Eerily similar? Examining fates of the rich and poor during COVID-19 and 14th century Black Death pandemics

Kathryn McKinley | 
We're seeing this happen all over again with coronavirus ...

Bronze age gender inequality? Analysis of 2,500-year-old teeth shows different diets for boys and girls

Analysing 2500-year-old teeth has thrown open a window onto life and gender inequality during Bronze Age China. The University of ...
brain drain

‘Brain drain’ increases genetic inequality between wealthy, poor regions in UK study

Abdel Abdellaoui, Judy Luigjes | 
An unintended side effect of merit-based social mobility is that it stimulates selective migration; people with a higher education are ...
diverse population illustration x

Genetic solutions depends largely on data from people of European descent. Do we need to address that research imbalance?

Eva Amsen | 
To boost the participation of marginalized communities in genetic studies, doctors must first win back their trust ...
2-28-2019 slider

US government’s BOLD initiative seeks to close the African-American Alzheimer’s gap

Karen Lincoln | 
Alzheimer’s is a public health crisis for which Congress has thankfully put aside its differences long enough to pass the ...
g human cloning spl

Designer babies are already here—and why we should be worried

Laura Herscher | 
Matthew assumed the weakness in his knee was the sort of orthopedic nuisance that happens when you turn 30. … ...

Transhumanism and inequality: Enhancing human life could bring dystopian consequences

Alexander Thomas | 
Transhumanism may offer a pathway to an 'engineered paradise,' but there are many perils and pitfalls ahead -- particularly for ...
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