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d printing living skin

Bioengineering’s ‘holy grail’: Scientists closer to creating printable skin to cover burns, other injuries

Smithsonian | 
Creating a durable, natural-looking skin substitute to cover burn injuries or other wounds has been a bioengineer’s holy grail for decades ...

How fragile egg shells could help us repair, grow new bones

Smithsonian | 
We think of eggshells as fragile. Yet these thin, easily breakable shells may be the key to making better, stronger ...
How To Get The Best Product In Jeans Factory

‘Jean editing’: Genetically engineered bacteria could reduce denim’s environmental impact

Smithsonian | 
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley are trying to make the process of making blue jeans greener, by engineering ...

Litterbugs, beware: DNA tests used to shame public offenders

Smithsonian | 
Toss a soda can on the street in Hong Kong, and you could find a DNA-generated picture of your face ...