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Pushing back on claims of links between marijuana and autism

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Women are increasingly using marijuana during pregnancy, especially as more states in the United States and other countries legalize its ...
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Autism linked to eating disorders—but which comes first?

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At least 20 percent of adults and 3 percent of children with eating disorders also have autism. But much of ...
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‘Profound consequences’: Autistic people unable to tune out distractions, study suggests

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Autistic people have atypical activity in a part of the brain that regulates attention, according to a new study. The ...

Autistic children often have trouble sleeping. Melatonin may help, study says

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Melatonin is safe for long-term use in autistic children who have difficulty sleeping, according to a new study. The study ...

People with autism more likely to experience headaches and epilepsy

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People with autism have more brain-related health problems, such as headaches and epilepsy, than typical people do, according to a ...