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Talking Biotech: University of Florida’s Kevin Folta on fear-mongering claims of glyphosate-in-vaccines, food

| September 19, 2016 |

Today’s episode is born of frustration. Fear-mongering non-experts are abusing improper interpretations from an available herbicide detection kit to make claims that herbicides are now found in vaccines. Namely, they seek to find glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. They use a kit you can buy on the internet, but fail to use it in the way it is designed. Instead of using it on water, they use it on complex mixtures that yield false positives that are interpreted as legitimate signals.

051-glyphosate-vaccinesSo to push back I want to provide you with the information you need to discuss these topics with confidence. This topic has no guests. I reached out to the folks making the claims as well as the company that makes the product, and nobody wants to join the conversation. It is simply me talking about the claims, the assay, and how you can help debunk the bad information that pollutes this important public discourse.

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  • yogazeal

    Vaccines cultured on egg or animal material that is likely to be from conventional farm animals whose feed probably causes mutations because feed contains the residues allowed and regulated by the Untied Nations, and World Trade Org.
    Residues of RoundUp’s Glyphosate can be incorporated in place of glycines in proteins of the animal material, and so taken up in the growing virus of the vaccine – but in unpredictable, untested ways.

    Public links show animal fodder allows one hundred times the residues permitted in food for direct human consumption.
    Logic and science have been derailed by lawyers and politicians and I believe further study will promptly show the epidemic of autism and allergies, among other effects that could bankrupt medical insurance.