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3 scientists win Nobel Prize in medicine for work on cell’s ability to ‘sense and adapt to oxygen availability’

Washington Post | 
The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded Monday to three physician-scientists from the U.S. and Britain — William ...
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Second person cured of HIV? Stem cell transplant sends ‘London patient’ into long-term remission

Washington Post | 
A man has been in remission from HIV for a year and a half, without drugs, after receiving a stem ...

Esketamine nasal spray, touted as biggest advance in years for treating depression, gets FDA approval

Washington Post | 
The Food and Drug Administration approved a novel antidepressant late Tuesday [March 5] for people with depression that does not ...
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Genes or environment? Twins study offers ‘unsatisfying answer’ when it comes to disease

Washington Post | 
It’s the next chapter in the nature-nurture debate: To keep people healthy, is it better to focus on people’s Zip ...
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Animal gene editing could ‘transform’ our food supply, but will ‘questionable regulations’ block innovation?

Washington Post | 
As scientists in labs across the world create virus-resistant pigs, heat-tolerant cattle and fatter, more muscular lambs, a big question looms: Will regulation, safety ...

Can gene therapy offer a cure for sickle-cell disease?

Washington Post | 
[I]n November, six months after [21-year-old Manny] Johnson became the first patient to receive an experimental therapy aimed at curing ...

Calls for a halt to heart stem cell trial based on controversial research

Washington Post | 
Days after Harvard Medical School said it found extensive falsified or fabricated data from the laboratory of a prominent heart researcher, ...

‘Hugely influential’ papers on cardiac stem cells declared ‘fraudulent’ by Harvard

Washington Post | 
An internal investigation by Harvard Medical School has determined that 31 scientific publications from the laboratory of a high-profile cardiologist ...

Can’t remember what happened last night? How alcohol creates blackouts

Washington Post | 
The allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh have a common element of binge drinking, and highlight the ...
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Fighting the next pandemic with injection-free ‘vaccine patches’

Washington Post | 
When the next dead­ly pan­dem­ic flu hits, the first chal­lenge will be to de­vel­op a vac­cine. But loom­ing behind that ob­sta­cle is ...

Human eggs from blood cells? New technique could ‘transform reproduction’

Washington Post | 
Scientists in Japan made progress recently in the quest to combat infertility, creating the precursor to a human egg cell in a ...
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Robot peer pressure and why we may need to fear ‘artificial stupidity’

Washington Post | 
When the robot revolution arrives, we all know the plot: Smarter machines will supersede human intelligence and outwit us, enslave ...
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Tamed foxes could help unravel complex genetics behind social behavior

Washington Post | 
[D]omestication, based purely on behavioral traits, can result in other changes — like curlier tails and changes to fur color ...

Should we sequence DNA of healthy newborn babies?

Washington Post | 
Genome sequencing is supposed to be the future of medicine — a revolution that will bring about a new age ...
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Evolutionary origins of genitalia unveiled

Boston Globe | 
When the first animals scrambled out of the water to live on land, they needed limbs and lungs. And something ...

Harvard scientists call for debate on new gene-manipulation technique

Boston Globe | 
A powerful new technology could be used to manipulate nature by “editing” the genes of organisms in the wild, enabling ...

Laser treatments trigger dental stem cells to regrow teeth

Boston Globe | 
With a simple, low-power laser, Harvard University scientists have triggered naturally occurring dental stem cells to regrow teeth in rats ...

Ancient, inert parts of our genomes may be protective

Boston Globe | 
At hundreds of spots in our DNA, there are ancient swaths that have remained puzzlingly unchanged over hundreds of millions ...

Do patents hinder research?

Boston Globe | 
The following is an excerpt. It is an argument frequently made by businesses: Intellectual property protection is essential to spur ...

George Church does not want you to have a Neanderthal baby | 
The following is an excerpt. Harvard Medical School genetics professor George Church found himself at the middle of a viral ...

New evidence for stem cells that spur cancer’s growth | 
For a decade, it’s been one of the most hotly debated questions in cancer: do tumors return despite powerful treatments ...

Native Americans migrated to the New World in three waves, Harvard-led DNA analysis shows

Boston Globe | 
An exhaustive study of DNA taken from dozens of Native American groups that span from Canada to the tip of ...

Human microbiome project provides census of thousands of microbes that live in and on us

Boston Globe | 
It was a major feat when more than a decade ago, scientists deciphered the first human genome, containing 22,000 or ...