Biotechnology: Feeding the World, or a Brave New World of Agriculture?


Tuesday, June 4, at 2:00 p.m. ET the Genetic Literacy Project’s executive director Jon Entine debated the merits of agricultural biotechnology alongside geneticists Kevin Folta and Biofortified’s Karl Haro von Mogel. It was streamed live and you can view the recorded event below. Continue the conversation below or via Twitter, using the hashtag #gmodebate.

  • Shy Ann

    Sorry certain people backed out. Great forum. Thumbs down to video for showing tops of audience heads when I wanted to see the whole of the slides from each speaker. I’d love to share this, but my friends will see “Cato,” shriek, and send me to the loony bin. Well, I’ll risk it, but if I’m not here tomorrow, you’ll know where to look for me.