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donald trump

‘Anecdote and feeling over science and fact’: Exploring President Trump’s embrace of controversial anti-malarial drug

As he stares down a pandemic, economic collapse and a political crisis of his own, President Trump thinks he may ...
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Racing for a COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t mean we’ll have one this year

Jacqueline Alemany | 
THE CORONA-VACCINE RACE: The desperate search for a vaccine for covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, is in ...
screenshot one map shows how many coronavirus tests each us state has done so far

‘Deep structural problems’: Examining the US failure to quickly develop a coronavirus test

On a Jan. 15 conference call, a leading scientist at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assured local ...
unnamed file

DNA tests can guide breast cancer treatment, while also raising questions we can’t yet answer

Sarah Richards | 
In a new era of precision medicine, the role of genetics is becoming increasingly critical to determine who might benefit ...
alzheimers petersen jack

Aging America: In 30 years, 13.8 million people in the US may have Alzheimer’s

Linda Searing | 
Alzheimer’s disease, the most common dementia among older adults, now affects about 5.8 million U.S. residents 65 and older — ...
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The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly. That could mean a one-time vaccination against it

Joel Achenbach | 
The coronavirus is not mutating significantly as it circulates through the human population, according to scientists who are closely studying ...
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Promising coronavirus treatment effort blocked by fetal tissue research ban

Amy Goldstein | 
A senior scientist at a government biomedical research laboratory has been thwarted in his efforts to conduct experiments on possible ...

‘A new thing to worry about’: Coronavirus adds stress for people with anxiety disorders

Bonnie Berkowitz | 
For some of the millions of Americans with post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or other forms of debilitating anxiety, coronavirus ...
social distancing coronavirus articlelarge

We still have time to slow the spread: 4 things to know about the coronavirus

Megan McArdle | 
The experts are telling us that here in the United States, we can avoid hitting that threshold where sizable regions ...
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If naps don’t work for you, it could be genetics

Allison Hirchlag | 
Naturally, I’ve always been a little jealous of the people who take naps and wake up feeling like a million ...
how exactly does vitamin c x px x

‘Illusion of causality’ and why we trust our own experiences more than science

Tamar Haspel | 
Did you cut out sugar and feel more energetic, take vitamin C and stop getting colds, switch to eating only ...

Why this woman played the violin during her brain surgery

Hannah Knowles | 
Eyes closed, Dagmar Turner ran through scales as doctors huddled behind her to peer into her open brain. A violinist ...
marijuana image

How beer brewers and marijuana growers are teaming up to help address the climate crisis

Jennifer Oldham | 
The state of Colorado and three small businesses are trying a novel approach to reduce carbon emissions that sounds like ...
unnamed file

Viewpoint: How the ‘green lobby’ has partnered with the fishing industry to keep sustainable GMO salmon off our plates for 25 years

Mitch Daniels | 
What should one make of the following set of facts? A federal government, urged on by self-designated advocates for the ...

Humans are ‘biologically built’ to seek out friends

Barbara King | 
We humans are biologically built to seek friends, and we can see suggestions of our evolutionary past in the social ...
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US life expectancy edges upward as cancer death rate drops

Joel Achenbach | 
The number of fatal drug overdoses declined for the first time in 28 years, and U.S. life expectancy at birth ticked upward for the ...
purell hand sanitizer nc jc hpmain x

Hand sanitizers can’t ‘work miracles’: Purell warned by FDA to cut back on marketing claims

Kim Bellware | 
The makers of Purell are pruning their marketing strategy after the Food and Drug Administration slapped the company with a ...
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Why the US is ‘not nearly as prepared as we need to be’ to deal with China’s coronavirus

Lena Sun, Lenny Bernstein | 
Now, with word of the first U.S. patient to contract the new virus that has killed 17 people in China comes the ...
e A child eating Kelloggs c

Kellogg’s to cut wheat, oats treated with Bayer’s Roundup herbicide from supply chain by 2025

Laura Reiley | 
Kellogg’s, the multinational food manufacturer based in Battle Creek, Mich., is taking a stand. But very quietly. At the end ...
thinkstockphotos leg pain s c c c

Chronic inflammation a silent threat that can ‘damage DNA and lead to heart disease, cancer’

Marlene Cimons | 
Chronic inflammation begins without an apparent cause — and doesn’t stop. The immune system becomes activated, but the inflammatory response ...
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We’ve been dealing with measles for at least 2,000 years, genetic analysis suggests

Erin Blakemore | 
In the 10th century, Persian physician Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi wrote about patients with fever, anxiety and full-body rashes — ...

Fetal tissue research restrictions disrupting studies into major diseases, including AIDS, Down syndrome, diabetes

Amy Goldstein | 
A recent Trump administration decision to limit funding of research that uses fetal tissue is already disrupting research into major ...
heart disease wide f bf c b dd f e b c

Underdiagnosed mutation in African American populations increases risk of heart failure

Lateshia Beachum | 
An underdiagnosed genetic mutation in people of African descent carries an increased risk for heart failure, according to a study ...
why weight loss can boost your testosterone levels

5 common myths about testosterone debunked

Katrina Karkazis, Rebecca Jordan-Young | 
Many of the claims go well beyond or even directly against the scientific evidence about what scientists call “T.” Myth ...

Can deep brain stimulation treat opioid addiction?

Lenny Bernstein | 
A surgeon has implanted electrodes in the brain of a patient suffering from severe opioid use disorder, hoping to cure ...
antimicrobial resistance the rise of global superbugs

Two new drug-resistant superbugs added to CDC’s list of ‘most urgent threats’

Lena Sun | 
Drug-resistant germs and related infections sicken about 3 million people and kill about 48,000 every year in the United States, ...
golden rice

Bangladesh could approve GMO Golden Rice in November 2019—after 10-year delay caused by regulation, activism

Ed Regis | 
By [November 15], Bangladesh’s agriculture minister is expected to announce the approval of “golden rice" for sale and use, making ...

Meet the ‘flavorists’: Food chemists who make plant-based Beyond, Impossible burgers taste like ‘meat’

Laura Reiley | 
Marie Wright dips four long strips of paper, the kind you’d sniff a perfume sample from in Sephora, into bottles ...