Green meal: GMO foods, synthetic milk, lab-grown meat on the menu


Feeding the 10 billion will require some creative solutions – and unpalatable compromises. Perhaps we can learn to love algae, corn husks and crickets, but what about lab-grown meat, synthetic milk and genetic modification? How far are we prepared to go to kick-start green revolution 2.0?

[I]f we are to meet the global food demands of 2050, some of us may have to overcome our aversion to genetic modification.

“It’s easy to make GM crops sound scary, but there is really no basis to the claim that they are genetically any less safe than conventionally bred ones,” says plant geneti­cist Ottoline Leyser, at the University of Cambridge, in Britain.

There’s no doubt that feeding 10 billion people will require far-reaching changes both in what we eat and how we think about food.

“With a problem as complex as food security, the idea that you should dismiss anything that can contribute to solving it is inappropriate,” says Leyser. “We have an extensive toolbox to address food security and we need to make sure we pick the right tools for the right job, at the right time.”

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