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Organic producers battle over food labeling standards as industry nears $50 billion in sales

Laura Reiley | 
As organic food shifts from utopian movement to lucrative industry, a war is being waged for its soul. Record organic ...
3-6-2019 timothy brown

Second person cured of HIV? Stem cell transplant sends ‘London patient’ into long-term remission

Carolyn Johnson | 
A man has been in remission from HIV for a year and a half, without drugs, after receiving a stem ...
2-28-2019 unnamed file

Stem cell therapy ‘sold as a miracle cure’ linked to 17 bacterial hospitalizations

Laurie McGinley, William Wan | 
Over the past year, at least 17 people have been hospitalized after being injected with products made from umbilical cord ...

Esketamine nasal spray, touted as biggest advance in years for treating depression, gets FDA approval

Carolyn Johnson, Laurie McGinley | 
The Food and Drug Administration approved a novel antidepressant late Tuesday [March 5] for people with depression that does not ...
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Failure of first US uterine transplant blamed on organ donation system

Lenny Bernstein | 
On March 7, 2016, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic introduced the nation to Lindsey McFarland, the first person to undergo a ...
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‘Young blood’ plasma treatments unproven, possibly dangerous, says FDA

Laurie McGinley | 
Federal health regulators on [February 19] warned consumers against controversial “young blood” treatments — plasma infusions from young donors marketed for conditions ...

Do all breast cancer patients need genetic testing?

Laurie McGinley | 
The nation’s breast surgeons are advising that all patients diagnosed with breast cancer be offered genetic testing to check for ...
2-16-2019 x

Black-white cancer mortality gap has narrowed significantly, ‘but we still have a long way to go’

Laurie McGinley | 
Longtime cancer disparities between African Americans and whites — with blacks having a sharply higher mortality rate — have narrowed ...

Immunotherapy could extend survival for patients with aggressive glioblastoma brain cancer

Laurie McGinley | 
Glioblastoma — the aggressive brain cancer that killed Sen. John McCain, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden ...
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Gene editing, novel baking ingredients could make bread safe for millions of consumers who can’t eat carbs

Cara Rosenbloom | 
Ah, bread....There are whole diets built around avoiding carbs and gluten in bread — sometimes by choice, sometimes by medical ...
2-10-2019 butterflies

Viewpoint: Gene drive technology could eliminate malaria. But we must get it right, first

Henry Greely | 
People don’t give people malaria: The 460 species of mosquitoes in the genus Anopheles do, and researchers are taking aim at them ...
1-17-2019 wtin babies thinkstockphotos

Genes or environment? Twins study offers ‘unsatisfying answer’ when it comes to disease

Carolyn Johnson | 
It’s the next chapter in the nature-nurture debate: To keep people healthy, is it better to focus on people’s Zip ...
obesity genes

CRISPR crops poised to revolutionize our diets by increasing fiber, vitamins and ‘good oils’

Many of today’s most prevalent health issues .... trace back to .... the food we eat. The leading cause of death ...
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Animal gene editing could ‘transform’ our food supply, but will ‘questionable regulations’ block innovation?

Carolyn Johnson | 
As scientists in labs across the world create virus-resistant pigs, heat-tolerant cattle and fatter, more muscular lambs, a big question looms: Will regulation, safety ...

Can gene therapy offer a cure for sickle-cell disease?

Carolyn Johnson | 
[I]n November, six months after [21-year-old Manny] Johnson became the first patient to receive an experimental therapy aimed at curing ...
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Boost for precision medicine? FDA approves drug targeting different cancers with shared mutation

Laurie McGinley | 
The Food and Drug Administration on [November 26] approved a drug for a wide range of cancers based on a ...
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Lab-grown fish? How biotechnology might save the endangered bluefin tuna

Tim Carman | 
For several years, biotech companies have been promising “clean” meat, “cell-based” meat, “cultured” meat — whatever you want to call ...

Viewpoint: Why ancestry tests shouldn’t be ‘read as a certainty’

Debra Bruno | 
Yes, I’m the kind of person who would take a DNA test with Ancestry and then, curious about whether I’d ...
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Ancient spearheads raise new questions about North America’s first inhabitants

Sarah Kaplan | 
[A]rchaeologists have uncovered evidence of a human settlement stretching back as far as 15,500 years: hammer stones and broken knives, ...

Calls for a halt to heart stem cell trial based on controversial research

Carolyn Johnson | 
Days after Harvard Medical School said it found extensive falsified or fabricated data from the laboratory of a prominent heart researcher, ...

‘Hugely influential’ papers on cardiac stem cells declared ‘fraudulent’ by Harvard

Carolyn Johnson | 
An internal investigation by Harvard Medical School has determined that 31 scientific publications from the laboratory of a high-profile cardiologist ...
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Pentagon DARPA program targeting crop losses could turn insects into ‘easily weaponized’ biological army, critics claim

Joel Achenbach | 
The Pentagon is studying whether insects can be enlisted to combat crop loss during agricultural emergencies. The bugs would carry ...

Can’t remember what happened last night? How alcohol creates blackouts

Carolyn Johnson, Joel Achenbach | 
The allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh have a common element of binge drinking, and highlight the ...

Pioneering cancer immunotherapy researchers awarded Nobel Prize in medicine

Lenny Bernstein, Laurie McGinley | 
The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded Monday [Oct. 1, 2018] to cancer researchers James P. Allison and ...
microneedle patch

Fighting the next pandemic with injection-free ‘vaccine patches’

Carolyn Johnson | 
When the next dead­ly pan­dem­ic flu hits, the first chal­lenge will be to de­vel­op a vac­cine. But loom­ing behind that ob­sta­cle is ...

Human eggs from blood cells? New technique could ‘transform reproduction’

Carolyn Johnson | 
Scientists in Japan made progress recently in the quest to combat infertility, creating the precursor to a human egg cell in a ...
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1 in 10 children diagnosed with ADHD: Why so many?

Rachel Buth | 
The number of children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyper­activity disorder (ADHD) has reached more than 10 percent, a significant increase during the past 20 ...

Are some people just ‘jerks’? New study identifies four major personality types

Ben Guarino | 
Personality type tests are hugely popular, though if you ask working psychologists, they’ll tell you the results are little better ...