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Talking Biotech on Hiatus until July 16

| June 27, 2016 |

Dr Kevin Folta and Talking Biotech are taking a short hiatus Folta takes care of other responsibilities and travel for the summer.

Hi Everybody. The podcast is the highlight of my week, but I need a little time to catch up on projects, administrative, a couple of health issues, and some much needed down time.  In short, between traveling and answering FOIA requests I’ve been spending time on other issues, and don’t have the time (3-4 hours a week) to produce podcasts…

So for now my deepest apologies, but the good news is great stuff to come. I have a number of interviews to edit that you’ll just love. So please, enjoy the break, and join me again on July 16!


In the mean time, be sure to catch up on all his other episodes on Talking Biotech

Listen to his short message about his hiatus here or play it below.