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‘It raises all kind of questions about eugenics’: Startup offering to screen embryos to help parents pick best babies

Anxious couples are approaching fertility doctors in the US with requests for a hotly debated new genetic test being called ...
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Viewpoint: Consumer genetic testing plagued by inaccuracies that can be misleading, or even harmful

Polygenic risk scores currently account for only a small proportion of your total genetic risk ...

Predicting IQ potential of human embryos may be possible with machine learning, genetic data

[T]he diseases that are most likely to shadow the average person’s life — cancer, heart disease, diabetes — are polygenic, ...

Genetic test for diabetes risk? Why it’s not quite ready for ‘prime-time clinical care’

23andMe's new test claims to determine risk from genetic analysis ...

Reading genes: How much of your future do they reveal?

The journal Nature Genetics recently published an enormous study demonstrating yet again how multiple sites on the genome can play a role ...
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