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We have the power to wipe out mosquitoes and malaria—but is that a good idea?

Jennifer Kahn | 
Gene drives have yet to be tested outside the lab, and even the most developed project to date — the ...

Age isn’t the thing that saps our memories: ‘Experiencing new things is the best way to keep the mind young’

Daniel Levitin | 
Twenty-year-olds don’t think, “Oh dear, this must be early-onset Alzheimer’s.” They think, “I’ve got a lot on my plate right ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Skeptical meat eaters and complex regulations could slow Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat expansion into China

David Yaffe-Bellany | 
Over the last couple of years, Impossible Foods and its main rival, Beyond Meat, have gone from start-ups with niche ...
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Does your DNA leave a unique identifying code? Not always, if you get a bone marrow transplant

Heather Murphy | 
Three months after his bone marrow transplant, Chris Long of Reno, Nev., learned that the DNA in his blood had ...
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China wants to use DNA to map faces. Is it a technology for ‘hunting people’?

Paul Mozur, Sui-Lee Wee | 
Chinese scientists are trying to find a way to use a DNA sample to create an image of a person’s ...
avocados brown

CRISPR avocados could withstand climate change, but political, scientific roadblocks remain

David Yaffe-Bellany | 
[In August], a team of scientists .... announced that it had mapped the DNA sequences of several types of avocados ...
vegnews sweetearthawesomeburger

‘Big meat’ vs. scrappy startups: Nestlé, Tyson, Hormel roll out plant-based products to compete with Impossible, Beyond

David Yaffe-Bellany | 
Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, scrappy start-ups that share a penchant for superlatives and a commitment to protecting the environment, ...
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Anti-vaccine movement, spurred by internet-based rumors and misinformation

Jan Hoffman | 
As millions of families face back-to-school medical requirements and forms this month, the contentiousness surrounding vaccines is heating up again, ...
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Should we eat less red meat? There’s no solid evidence behind that advice, dietary expert panel says

Gina Kolata | 
Public health officials for years have urged Americans to limit consumption of red meat and processed meats because of concerns ...
Screen Shot at AM

Despite glyphosate-cancer legal battle, farmers defend their use of Roundup

Patricia Cohen | 
The faith that American farmers .... have in Roundup is what prompted the German company Bayer to spend $63 billion ...
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Scientists reconstruct yet-to-be-found skull of humans’ last common ancestor entirely through computer imaging

Carl Zimmer | 
[R]esearchers like Dr. [Aurélien] Mounier are using computers and mathematical techniques to reconstruct the appearance of fossils they have yet ...

Did evolution lead us down the path to heart disease?

Haider Warraich | 
The reason our species finds itself in the ever-constricting clutches of atherosclerosis — the insidious buildup of cholesterol-filled plaques in ...

‘Blame nature not pesticides’: Bee health detectives unravel mystery of 2013 Oregon bumblebee mass deaths

Joanna Klein | 
In June 2013, in a Target parking lot in Wilsonville, Ore., an estimated 50,000 bumblebees dropped dead. Shoppers reported bees falling from ...
epstein nypd

Alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a dream: He wanted to ‘seed the human race with his DNA’

Jeffrey E. Epstein, the wealthy financier who is accused of sex trafficking, had an unusual dream: He hoped to seed ...
Monsanto Protester

Viewpoint: ‘Bombarding’ public with facts won’t end opposition to GMO crops

Aaron Carroll | 
In a paper published early this year in Nature Human Behavior, scientists asked 500 Americans what they thought about foods ...

What happens when DNA tests show that white nationalists aren’t as ‘pure’ as they thought?

Heather Murphy | 
On the hate site Stormfront, one of the largest online discussion forums dedicated to “white pride,” sharing DNA results with ...
trade wars

China to increase farm imports from US as two nations call for ceasefire in ‘multibillion-dollar tariff war’

Keith Bradsher, Peter Baker | 
President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China agreed on [June 29] to resume trade talks after a seven-week breakdown, ...

Viewpoint: Wellness industry obsession with ‘thin’ preserves ‘vicious fallacy’ and hurts women’s health

Jessica Knoll | 
[Wellness is] a dangerous con that seduces smart women with pseudoscientific claims of increasing energy, reducing inflammation, lowering the risk ...
genetictesting landing page feat

Consumer genetic testing and how to protect your DNA data

Eric Ravenscraft | 
Consumer DNA testing kits like those from 23andMe, and MyHeritage promise a road map to your genealogy and, in ...
corn combine

CRISPR, ‘speed breeding’ can help meet surging food demand on a warming planet

Knvul Sheikh | 
Farmers and plant breeders are in a race against time. The world population is growing rapidly .... but the amount ...

As orange growers battle citrus greening disease with antibiotics, should we fear ‘super bugs’?

Andrew Jacobs | 
A pernicious disease is eating away at Roy Petteway’s orange trees. The bacterial infection, transmitted by a tiny winged insect ...
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Name recognition could be key to an early diagnosis tool for autism

Perri Klass | 
Every pediatrician knows that it’s important to diagnose autism when a child is as young as possible, because when younger ...
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Could we be designing babies from a menu of genetic options in 2045?

Jamie Metzl | 
The year is 2045. The genomes of four billion humans have been sequenced, creating a huge pool of genetic information ...
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Why a mysterious fungus could herald a dangerous era in drug-resistant infections

Andrew Jacobs, Matt Richtel | 
A fungus called Candida auris preys on people with weakened immune systems, and it is quietly spreading across the globe ...
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We need a ‘global registry’ of all human gene-editing research, World Health Organization panel says

Pam Belluck | 
An influential committee of the World Health Organization said on [March 19] that it would be “irresponsible” to try to ...
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MillerCoors sues Anheuser-Busch over corn syrup ‘fearmongering’ in Bud Light Super Bowl ad

Concepción de León | 
The king in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light may have “just wanted to return some corn syrup to its rightful ...
3-4-2019 istock medium

Crime scene investigators couldn’t tell identical twins’ DNA apart. Until now

Carl Zimmer | 
One night in November 1999, a 26-year-old woman was raped in a parking lot in Grand Rapids, Mich. Police officers ...
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Cattle industry fights to preserve ‘meat’ label as plant-based meat-like products proliferate

Nathaniel Johnson | 
The cattle ranchers and farm bureaus of America are not going to give up their hold on the word meat ...