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Our heartbeat shapes how we process fear and perceive the world

As the heart, lungs, gut and other organs transmit information to the brain, they affect how we perceive and interact ...
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Autistic children struggle with emotional control. It’s even harder for girls, study says

Emotion control eludes more girls than boys with autism, according to a new study of young people hospitalized for psychiatric ...
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Fear can keep you alive: Why we need ‘negative’ emotions

Are negative emotions all bad? Should we really try to get rid of them? After all, we figure that thumbs ...
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No such thing as a harmless lie? How dishonesty hurts our ability to connect with other people

Have you ever told a friend a made-up story to entertain that person or spare his or her feelings? … ...
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Evolution doesn’t want you to be happy or satisfied. We’re supposed to ‘survive and reproduce.’

While the pursuit of happiness seems like a worthwhile goal, evolution thinks otherwise ...

Does living around violence change a child’s brain?

One study suggests that young teens who witness violence exhibit differences in the structure and function of their brains in ...
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