

Family ties: Searching for autism origins in the genes of unaffected siblings

Sarah Richards | 
Scientists have historically focused on studying a “quartet” of two biological parents and two autistic children. Yet more recent research ...
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Were Neanderthals wiped out by icy climate change?

Jason Daley | 
About 40,000 years ago, Neanderthals began disappearing from Europe, but exactly why they died out is a mystery. … Researchers propose ...
8-23-2018 ob_637fa5_kxzkgcc7

Gut microbes could be the key to universal blood

Katherine Wu | 
Blood transfusions must match the blood type of a donor to that of the recipient; otherwise, the recipient’s immune system ...
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Alpha: Examining Hollywood’s tale of dog domestication

Brian Handwerk | 
Long ago, before your four-legged best friend learned to fetch tennis balls or watch football from the couch, his ancestors ...
8-15-2018 rtx2qrb5-e1515130887418

Why other primates can’t talk: It’s all in the brain

Meilan Solly | 
Compared to humans, most primates produce a limited range of vocalizations: At one end of the spectrum, there’s the Calabar angwantibo, ...

Video: Ancient corn variety that makes its own nitrogen could lead to more sustainable farming

Jason Daley | 
In the 1980s, Howard-Yana Shapiro, now chief agricultural officer at Mars, Incorporated, was looking for new kinds of corn. He ...
8-7-2018 080218_BB_rampasasa_feat

No link found between Flores Island pygmies and ancient ‘hobbits’ in study

Lorraine Boissoneault | 
Geneticist Serena Tucci sat in the small Indonesian village of Rampasasa on Flores Island, the only woman in a room full of ...
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Preparing for motherhood: Do the father’s genes play a role?

Katherine Wu | 
[A] father may have the ability to dictate a mother’s attentiveness to their offspring—before it’s even born. The paternal genes ...
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Sperm carries more than just a father’s genetics

Katherine Wu | 
Eat poorly, and your body will remember—and possibly pass the consequences onto your kids. In the past several years, mounting ...
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Does your dog have what it takes to be a hero?

Katherine Wu | 
[I]n the journal Learning and Behavior, scientists report that the dogs most likely to come to the aid of their owners are those ...
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Authenticity of Romanov remains confirmed through DNA analysis

Brigit Katz | 
Today [July 17] marks the 100th anniversary of the execution of Nicholas II and his family, an event that toppled ...
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Thinking like mom: Fatherhood makes male brains more maternal

Katherine Wu | 
The amount of time bat-eared fox fathers spend monitoring their young is an even bigger predictor of pup survival than maternal investment ...
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Nimble human fingers evolved to smash animal bones in search for marrow

Meilan Solly | 
Scientists have long linked the evolution of the human hand—unique for its lengthy opposable thumbs and dexterous fingers—to the rise ...
7-15-2018 bats-cv-1500x632jpg

Pandemic prevention: Researchers find bats with new virus that could spread to humans

Katherine Wu | 
To prevent the next pandemic, pinpoint it at the source. That’s the idea behind PREDICT, a global surveillance program that has ...
7-11-2018 ingentia-prima

‘Evolution of hugeness’: Massive dinosaurs appeared more than once in earth’s history

Brian Switek | 
[T]he remains of an unusually-large-for-its-time dinosaur found in Argentina provides new insight into the evolution of hugeness—and suggest that the ...
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Smarter than we thought: Neanderthals hunted in groups, ancient deer skeletons show

Lorraine Boissoneault | 
A group of Neanderthals used their hand-crafted wooden spears to kill two male fallow deer, both in the prime of ...
6-21-2018 jurassic-park-trex-759

Jurassic Park showed how ‘science and science fiction can collide in the real world’

Lorraine Boissoneault | 
The prestigious science journal Nature published [a] breathtaking new discovery [about the oldest DNA ever recovered] in June 1993, a single day before ...