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DNA as a crime fighting tool: Why we may be in danger of putting too much faith in it

What happens to a society when there’s suddenly a new way to identify people—to track them as they move around ...
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Crime scene conundrum: Your DNA can wind up on something you never even touched

A 10-second handshake could transfer a person’s DNA to an object that the person never touched. In handshaking experiments, people ...
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Crime scene investigators couldn’t tell identical twins’ DNA apart. Until now

One night in November 1999, a 26-year-old woman was raped in a parking lot in Grand Rapids, Mich. Police officers ...
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DNA forensic analysis soon will be ‘vastly more powerful’—good for crime fighting, problematic for privacy

Genetic sleuthing techniques that led to the arrest of a suspect in the infamous Golden State Killer case this year ...
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