Viewpoint: Activists push glyphosate cancer scare as proxy to limit use of genetically engineered crops

The herbicide glyphosate has been used for over 40 years and is a relatively safe and effective method to control weeds on the farm, in municipal areas and around the home. It has been approved for safe use by many countries and evaluations by multiple independent governments have declared it to have minimal risk when used as directed. However, glyphosate is the compound used on some genetically engineered crops. Activists have targeted this compound in an attempt to limit the use of genetically engineered crops, claiming that it is dangerous, even carcinogenic. This, despite zero evidence indicating that it is carcinogenic, and no mechanism of action that would promote cancer. Today’s podcast interviews pediatrician Dan Goldstein from the Monsanto Company. Goldstein is a physician that works for the company, particularly in the area of health and safety associated with their products.

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