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Strange cave-fellows? Unexpected discovery suggests 3 early human species lived together in South Africa

Smithsonian | 
Two million years ago, three different early humans—Australopithecus, Paranthropus, and the earliest-known Homo erectus—appear to have lived at the same time in ...

Our ancestors may have evolved the ability to talk 27 million years earlier than we thought

Smithsonian | 
Some scientists have theorized that it only became physically possible to speak a wide range of essential vowel sounds when ...

3.8-million-year-old Australopithecus anamensis skull found in Ethiopia may redefine branches of human evolution

Smithsonian | 
Spotting the intact Australopithecus skull in the Ethiopian dirt caused paleoanthropologist Yohannes Haile-Selassie to literally jump for joy. … The ...
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‘Interesting puzzle’ created by hand tools found near long-vanished Arabian rivers

Smithsonian | 
Nearly 200,000 years ago, at the confluence of two long-vanished river systems in the heart of Arabia, people climbed a ...

450,000-year-old teeth help piece together human family tree

Smithsonian | 
Crime-drama fans know that forensic scientists can ID the remains of long-missing persons by examining their teeth. To solve even ...
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Why probiotics may or may not help you—and could even harm you

Smithsonian | 
From pickles and candy bars to pills and protein powders, probiotics are touted as a health boon in all flavors ...

Alpha: Examining Hollywood’s tale of dog domestication

Smithsonian | 
Long ago, before your four-legged best friend learned to fetch tennis balls or watch football from the couch, his ancestors ...

Tracing human evolution through the foods we eat

Smithsonian | 
You aren’t what you eat, exactly. But over many generations, what we eat does shape our evolutionary path. “Diet,” says ...

Hungry? That might be the microbes talking

Smithsonian | 
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