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Talking Biotech: Kentucky’s Paul Vincelli, Florida’s Kevin Folta: Drop ‘GMO’ to improve public discourse on biotech

& | January 3, 2017 |

I’ll always remember 2016 as an eclectic mix of hell and success.  We learned a lot about how to engage the public and got lots of practice. We took a lot of heat, suffered lots of personal and professional damage and defamation. We got through it by telling the truth, being soft, and enjoying a conversation about science with the world’s experts. Ultimately the efforts led to wonderful recognition that maybe provided a better conduit for the message.

But what can we do better in 2017? Today’s podcast provides that guidance. What are the resolutions we can make now that can serve as helpful guidelines in improved communications in the new year? With guest Paul Vincelli @Pvincell

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  • Good4U

    Good exchange, Kevin; likewise Paul. Keep up the good work. As for challenging the New York Times to admit and correct their earlier mistakes, I doubt that they will have the backbone to do that. in any case the NYT is not a very good source of information on agriculture or the technology that underpins it. They publish those sorts of titillating articles mostly for the airy-fairy uber-sophists who shop for “organic” slop at artisinal grocery markets on their way home from the aromatherapy spa. The NYT would be more apropos for checking on…. oh, I guess not much of anything now that stock tickers are on everyone’s mobile devices. To me, the NYT constitutes just a waste of perfectly good trees.