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Kellogg’s to cut wheat, oats treated with Bayer’s Roundup herbicide from supply chain by 2025

Washington Post | 
Kellogg’s, the multinational food manufacturer based in Battle Creek, Mich., is taking a stand. But very quietly. At the end ...

Meet the ‘flavorists’: Food chemists who make plant-based Beyond, Impossible burgers taste like ‘meat’

Washington Post | 
Marie Wright dips four long strips of paper, the kind you’d sniff a perfume sample from in Sephora, into bottles ...

Meat wars: Cattle industry fears dwindling sales as Impossible, Beyond burger popularity grows

Washington Post | 
For decades, veggie burgers were the token offering to vegans at the backyard barbecue, and Tofurky was the Thanksgiving benediction ...

How do we stem climate change? Suck a trillion tons of CO2 underground

Washington Post | 
[In May], carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere surpassed 415 parts per million, the highest in human history. Environmental experts ...
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Lab-grown burgers are coming, but heated political battle will determine future of cell-cultured meat

Washington Post | 
Companies in the United States and abroad are moving quickly to bring to market hamburgers and other meat, poultry and ...
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Organic producers battle over food labeling standards as industry nears $50 billion in sales

Washington Post | 
As organic food shifts from utopian movement to lucrative industry, a war is being waged for its soul. Record organic ...

Consumer review: Central Florida local organic restaurants fall far short of sustainability hype

Tampa Bay Times | 
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