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Podcast: Bridging the gap between farmers and consumers on GMOs, sustainable agriculture

, | August 21, 2019
Kevin Folta: University of Florida plant geneticist Kevin Folta launched Talking Biotech in 2015.    More details

Agronomist and entrepreneur Robert Saik has a lifetime of experience in farming. For years, he has been a leading advocate for agriculture and a passionate voice promoting the newest technologies, whether they be GMO crops, sustainable pesticides or AI-guided robots.

The 200th episode of the Talking Biotech Podcast features a conversation between University of Florida plant geneticist Kevin Folta and Saik, as he explains the purpose of his new book: Farming 5.0, How We Feed the Future. The book breaks down the five waves of agricultural history and speaks to their convergence in the modern era of farming. Food 5.0 is an accessible, important text that aims to bridge the communication gap between urban consumers and America’s often overlooked and misunderstood agricultural community.

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Robert Saik, a professional agrologist and certified agricultural consultant, is the founder of Agri-Trend and principal of Saik Management Group Inc., based in Olds, Alberta, Canada. Email him at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @RSaik 

Kevin M. Folta is a professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. Follow professor Folta on Twitter @kevinfolta and email your questions to [email protected]


The Talking Biotech podcast, produced by Kevin Folta, is available for listening or subscription:

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