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University of Pennsylvania’s Ashley Winslow uses crowdsourcing to hunt down genetics of depression

& | August 15, 2016 |

Talking Biotech Podcast #46 was a lot of fun. My co-host is the effervescent Kiona Elliott, a wonderful undergraduate student in my lab that not only is studying science, but she’s also studying how to communicate with public audiences.

The main guest is Dr. Ashley Winslow, Director of Neurogenetics at the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. We discuss the results from her recent paper in Nature Genetics that used voluntary public information from 23andme to identify areas of the genome that may contain genetic markers of clinical depression.

Dr. Winslow also discusses life as a driven woman scientist, and some of the unique challenges she faced in pursuit of her current position. She also provides excellent guidance for young scientists… and there’s a bit of a surprise!


Co-hosted by University of Florida undergraduate Kiona Elliott (@kionaelliott)

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  • Carolyn Parsons

    This is an amazingly good podcast episode. I really enjoyed hearing Ms Elliott’s questions and the discussion of careers in science. Dr. Winslow is a most eloquent representative of women in science and a good example of how scientists can communicate with the public about the importance of their work as well as the importance of diverse voices in science. Hooray to all involved in this episode.