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Monsanto Protester

Viewpoint: ‘Bombarding’ public with facts won’t end opposition to GMO crops

New York Times | 
In a paper published early this year in Nature Human Behavior, scientists asked 500 Americans what they thought about foods ...
Deadly coffee concept TiSanti Getty Images large

Viewpoint: California’s coffee cancer label isn’t backed by evidence—and could do more harm than good

New York Times | 
About two-thirds of smokers will die early from cigarette-based illnesses. Cigarettes are also very addictive. Because of this, it seems reasonable to place warnings ...
what is clean eating and recipes to get you started

Food fears: How anti-science myths—like ‘clean eating’ and GMO health risks—make eaters anxious

New York Times | 
[Editor's note: Aaron Carroll is a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. He is the author of ...

Video: YouTube series Healthcare Triage examines science behind GMO safety

Healthcare Triage | 
What does the science say about the safety of GMOs? Aaron Carroll, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of ...