Rewilding farmland can protect biodiversity and sequester carbon, new study finds

Restoring ecosystems on just 15 percent of the world’s current farmland could spare 60 percent of the species expected to ...
Habitat destruction Rain forest destruction in thailand form Aerial view

Can we prevent future pandemics while transforming more forests into farms?

Viruses that jump from animals to people, like the one responsible for COVID-19, will likely become more common as people ...

Genetically engineered trees could save our forests—but it won’t be an easy fix

A biotech tree could simultaneously increase and decrease the wildness of a forest ...

Talking Biotech: Genetic engineering could protect at-risk forests—but regulation blocks progress

Changing climates and pathogens threaten forests. Biotechnology could help, if regulators get out of the way ...
sun shining through tall trees in forest

Scientists devise new way to protect forests from habitat destruction

Globally, forest trees are increasingly at risk from habitat destruction .... But the guidelines for effective preservation of a tree ...

Protecting pollinators: New logging practices triple wild bee populations in one year

New research suggests the removal of timber harvest residue during harvesting may be a boon for wild bees, an important ...
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Remnants of ancient society found in Ecuador’s cloud forest

In the 1850s, a team of botanists venturing into the cloud forest in the Quijos Valley of eastern Ecuador hacked their way ...
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