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Tiny, lab-grown brains allow researchers to explore what makes humans different

Researchers are growing human, ape, and monkey brain tissue in the lab in order to understand what makes us different ...

‘Software’ differences between monkey, human brains could explain our susceptibility to mental illness

Neuroscientists have for the first time discovered differences between the ‘software’ of humans and monkey brains, using a technique that ...

Why are humans so much smarter than other primates?

By counting the number of neurons in brains, one scientist revolutionized our view of why Homo sapiens and nonhuman primates ...

Delving into our 10 million-year relationship with booze

It was conventional wisdom that the human love affair with alcohol began 10,000 years ago, with the invention of agriculture ...

Challenging our understanding of the genetics behind the evolution of human language

The evolution of human language was once thought to have hinged on changes to a single gene that were so ...
Making monkeys just to suffer: Is new autism model ethical?

Making monkeys just to suffer: Is new autism model ethical?

Genetic engineers created monkeys that model autism. But some question the ethics of creating such a model when our own ...
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