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Talking Biotech: Cornell’s Ronald Herring on Vandana Shiva’s anti-biotechnology crusade in India

& | August 1, 2016 |

Talking Biotech Podcast #44 continues Kavin Senapathy’s interview with Dr. Ronald Herring. Herring, a professor of government, and an international professor of agriculture and rural development at Cornell University, is a social scientist that has studied the situation in India. This part discusses the myths and facts surrounding Indian farmer suicides, a popular narrative in anti-genetic-engineering circles. Professor Herring provides first-hand illumination of the topic, from his experience in India, and scholarly examination of the facts around the topic.

44-HerringKavinKevinIn the second half of the podcast Kevin Folta answers questions submitted from the Facebook page.

Kavin Senapathy is a science writer and mom, who frequently writes for Forbes and other venues. Her twitter handle is @ksenapathy


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