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Talking Biotech: “Pesticides”—New frontier of agricultural biotechnology opposition

| September 28, 2015 |

The topic of “pesticides” is the new frontier in the opposition to agricultural biotechnology. Opponents of the technology blame new genetic improvement methods for perceived increases in chemical controls for plant, animal and fungal pests. However, scientists argue that our pest control strategies are increasingly focused, less toxic, and work better. This episode features an interview with Dr. Steve Savage. He is a life-long expert in chemical control of insects and weeds, and has practical experience in evaluating both organic and conventional strategies. He joins us on Talking Biotech to clarify many of the concerns about pesticide usage.

cover-photoDr. Steve Savage on Twitter:  @grapedoc

His Blog:  Applied Mythology 

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  • The overwhelming majority of GMO crops require no pesticides. It was organic activists who decided to equate GMOs with pesticides, knowing the public is predisposed to be concerned with the toxic effects improper pesticide-use can have on the environment, animals and people.

    The FIRST ever successful GMO crop is grown to this day under organic management, but cannot be certified under the USDA’s National Organic Program because organic activists will not allow it. Meanwhile, this crop would be extinct by now had it not been rescued by the science of genetic engineering.