Talking Biotech: Florida neurosurgeon Duane Mitchell on how genetic engineering opens doors in cancer fight

The newest and most promising therapies for challenging cancers are adopting molecular biology strategies. Brain tumors are especially problematic because their location impedes patient function and presents formidable barriers to surgical treatments. But new molecular approaches show promise.

A series of new techniques from viruses genetically trained to attack the tumor to genetic modifications of immune cells to new types of monoclonal antibodies represent a few of the new tricks researchers are now deploying in the fight against these deadly conditions.

Dr. Duane Mitchell is a Professor at the University of Florida. He is a neurosurgeon that is discovering and refining the leading next-generation therapies. In today’s podcast, he shares his expertise on the new types of technologies and the promise they bring.

Website: Dr. Duane Mitchell and the UF Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program

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