Talking Biotech: Shelley McGuire, lactation specialist: No glyphosate in breast milk; Glyphosate in wine?

Recent unpublished reports are popping up on the internet that suggest that the herbicide glyphosate is showing up at dangerous levels in a variety of places. These range from breast milk, to beer, to wine, to potato chips. There are a number of laboratories and kit manufacturers that are excited to provide a means for such analysis. In the hands of the untrained, such kits and data are nothing more than an invitation for misinterpretation or misuse.

In this week’s podcast we talk to two experts that routinely measure rare compounds. Dr. Shelley McGuire discusses her findings as a lactation specialist, describing the results in her recent paper on glyphosate in breast milk. Dr. Thomas Colquhoun speaks about the methods and kits, along with what the alleged findings in wine really mean.

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