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‘They let us down’: Botched COVID-19 response seriously shakes public confidence in the CDC

The C.D.C., long considered the world’s premier health agency, made early testing mistakes that contributed to a cascade of problems ...
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Disturbing hallucinations and psychosis mysteriously plague some coronavirus patients

Pam Belluck | 
Nightmarish visions... plagued [Kim] Victory during her hospitalization this spring for severe respiratory failure caused by the coronavirus. They made ...
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Viewpoint: It’s time to expand the definition of ‘meat’ to include lab-grown beef

Andy Lamey | 
It’s no secret by now that the case against meat keeps getting stronger. The social, environmental and ethical costs of ...
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China demands DNA from millions of men and boys, raising questions about privacy and consent

Sui-Lee Wee | 
[China’s police force has] swept across the country since late 2017 to collect enough samples to build a vast DNA ...
linsey marr by peter means

The ’airborne virus scientist’ public health officials turn to to assess dangers from COVID-19 in the air

Tara Parker-Pope | 
[Aerosol scientist Dr. Linsey Marr’s] scientific curiosity and her multidisciplinary background have made her one of the world’s leading scientists ...

Bayer settles estimated 95,000 glyphosate weedkiller-cancer lawsuits with 25 firms for more than $10 billion, admits no wrongdoing

Patricia Cohen | 
Bayer, the world's largest seed and pesticide maker, has agreed to pay more than $10 billion to settle tens of ...
supreme court lgbt ruling

SCOTUS ruling protecting gay and transgender rights reaffirms sea change in American attitudes, rebuffs Trump Administration policies

Adam Nagourney, Jeremy Peters | 
When Donald J. Trump was elected president, gay and lesbian leaders warned that their far-reaching victories under Barack Obama — ...

Viewpoint: Beware a fraudulent ‘October vaccine surprise’ as Trump maneuvers to win re-election

Ezekiel Emanuel, Paul Offit | 
Oct. 23, 2020, 9 a.m., with 10 days before the election, Fox New releases a poll showing President Trump trailing ...
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Intriguing links between blood types and COVID-19 outcomes

Carl Zimmer | 
Why do some people infected with the coronavirus suffer only mild symptoms, while others become deathly ill? Geneticists have been ...
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Coronavirus survivors’ plasma offers ‘modest’ recovery boost for infected patients, small study suggests

Gina Kolata | 
A small study of patients who were severely ill from the coronavirus hints that treatment with antibodies from recovered patients ...
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Nationwide coronavirus antibody test in Israel to assess herd immunity and vulnerability to 2nd wave

David Halbfinger | 
Israel, whose aggressive response to the coronavirus has held its fatality rate to a fraction of those of the United ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-vax conspiracy propaganda movement aiming to derail successful rollout of coronavirus vaccines

Kevin Roose | 
This war could pit public health officials and politicians against an anti-vaccination movement that floods social media with misinformation, conspiracy ...

How Sweden avoided a lockdown and a large coronavirus outbreak

Trust is high in Sweden — in government, institutions and fellow Swedes. When the government defied conventional wisdom and refused ...

First we need a coronavirus vaccine—Then figure out how to produce 300 million doses

Knvul Sheikh | 
In the midst of national shortages of testing swabs and protective gear, some medical suppliers and health policy experts are ...
plandemic movie

‘Plandemic’ viral video gives anti-vaccination conspiracy movement a booster shot

Davey Alba | 
In a video posted to YouTube on [May 4], a woman animatedly described an unsubstantiated secret plot by global elites ...
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‘Money being made from people’s suffering’: Selling blood samples from coronavirus survivors

Some biotech companies are cashing in on the race to produce coronavirus antibody tests, taking blood samples from people who ...
American chestnut allen breed ap

Regulation and anti-GMO activism: Roadblocks on the way to saving the American chestnut tree

Gabriel Popkin | 
In traditional plant breeding .... farmers .... cross varieties with desired traits .... and select promising mixtures for sought-after qualities ...
dimitri karastelev g bydoibjq unsplash

Emergency FDA authorization of remdesivir expected after experimental coronavirus drug shows promise in trial

The F.D.A. plans to announce ... an emergency use authorization for remdesivir, an experimental antiviral drug that is being tested ...
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Coronavirus antibody tests: Can they return us to ‘normal’?

Apoorva Mandavilli, Katie Thomas | 
When will life return to normal, or at least a new normal? A major answer to the question of when ...
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Cytokine storms: How your own body fights against you during a coronavirus infection

Apoorva Mandavilli | 
When the body first encounters a virus or a bacterium, the immune system ramps up and begins to fight the ...
times square coronavirus masks

New York’s coronavirus outbreak traced to travelers who arrived from Europe in February before travel ban was imposed

Carl Zimmer | 
New research indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first ...

Fast carbs: Do the products of modern agriculture short circuit your biology to make you fat and diabetic?

Anahad O'Connor | 
In recent weeks, foods of all kinds have flown off the shelves at grocery stores as Americans stocked up to ...

What is it about the coronavirus genome that makes it so dangerous?

Carl Zimmer, Jonathan Corum | 
In January, scientists deciphered a piece of very bad news: the genome of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. The ...
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Wave of coronavirus conspiracies might be ‘just as dangerous for societies as the outbreak itself’

Max Fisher | 
The coronavirus has given rise to a flood of conspiracy theories, disinformation and propaganda, eroding public trust and undermining health ...
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Italy considers a return to normal—for people with the ‘right’ coronavirus antibodies

Jason Horowitz | 
There is a growing sense in Italy that the worst may have passed. ... That glimmer of hope has turned ...
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FDA approves rapid blood test for coronavirus antibodies. Could help determine who has ‘some’ immunity.

Apoorva Mandavilli | 
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved a new test for coronavirus antibodies, the first for use in the ...

How America’s obesity epidemic could exacerbate deadly impact of coronavirus

David Ludwig | 
With businesses facing bankruptcy, schools closed and sports events canceled, President Trump and others have now asked: Is the cure ...
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Timing ‘couldn’t have been worse’: Why travel restrictions didn’t prevent a coronavirus pandemic

Derek Watkins, James Glanz, Jin Wu, Weiyi Cai | 
The most extensive travel restrictions to stop an outbreak in human history haven’t been enough. We analyzed the movements of ...