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Can vast ocean seaweed farms provide sustainable biofuel?

One day in the future, the Pacific Ocean could be home to kilometers of seaweed farms tended by submarine drones ...
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Genetically engineered biofuels might be able to compete with gasoline ‘within reach’

Berkeley Laboratory scientists designed simulations to determine how much biofuel is needed for the whole bioproduct extraction process to be ...
The Green Revolution

Electricity from genetically engineered trees: It’s not as crazy as it sounds—but is it ethical?

What if trees could provide electricity to cities? .... This surrealist idyll isn’t too far-fetched, say a team of researchers ...
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Viewpoint: On GMOs, energy production, ‘fear of progress’ is Europe’s main attribute

Shale gas, GMOs: here are two topics that usually arouse the public's worst fears. [Europe] has managed to ban the ...
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Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat isn’t as ‘clean’ as you might think

There are many polarizing false dichotomies around this emerging technology ...

Viewpoint: Here’s why it’s ‘moronic’ to suggest that Homo erectus was lazy

[Y]ou’ve probably seen a headline or two (or twelve) touting a new discovery about our long extinct human relative, Homo erectus ...
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