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Talking Biotech: University of Southampton’s Mark Chapman on eggplant’s evolution, benefits of GMO variety

& | October 3, 2016 |
Eggplant (Credit: NellieMcS via Flickr)

The eggplant (brinjal, aubergine) is a curious fruit in western nations but is an important staple for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Today’s podcast discusses the eggplant with Mark Chapman from the University of Southampton in the UK. Chapman has examined the domestication and evolution of the eggplant, discussing its natural variability and the use of molecular tools to study relatedness between the diverse land races.

The second part of the podcast shares Indra Vasil’s remembrances of Norman Borlaug.

Also, Chelsea Boonstra and The Boonstra Report returns, talking about leaf rust a fungal disease attacking wheat, rye and barley. Follow her on Twitter at @Forevrfarmgirl

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