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From confusion to comas: ⅓ of hospitalized COVID patients suffered deteriorating neurological function

New York Times | 
Nearly a third of hospitalized Covid-19 patients experienced some type of altered mental function — ranging from confusion to delirium ...
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Disturbing hallucinations and psychosis mysteriously plague some coronavirus patients

New York Times | 
Nightmarish visions... plagued [Kim] Victory during her hospitalization this spring for severe respiratory failure caused by the coronavirus. They made ...
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We need a ‘global registry’ of all human gene-editing research, World Health Organization panel says

New York Times | 
An influential committee of the World Health Organization said on [March 19] that it would be “irresponsible” to try to ...
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Close to home: Biologist was studying gene now linked to daughter’s rare illness

New York Times | 
By the time her mother received the doctor’s email, Yuna Lee was already 2 years old, a child with a ...

Sudden increase in Zika’s potency linked to small mutation

New York Times | 
It remains one of the great mysteries of the Zika epidemic: Why did a virus that existed for decades elsewhere ...
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Clues to autism in how we are genetically programmed to look at faces

New York Times | 
How we look at other people’s faces is strongly influenced by our genes, scientists have found in new research that ...

iPhone app searching for genetics of postpartum depression

New York Times | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. With mothers and medical ...
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Genetically engineered monkeys model autism, may aid in research

New York Times | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Scientists have genetically engineered ...

Office air-conditioning overuse promotes global warming…and sex discrimination?

New York Times | 
It happens every summer: Offices turn on the air-conditioning, and women freeze into Popsicles. Finally, scientists (two men, for the ...

Test for plaque in brain might clue future Alzheimer’s risk

New York Times | 
The largest analysis to date of amyloid plaques in people’s brains confirms that the presence of the substance can help ...

3D “jelly doughnut” models brain, may prove vital to future research

New York Times | 
A doughnut created in a lab and made of silk on the outside and collagen gel where the jelly ought ...

People missing Alzheimer’s gene provide clue to disease

New York Times | 
The 40-year-old man showed up in Dr. Mary Malloy’s clinic with sadly disfiguring symptoms. His hands, elbows, ears and feet ...