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Under attack by anti-GMO activists, Kevin Folta ordered to suspend Talking Biotech podcasts by University of Florida

| November 5, 2015 |

In a brief post, Dr. Kevin Folta announced that he is suspending the Talking Biotech podcast. On the Talking Biotech site, Folta wrote:

With a most heavy heart I have to report that the recent events have bled into this forum, and I have to suspend delivery of this podcast.

I’m very touched by all of your interest and support. Thank you.

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  • Syliach

    I wondered if the university forced this but I don’t see that anywhere except the headline. Did this come out somewhere, officially?

    • I can confirm that he was forced by the university.

      • First Officer

        But why wouldn’t it be mentioned?

        • the university might have gagged Folta with a Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Doesn’t this go against academic freedom? If he was ordered to do so, that can be ground for it.

    • First Officer

      It may have been due to terrorist threats. UF has to protect the student body and staff.

  • Jeremy Rawley

    Bad move. Folta needs to buy a gun and learn to use it. Only a retarded anti attacks an armed scientist. The Second Amendment protects science.

    This whole fracas shows why we need enforced intellectualism in America. There is no right to oppose scientific progress. Letting others have their beliefs only gets in the way of unopposable progress.

    • hyperzombie

      Remember that guy that tried to blow up the discovery channel, environmentalists can be total wackos, I think he was doing it for the frogs…